Social Wi-Fi Marketing: Everything You Need To Know

Marketing 15 minute read 3rd November 2022

Social Wi-Fi marketing is an innovative approach to marketing based on the free WiFi that most small businesses are already offering to their customers.

In this article, you will learn what social WiFi marketing is, what benefits it offers to business owners, and how WiFi marketing software can help you grow your business.

Let’s start.

What Is Social Wi-Fi Marketing?

Social WiFi marketing is an innovative marketing approach that leverages the free WiFi offered by most businesses nowadays.

It allows businesses of any size and type to capture data from customers while automating most marketing activities.

Do you want to read some examples?

Growing a following on social media, getting positive reviews, building up contact lists, and much more.

Moreover, through social WiFi marketing platforms, businesses can improve the overall customer experience and grow their customer base as well as customer loyalty.

The growth of social WiFi marketing as a relevant part of any local business marketing strategy is due to the constant demand of customers for WiFi connection.

Moreover, it is extremely simple to implement and compliant with data protection and privacy law.

If you are offering free WiFi to your customers, you have almost everything you need to get started with social WiFi marketing.

Which Businesses Should Use Social WiFi Marketing?

Whether it’s for work, play, or keeping up with family and friends, we’re constantly tethered to the internet.

As a consequence, offering free WiFi to their guests is - almost - no longer a choice for businesses that aim to provide a comprehensive and pleasant experience to their customers.

What kind of business should use social WiFi marketing then?

Here are a few examples:

  • Cafés
  • Bars
  • Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Hostels
  • Barbers
  • Tattoos and Piercing Studios

Ultimately, any local business that deals with people have strong incentives to make their free WiFi a tool to drive growth and profits.

Let’s see now how much a WiFi marketing software might cost and what kind of benefits social WiFi marketing offers to business owners.

Social WiFi Marketing Platform Pricing

The pricing of social Wi-Fi marketing platforms mostly depends on the type of features and automation it offers.

It can go from $10/month up to $200/month for the most sophisticated ones.

You can typically choose between a monthly plan or a yearly plan.

If you opt for a monthly plan, you will get more flexibility but it will be slightly more expensive.

Along with the yearly/monthly rate, you need to check what other expenses exist.

Some social Wi-Fi marketing software providers require you to buy their hardware, while others give you the chance to use your own hardware.

Sometimes, specific hardware is necessary to unleash all features and simplify your work. However, this is a one-time expense.

While pricing is important to make a decision, other valuable aspects need to be considered.

Most importantly, you want to evaluate what that platform allows you to do and what tasks can be automated.

It would make no sense to save a few dollars per month if then your options are heavily restricted.

Ideally, you want to pick a social WiFI marketing platform that is simple to use, affordable, and provides you with the most important features such as automating reviews, customizing your login page, and getting actionable analytics reports.

4 Reasons to Get Started With Social WiFi Marketing

social wifi marketing - image 3a

As people expect to plug into the internet wherever they go, most businesses now provide free WiFi as part of their offer.

At its core, social WiFi marketing is about turning the free WiFi offered by small businesses into a tool to learn more about their customers and improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

These are the 4 main reasons why social WiFi marketing can be a game-changer for a business.

1. Social Wi-Fi Marketing Creates a Better Customer Experience

social wifi marketing - image 1

Social Wi-Fi marketing can be used to improve the overall customer experience and reinforce your brand identity.

Instead of just providing a password to connect to your WiFi, you can take advantage of that moment to customize the WiFi experience of your guests.

With social Wi-Fi marketing software, your guest will be directed to a customized captive portal; a customized landing page that will be the access point to your Wi-Fi network.

You can customize your captive portal in multiple ways, in order to match your brand identity and let your customers perform the action you desire.

For example, you can promote a temporary special offer or promote your latest social media post.

Moreover, social Wi-Fi marketing software offers interesting features that improve the overall customer experience.

For example, you might set your Wi-Fi marketing software to change the password daily to avoid non-customers using your WiFi and slow your connection.

WiFi marketing software can also be used to manage your WiFi network in a more intuitive way than dealing with the settings of your router. This will make it way simpler to decide how and when your WiFi can be used.

All in all, social Wi-Fi marketing can help a business reinforce its brand image, provide a better WiFi service and improve the overall customer experience.

2. Social Wi-Fi Marketing Helps You Grow Your Social Media Pages

A common way to use social Wi-Fi marketing is to grow a business’ social media following.

Social media networks have become the virtual square for many people to discover and learn about businesses.

That’s why it’s so important for local businesses to have an active presence on social media.

By creating a profile on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, businesses can reach a wider audience and connect with potential customers from all over.

However, growing on these platforms can be hard and time-consuming.

With social Wi-Fi marketing, a business can simplify the entire process and grow its pages with real followers.

For example, you might design your captive portal to get followers on Facebook. Is up to you. Your WiFi software will follow your decision and automate the entire process of growth.

In addition, WiFi marketing can help you boost your social media presence as it allows you to share relevant content with your customers once they’re connected to your network.

While it cannot substitute a social media strategy, social Wi-Fi marketing can complement it and boost your growth on the most popular networks.

3. Social Wi-Fi Marketing Improves Your Rating on Local Review Sites

One of the best ways to use social Wi-Fi marketing is to grow your rating on local review sites.

With social Wi-Fi marketing software, you can automate the entire process and get more reviews from real satisfied customers.

In fact, if your guests are connected to your WiFi, why not take advantage of it and ask for a review?

However, the best part of social Wi-Fi marketing is that you can deal with negative reviews before they are posted.

As the process is automated by your WiFi marketing software, negative reviews will be redirected to be internally managed, while positive reviews will be posted on the local review site your customer prefers.

social wifi marketing - image 2

Lastly, advanced WiFi marketing software also simplifies your online reputation management.

In fact, you can handle the most popular review sites from one single dashboard instead of bouncing from one website to another.

4. Social Wi-Fi Marketing Helps You Win New Customers and Grow Loyalty

Overall, every feature of social Wi-Fi marketing is built to help you win new customers and grow loyalty.

One of the main aspects of good WiFi marketing software is that it allows you to learn about your real customers by capturing and analyzing data for you.

As understanding properly your customers is essential to provide the best services and products possible, WiFi marketing is unbeatable as it tracks and decodes the online behavior of your real customers.

Those who have already chosen your business.

By leveraging WiFi marketing reports, you can use the tools and features that come along with the software to refine your marketing initiatives.

Moreover, you can use social Wi-Fi marketing to build up a list of contacts you can target with email marketing or SMS marketing to promote your venue.

Alternatively, you can pair your loyalty programs with WiFi marketing in order to increase the results of your initiative or increase the success of the loyalty program itself.

At the end of the day, to attract new users and grow loyalty, local businesses need to develop a unique and genuine relationship with their customers. social Wi-Fi marketing helps you to do exactly that.

Top 10 Social WiFi Marketing Software

Considering the relevance of WiFi marketing for local businesses, there are a variety of companies that offer social Wifi marketing services.

Here is a list of the best social WiFi marketing software:

  1. Beambox
  2. Wiacom
  3. Gazella
  4. Kingdon
  5. Antamedia
  6. SocialWifi
  7. Surge Social
  8. MyWifi Networks
  9. Colligso Spotin
  10. Uboux

Make sure to pick a WiFi marketing system that is tailored to your needs and provides you with the features you need.

Offering Free WiFi as a Part of Your Restaurant Marketing Plan

All customers who visit your venue expect to find a free WiFi connection.

It would be extremely odd not to provide WiFi to your guests, especially in the restaurant industry, as it makes the customer experience pleasant and shareable.

Social WiFi marketing fit perfectly any restaurant marketing plan, as it allows you to gather precise data about your customers, grow your popularity online and get a better rating on review sites.

Moreover, WiFi comes with a cost. Therefore, is more than reasonable to use it as a tool to grow your business.

Social Wi-Fi Marketing With Beambox

A social WiFi marketing system opens up a world of opportunities to grow your business.

From learning about your customers to building up an email list, from growing your following on social media to getting more 5-stars reviews, __most of the hassle of marketing can be automated with the right WiFi marketing software. __

Beambox is an all-in-one WiFi marketing solution that allows you to harness relevant customer data, get actionable reports, and automate your marketing initiatives.

With over 12,000 venues using Beambox, our software helped thousands of businesses to grow their profitability through social WiFi marketing.

Do you want to give it a try?

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