SMS Proximity Marketing: How To Use It To Boost Your Sales

Marketing 12 minute read 7th February 2024

Your customers come across thousands of ads every day. In this sea of marketing, only the most creative and irresistible ads can survive. One way to cut through this noise is using SMS proximity marketing.

The reason why location-based marketing tactics work so well is the timing and placement of these ads.

Your customers are already near, so they’ll have less resistance to acting on your message.

However, implementing this type of marketing takes effort and patience. You probably won’t get a massive response on the first SMS you send. But with the right strategies, you’ll get there in no time. If that’s what you’ve pictured, you’ve come to the right place. So, let’s start!

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What Is SMS Proximity Marketing?

SMS proximity marketing is when you use a person’s closeness to your venue to send personalized text messages. Now, you wouldn’t know whether a customer is close without knowing their location. Therefore, it comes under the umbrella of location-based marketing.

However, these two types of marketing are slightly different. Proximity marketing gives you a more accurate customer location, while location-based works in far off areas as well.

How you implement this marketing is entirely up to you since multiple technologies can come to the rescue. However, you need their number. Let’s make an example of this.

Suppose you own a restaurant, and your Bluetooth beacon shows that one of your regular customers is near.

Let’s say they usually order from your steak menu, and they’ve already given you their phone number. You can SMS them a personalized offer with a discount on one of your steaks. But impose a condition that this offer is only valid for the next hour.

Even if the customer wasn’t planning on eating at your place, this offer will be enough to lure them. But that’s not the only benefit it has to offer.

Firstly, it’s an impressive way to enhance customer experience. They’ll feel like you’ve taken the time to understand their needs instead of bombarding them with general marketing messages.

That, additionally, might encourage customers to become loyal to your business, leading to more sales and revenue.

Lastly, this method increases mobile application retention since the customer to click on the notification. This metric might be relevant if you plan to use SMS marketing consistently.

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How SMS Proximity Marketing Works

As mentioned earlier, there are various options when it comes to location technologies for SMS proximity marketing.

Here, how you approach the customers will remain the same, i.e., through text messages. However, how you gather their location data will vary. Let’s see how.

  1. Bluetooth beacons: These are small devices that work on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and constantly try to connect with your customers’ devices. Once they find one open, they send a request to connect. If the customer accepts the request, you can send them a notification.
  2. Geofencing: You can also use GPS or radio frequency to create a boundary around your location. When a person enters this boundary, you can put your proximity marketing campaign into action. If you combine this with radio frequency tags on your products, people can scan them.
  3. QR codes and near-field communication (NFC) tags: While this option is mostly popular for online payments, you can also use it to send text messages. When people scan these codes, you can send them offers or updates. When using any of these, prompt the customer to provide you with their phone number.

But remember, there are not many ways to communicate with your customers’ mobile devices. You can use your app to send text notifications or SMS gateways to send bulk messages.

Alternatively, there are dedicated proximity marketing SMS services that also allow you to send messages. Or you can simply approach mobile network operators. However, for the effectiveness of your initiative, it is essential that they opt in.

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3 Ways To Use Text Messages for Proximity Marketing

Are you aware that 64% of customers want businesses like yours to contact them via SMS? And if they prefer this method, they’ll most likely read every message you send them.

However, you don’t have to stay within the bounds of promotional messages. In fact, you must combine it with other types of messages to create a wholesome customer experience. Let’s discuss three of those.

1. Keep Your Customers Informed at All Times

A good way to use this digital marketing technique is to update customers about new products you’ve added. You can also notify them about active deals such as “buy one, get one free.”

Moreover, you can create NFC tags or QR codes that inform customers about a product when they scan them. The services sector can also use this technique to inform about upgrades or pending payments to subscriptions.

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2. Increase Your Sales by Sending Personalized Offers

While constantly sending offers can bother your customers, using them wisely will increase their satisfaction. Plus, almost 86% of the consumer base claims to make impulse purchases when they’re near or in the store. So, it’s still the most effective marketing campaign you can create. Here’s how.

Start by extracting data from customer profiles to know what they prefer. Combine that with their location data to send personalized messages that appeal to them.

For example, track a customer’s buying journey. If they saw your older marketing but didn’t buy anything, you can prompt them with an offer. Now, because they’ll be close to you, the effectiveness will increase tenfold, and you’ll be able to make more sales.

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3. Use It To Promote Your Loyalty Programs

You can also use proximity marketing via SMS to promote your loyalty programs. Customers love to be a part of the businesses they invest in. Besides, they’re more likely to visit your venue when they’re in close proximity.

Sending reminders about their standing in a certain program or simply greeting them on arrival goes a long way.

Moreover, grab this chance to prompt customers to join your program. When they enter your venue, send them details about how to join and what rewards they can expect.

This will not only increase customer loyalty and retention but also enhance your reputation.

Is SMS Proximity Marketing Enough To Get You the Desired Results?

SMS proximity marketing can be very useful to grow your business. If you can attract a small percentage of people near your venue, you can immediately see the results.

However, remember that there are other types of proximity marketing strategies that you might prefer. Therefore, be sure to pick the strategy and the tools that can give you the best results.

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