Proximity Marketing Beacons: The Right Place, Right Time

Marketing 11 minute read 20th February 2024

Proximity marketing is a huge buzzword at the moment. If you want to take your customer engagement to a new level, proximity marketing beacons are worth researching. The marketing strategy focuses on location and works through Bluetooth. It takes the phrase “right place, right time,” proactively targeting customers in ideal locations.

It’s hard to know which trends to jump on and which to let ride out. So it’s great that you are researching the proximity marketing strategy. It can be a brilliant tool when you approach it from a good place of understanding.

This guide will introduce you to the powerful proximity marketing tool. We’ll cover what exactly it is and build a solid understanding of it together. We’ll then examine its benefits and cover a few examples of excellent proximity marketing software.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be ready to step out into the “big world.” Just 10 minutes before you’re ready to start your proximity strategy.

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Understanding Beacon Proximity Marketing

It’s vital to have a solid understanding of beacon proximity marketing before you start the research process. This strategy works by targeting customers through personalized ads depending on their location.

For instance, marketing JD Sports outfits to sports fans as they enter a shopping mall. The mall has a JD store, so it is ideal timing to market this business. It’s the right time (the sports fan is already going shopping) and the right place (the JD store is onsite).

The premise of the strategy is simple to understand. You are just utilizing the power of “right place, right time.” The timing of your marketing and the location trigger means you are more likely to get positive customer engagement.

It works simply, too. As long as customers have Bluetooth-enabled devices, you’ll easily be able to broadcast a beacon. When the customer and their mobile device enter the beacon range, they receive your marketing messages. This usually occurs through push notifications.

If everything goes smoothly, your customer receives location-based marketing. This then drives them to visit your store or restaurant, and you then increase foot traffic and sales. Location-based marketing is a wonderful strategy as it acts on impulse decision-making, which is a great sales strategy.

Proximity marketing has excellent potential to convert more sales and drive your business success forward.

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3 Benefits of Proximity Marketing Beacons

There are tons of benefits when it comes to proximity marketing beacons. The main advantage is that you get that location-based marketing. This strategic element provides more foot traffic and plays on the success of impulsive decisions. It will likely be the right time if you have the customer in the right place. However, there are more benefits to consider.

This section will show you the top benefits of a new marketing beacon strategy. Here are the main selling points that make a difference and make proximity marketing worthwhile.

1. Real-Time Push Notifications

One of the greatest things about proximity marketing is that it uses push notifications. Push notifications are small marketing messages that pop up on mobile devices.

The result is a similar success rate to SMS marketing. SMS marketing has one of the highest open rates, prompting knee-jerk responses. Using a similar strategy is a brilliant idea to drive your customer engagement. Who doesn’t want more effective marketing? Thanks to Bluetooth marketing, they get sent in real-time and have great open rates.

2. Great Way To Create Loyal Customers

Proximity marketing creates loyal customers. The right timing and notification style create great open rates that make customers more likely to interact. This is where customer loyalty kicks in. As you get higher engagement, you can then focus on conversions.

Get as many people as possible to sign up for a rewarding customer loyalty program. You’ll soon see the benefits.

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3. Works With Mobile Devices

This marketing style is perfect for mobile devices, which is a huge bonus. Customers carry a mobile device nearly 100% of the time. This means you have a more direct way of connecting with and targeting customers.

Working with mobile devices is an effective strategy and a great way to drive engagement. The stats speak for themselves.

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3 Best Proximity Marketing Beacons

One thing’s for sure: If you invest in this marketing strategy, you’ll see great results. However, one thing impacts the levels of success you see: the software you use. So, what are the best proximity marketing beacons?

You can do all the research on choosing the best software, but we’ll narrow things down for you. These are the best marketing beacons you should research in the decision-making process.

1. MomentFeed

MomentFeed primarily helps multi-location brands, which are chain companies. It allows these chains to target customers using proximity to connect them with their best branches and products.

This is a great beacon strategy to help businesses with a chain model. It’s also a great way to drive customer loyalty and target mobile device users.

2. Pointr

Pointr is a cloud software that collects location data and provides you with analytics and push notifications in return. This is great for businesses of all shapes and sizes looking to start their proximity marketing journey. And you can use advanced insights like heatmaps and zonal footfall.

3. Intouch

Intouch is another amazing option for Bluetooth-enabled beacon technology and software specifically. It allows you to use Bluetooth and beacons to send nearby customers enticing marketing messages. It really plays on location-based marketing and drives impulse engagement.

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The Relationship Between Beambox and Proximity Marketing

There’s so much to know about setting up fantastic proximity marketing software. One of the critical things to remember is that it interacts greatly with a strong WiFi marketing strategy. You’ll need business WiFi to get your proximity ground off the ground anyway. It is a bit of a “chicken and egg” situation.

We advise ensuring you have brilliant guest WiFi and adding more complex proximity marketing.

At Beambox, we can help you take that first step with WiFi marketing. We offer an all-in-one guest marketing platform that offers everything you need in one place. The last thing you want is itty-bitty software when building WiFi and proximity marketing strategies alongside each other. We can keep the WiFi part simple.

Get your WiFi up and running today. We help companies create effective guest WiFi networks that use captive portals to grow and develop their business. You can start your Beambox free trial today. The first step is WiFi, and the next step is proximity marketing beacons.

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