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Marketing 17 minute read 26th April 2024

When you start marketing your business seriously, you come across the gold mine: email marketing. No matter your business size, email marketing can benefit small or large companies. But there is one key question; “How do you buy an email database?”

For many people, purchasing an email database is a way of instantly securing potential customers. You can purchase valid email addresses to start firing off email marketing content immediately. You don’t even get the hassle of brainstorming ways to collect email addresses.

Having email addresses is the absolute backbone of any email campaign. Even if you decide against purchasing a database, you must know the alternative collection methods. Every good campaign needs a healthy starting point of at least a hundred email list subscribers.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to this practice. We’ll cover how it works, what it is, and the benefits of paying for email databases.

Moreover, we’ll answer that burning question: should you buy an email database? Some things are best set up organically, and we know that. So get ready for a brutally honest insight into this common marketing practice.

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What Is an Email Database?

An email database is a collection of email addresses marketers can use when sending advertising material. You typically store it digitally within secure, purpose-designed software platforms. When you go to send your email marketing, the software automatically retrieves all the contacts and syncs. This could include anything from a few hundred to thousands of email addresses.

If you are just starting, learning about databases is an essential part of email marketing for beginners. You’ll need to learn how to keep valuable contact information secure for your customers. You’ll also need to understand the role having a database plays in marketing and how to build one. After all, there’s no point in having a database full of faulty or, worse, no email addresses.

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How To Buy Email Database Contacts

You can buy email addresses through reputable data collection businesses. These businesses specialize in the consensual sale of third-party data and usually come with a guarantee that they’re verified. Email verification is essential; otherwise, you’re paying for bogus contacts. You want to ensure that your target audience actually receives your content.

The question of “how to buy email database contacts” is straightforward. It is an easy “put your bank details in and press purchase” type of exchange; this is a genuine service. A quick Google search will reveal the top companies that buy email databases. We’ll also cover a few suggestions in our next section.

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Where To Buy Email Database Contacts

The best places to buy email database contacts are from reputable data collection companies online. You can double (and triple) check their reviews and ensure they guarantee verifiability and email deliverability.

When wondering where to buy email database contacts, reputation is the main thing to remember. You want a reputable company with excellent quality contacts.

Some email marketing software also offers data services, providing you with a ready-made email marketing list.

If you’re currently shopping for marketing software, this might be worth considering. Similarly, if you already have email marketing software, reach out to see if your company has any database provider recommendations.

If you are looking for a few ideas to make a start, here are some suggestions:

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Top 5 Benefits of Buying an Email Database

A really good question to ask yourself is, “Why even bother?”. We are not believers in investing without understanding, and we applaud you for taking this learning step. It’s vital that you learn about the five benefits of buying an email database so you know whether it’s right for you.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. It Is Low Cost and High Reward

Buying an email database is actually low cost in the grand scheme of things. You usually pay around $300-600, which is nothing in comparison to custom software. For a solid piece of custom software, you could easily pay above $500,000. It’s crazy, right?

If you buy the right email database, the rewards far outweigh that initial investment. This makes it suitable for everyone, including small businesses.

2. It Lets You Start Building a Killer Strategy Immediately

Whether you want a killer restaurant email marketing strategy or an online store strategy with a database, you start immediately.

Rather than spending a month or two collecting email addresses and slowly building a database, you get immediate “go” potential. Think of it as a head start.

A database of a few thousand subscribers takes time to build organically. Investing in an email database can really give you that jumpstart. This is great for anyone on a time limit.

3. You Can Accelerate Sales

An email database can rapidly accelerate your sales. And the larger your database, the higher engagement you have —- just as long as it resonates with your target market. All you need to do is write grabby content with a really strong email CTA.

The main benefit of investing in an email database is that you get an instant boost in sales. And everyone knows what that means: more profit for you. You can then either pocket or reinvest that profit, giving you potential further business growth.

4. It’s a Quicker Way of Cold Emailing

Chances are you’ve heard the horror stories of cold emailing. The most generous statistics say that cold emails attract an opening rate of around 18%. However, the most savage say as low as 1%. So, when it comes to mass email marketing, you must ensure you increase your chances.

One way to do this is by making the process more efficient. By making it quicker, you ensure you don’t waste time on a strategy that may or may not benefit you. Make your cold emailing slick with ready-made email databases, then invest in more surefire strategies to improve your overall results.

5. You Can Build an Email Loyalty Program

Buying an email database is a brilliant way to start an email loyalty program. You get access to lots of email addresses and, therefore, potential customers. From this, you can entice subscribers to a loyalty program with promotional emails.

A loyalty program is a great way to encourage customer loyalty, as it rewards simple interactions with your business. For instance, customers get a point per purchase, which eventually adds up to being able to swap points for rewards.

Did you know that around 30% of people open an email based on its subject line? Make it enticing, and you’ll have a great way to advertise a loyalty program to recipients.

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3 Alternative Ways To Collect Email Addresses

So, what if you haven’t entirely decided to purchase email databases? How else can you collect those all-valuable email list contacts? That’s actually a really easy question, as there are hundreds of ways to collect emails.

In this section, we’ll show you our top three. These are the best alternative ways to collect email addresses without buying third-party data.

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1. Captive Portals

Captive portals are great because you aren’t actually collecting third-party data or cold emailing. Captive portals are web page pop-ups when guests try to join your WiFi. Before they receive full access, it requests details of your choice for them to proceed.

You can easily set up your captive portal to request email addresses. You can then add these email addresses straight to your email database. These addresses come from consenting customers who already know your business. This results in a better response and opening rate; it’s lukewarm, not cold marketing.

2. Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is a fantastic way to prompt email marketing list subscribers. Again, this is a fully consensual way of interacting with customers, which is a huge bonus. You can invite engagers to subscribe to your email list in many ways, including through Reel CTAs.

You could invite subscribers as a stage of entering a giveaway. Or you could use it to get exclusive access to a product’s first release. There are tons of ways to use social media, so get creative.

3. Newsletters and Resources

Promising newsletters and resources is a brilliant incentive to get people to subscribe to your marketing list. You can easily create a newsletter using Canva. And through this, you’ll keep people happy to engage with your email marketing content.

Advertise this opportunity through Instagram, TikTok, or even Facebook ads. Get creative and use whatever marketing platforms you have to promote this strategy.

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The Consensus: Should You Buy an Email Database?

Nobody wants to make email marketing mistakes. Buying an email database is a good idea as long as the company is reputable. Choosing to buy an email database from a non-reputable company isn’t a good idea, as chances are they aren’t verifiable.

The last thing you want is email addresses that lead you to nowhere. So, if you want to guarantee good value for money, definitely take your time researching initially. The more research you do into companies, the better your email addresses will be.

You should also ensure that you’re paying for email addresses that actually resonate with your target market. There should be consistency. For instance, you don’t want to advertise a London cafe to people living in New Jersey or Tokyo. Take your investment seriously and make sure you’re getting value for money.

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Beambox: WiFi for Email Collecting

Are you feeling more confident in this process? Well, this is where WiFi comes in. Are you familiar with captive portals? Captive portals are web pages that pop up requesting information from guests, preventing access to your WiFi until they comply.

The beauty of this system is that you can use the captive portal to request email addresses. This way, every customer who wants to connect to your WiFi gets a new email subscriber. And we all know how efficient that is in our current day and age. Everyone wants a slice of guest WiFi!

At Beambox, we offer top-of-the-range WiFi marketing software, including a watertight captive portal system. We can set you up with a captive portal that collects email addresses reflecting your target market. Forget crawling through pages of data-selling companies; we’ll match you with real customers who already care for your business.

Start your Beambox free trial today and put your quest to buy an email database on a temporary pause. You can always come back to it later.

However, you’ll notice more results for most companies by targeting real customers in your area.

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