Email Blast Marketing: Sending Emails The Efficient Way

Marketing 20 minute read 28th May 2024

Email blast marketing is perhaps the most effective way to boost your business. This marketing strategy allows you to send thousands of emails at once. Instead of manually selecting and sending emails to relevant contacts, you can send everything simultaneously. How fantastic is that?

Running a successful business is all about cutting the corners you can. And mass email sending is one way to reduce your workload while increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns. It’s faster, more effective, and saves you a ton of money. You really can’t beat it.

In this guide, we’ll run you over all the email blast essentials you need to crack. We’ll give you a solid definition, an explanation of the process, top strategies, and how to proceed. Basically, in under 10 minutes, you’ll be a mass email pro. Does that sound good to you? Then let’s make a start!

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What Is Email Blast Marketing?

An email marketing blast is just a way of sending bulk emails. It refers to the process of “blasting” off tons of emails at one time. This contrasts with a more manual drip-feed type strategy, where you send individual emails one at a time. You click one button, and BAM, your email has flown to hundreds (or thousands) of contacts.

You usually send email blasts using specialist software, which sends a single email message to your entire email list. Often, this software saves your contact database for you, too. Slick software is the backbone of any successful email blast campaign. We’ll help you find the best one in just a few minutes — so sit tight.

Are you feeling confident answering the question, “What is email blast marketing?”. Great. In summary, it is a type of automated email marketing strategy that saves you time and money. And who wouldn’t want that for their business?

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Does Email Blast Marketing Work?

In a word, yes. Email blasting is one of the most effective investments you can make for any business. Whether you’re in retail, hospitality, or e-commerce, sending blast email campaigns will help streamline your marketing process.

It’s a great way to connect with more customers at less cost to your business. We all know that time is money, and you must take your staffing and personal time seriously. Mass email marketing can help you win customers, making the whole process of sending emails easier.

That said, there are some layers to the question of “Does email blast marketing work?” For instance, it does depend on how you collect your email subscribers. Did you collect them organically, or did you pay a blast email marketing platform for a list of premade contacts?

If you opt for the latter, chances are you’ll end up in everyone’s spam folder. It’s important to emphasize that while blast emails save time, that doesn’t mean you can cut corners collecting a large number of subscribers.

For it to work, you must invest time collecting consenting recipients. You should also consider things like personalization; recipients shouldn’t feel like your email is going to thousands.

The simple answer is that blast marketing works as long as you don’t cut corners when setting it up. You should be savvy and dedicated to the process, even if mass emails save you time in the long run.

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How To Write a Blast Email in 3 Steps

Writing a blast email is a super easy yet essential part of creating an email blast. Things like an email subject that grabs an email body with an actionable CTA are always crucial in email marketing campaigns.

However, when you create an email blast, this becomes even more important. You must structure your emails so that recipients don’t feel like you’ve blasted them en masse.

You’ve got to make it personal; this is the main reason certain cold pitches are successful. And while you’re hopefully going in lukewarm with some degree of existing relationship with recipients, we’ll help you be tactical.

Here are the three steps we’d take.

1. Gather Your Contacts

Gathering your contacts is more than just a practical step to ensure you have recipients (although that is also the case). It’s also a way for you to understand who you’re targeting.

If you’re targeting a group of people over 60 from the USA, you won’t necessarily advertise the latest Boohoo trends. Or if you do, you’ll think about how you’ll adapt the marketing to ensure it appeals to them.

Similarly, sending email newsletters to parents with young children about solo backpacking trips would likely be a miss.

Gathering your contacts is an opportunity to review your target customers and see how this email will appeal to them.

2. Construct Your Email

With a renewed target customer in mind and your contacts in order, it’s time to get writing. We’d start by finding an excellent personalization tool (just contact your software support if you need help). This helps give your email that extra sparkle before you even start writing — personalizing each email with the recipient’s names.

The best type of email subject line incorporates an action word or shock statement. It should be short and snappy.

Your email body is the next step and is where you should briefly and engagingly get your message across. This could be advertising a new product, announcing an event, or providing a general update. There are tons of email marketing ideas out there. Just make sure that your writing style resonates with your brand voice.

Finally, it’s time for the conclusion. This should entail a CTA (Call to action) and a sign-off, preferably personalized. Your call to action could be “Click this link for our 50% discount” or “Follow us on Instagram for updates.” It basically inspires further action through action verbs and short sentences.

Your sign-off could be as simple as “The team at insert “our company name” or the name of your “ CEO. It’s your choice.

3. Proofread and Trial Send

Always, always, always proofread your email. An email marketing service will write your content and do this for you. However, if you’re marketing alone, this will be your responsibility. You can use editing tools like Grammarly or run it past a close friend or colleague.

Lastly, aim to try sending the email to your email address. This will allow you to see what the email deliverability is like. Things like graphics and text formatting can all shift around, too, so it helps you check the final format.

Once your mass emails are gone, they’re gone. This is high-risk. If you send an imperfect email, it will reach most of your contacts. Therefore, this final proofreading and trial-sending stage is vital.

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5 Best Email Blast Marketing Strategies

We’ll be brutally honest with you. You can try your best to create incredible email marketing blasts, but without solid strategies, they could fail. You definitely notice the difference more when email blasts fail, as this occurs within a larger group of people. There’s no staggering or limiting the impact; it hits all your contacts.

So, what should you do to ensure that you’re targeting everyone in the best way possible? We’d suggest the best email blast marketing strategies. Here are our top five:

1. Personalize Your Emails

This sounds counterproductive, but as we explained earlier, personalization can transform your email marketing. Instead of appearing like a cold mass-send email, it becomes a personal message that recipients want to engage with.

Yes, we know that you are mass-sending, and customers probably do, too, but it shouldn’t feel that way; this is an easy fix. Use personable language where appropriate and invest in personalization tools to add things like the recipients’ names. A signature style hand-off from the business owner or CEO adds a personal effect.

2. Timing Is Key

This applies on so many levels. Certain times of day are more likely to attract open emails, and that varies depending on your target recipients.

Are they professionals? Then, find the sweet spot around 9-5s. Are they parents? Then, find that after-the-kids-are-in-bed time at 7 pm onwards. Are they students? Then, try to time emails around a typical lecture schedule.

Understanding your customers is the best way to get success with timing. All the best campaigns have some degree of clock savviness.

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3. Shorten Your Subject

Email subject lines are hard. We won’t deny it. However, as a general rule, if you aren’t seeing open rates, it’s a good indication that your subject line is subpar.

The best way to improve your subject line is to shorten it. Seriously. An ideal subject line is succinct at around 40 characters in length.

You can also start your subject line with a stat or action word. Overall, it should be a teaser — a real reason to open this email. If you’re unsure whether a drafted subject line hits the mark, ask your friends, colleagues, and family for honest advice.

4. Monitor Results

This might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t monitor results. How will you improve your second if you don’t see how recipients react and engage with your first email?

The best way to manage this is through read receipts and a great piece of email marketing software. Software typically comes with an in-built analysis dashboard that measures all of the responses on your behalf. This saves your time and gives you an excellent soundboard for improvement.

5. Don’t Overload

Last but not least, NEVER overload your recipients. Just because you’re launching a mass email campaign doesn’t mean you need to be in constant contact. A few quality emails are a better bet than tons of junk. We all know these will likely just end up in the spam folder anyway.

Find the sweet spot for mass email marketing and measure your recipients’ responses through software analysis tools.

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Finding the Best Email Blast Software: What To Look For

Whether you want the best email marketing software for restaurants or hotels, you need to know what to spot. There are a few green flags that can really speed up your shopping process, and we’ve got them here. Check out these green flags and the features included in a great email blast software:

  • An in-built database for unlimited contacts.
  • A clear dashboard with stats and analysis for things like open rate percentages.
  • Great reviews — duh!
  • Compatibility with a captive portal system (more on that later).
  • AI assistance or email template builders.
  • A solid support system, just in case things go wrong.
  • A monthly subscription service, so you don’t have an upfront commitment.
  • Organize a trial or a demo service so you can start with confidence.

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How To Get Email Addresses for Blast Marketing

You know about writing blast emails, all the best strategies, and how they work. But we still need to include one key fact: how on Earth do you get email addresses for blast marketing? It’s a great question, and in summary, through one of two ways:

  • Paid email lists
  • Organic collection

We’d advise you to check out the latter. Organically collecting your email addresses is much better for many reasons. For one, it helps you avoid a mega email marketing mistake — paying for illegal or rubbish email lists. It also ensures you remain compliant with email marketing laws by double-checking things like marketing consent.

The good news is that you can make collecting email addresses free and seamless organically. In fact, many of these options are totally passive once you’re set up. You can collect your email addresses organically by:

  • Hosting social media competitions that require email addresses
  • Running loyalty programs
  • Asking customers for login details for purchases and bookings
  • Running a captive portal on your guest’s WiFi

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Beambox: A Solution for Email Collecting

Email collecting is a necessity when embarking on email-blasting campaigns. While you may find an email marketing tool for most other things, we’d suggest brainstorming this yourself. You know your customers and target customers the best. So you know what they’ll best respond to.

There’s one strategy you can guarantee will produce results. As you know, everyone wants WiFi. Here at Beambox, we offer captive portal software that captures guest details in exchange for free WiFi service. If everyone wants to use your WiFi, why not benefit from it?

Captive portals trigger a webpage pop-up when guests click on your WiFi network. To pass through and access your internet, they have to comply with a form of your design. This is a super simple way of collecting email addresses for mass email marketing.

You won’t have to look far either; we won’t get you started today. Our all-in-one WiFi marketing software has a personalized portal for you to transform your email marketing campaigns. Start your Beambox free trial today, and take the next steps after email blast marketing.

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