Email Blast Software: How It Optimizes Your Marketing

Marketing 23 minute read 3rd July 2024

Blasts are one of the most effective forms of email marketing strategies. It simply refers to simultaneously sending a single email to a mass collection of recipients. That is, contacting up to thousands of people with one click. You can see why so many people want email blast software. It’s an impressive kit, especially for busy businesses that want to prioritize growth through effective marketing.

Of course, you need to understand more than just how to send email blast software. The stakes rise when you send a single email to that many people. You really need to be sure that the content you’re sending is the best it can be, so this extra research is vital.

In this guide, we’ll cover the benefits of email blasts, precise definitions, how-tos, and signs you’ve got a strong campaign. The right email blast campaign should be game-changing; we’re here to ensure that’s the case.

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What Is Email Blast Software?

It is a type of email marketing software that allows you to send a single email to multiple recipients simultaneously. Depending on your chosen software, this could range from hundreds of recipients to multiple thousands. It’s one of the most advanced features that email marketing service providers offer.

Needless to say, this is a great way to optimize your strategy. Having email blaster software means you limit your work by a substantial amount. Just think how much time you save by sending one email instead of 15,000.

The software will typically fall into the email marketing services category; it’s best to find specialist options. It generally offers additional email-related help, like in-built AI prompts for subject lines and drag-and-drop editor features. You usually get an analytical dashboard, too, where you can measure your results and adjust email campaigns accordingly. Think of email blasting features as a tiny element of a wider software package.

You can find software for free or a monthly subscription of $20 upwards, depending on your desired features. For the free software, many companies only allow you to send a set number of emails per month. A paid package might be better for you if you want unlimited emails. But we’ll talk more about that later.

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Top 4 Reasons To Use Blast Email Services

There are many reasons to use blast email services, from time-saving to money-saving. However, the benefits of email blasting software go deeper than that. In this section, we’ll cover the basics and four reasons for investing.

1. You Gain Flexibility

This falls a little into the question of saving time; email blasts give you a more flexible marketing approach. With a single click, you can target however many people you want or even a set demographic within your customers. It’s an impressive way to manage your email marketing, even if you don’t decide to click “send to all.”

Flexibility is a gift for both time and money. You’ll see the difference when you have the option to send to any number of recipients you’d like.

2. You Reduce the Risk of Email Errors

This may sound contradictory, considering the fact you’re emailing a much larger number of people. However, the fact remains that most mistakes come from tiredness and burnout. The fewer people you have to email, the more you can concentrate on the output quality.

Email blasts allow you to focus on a single email (often around 200-400 words) and reach thousands. You invest all that time in quality instead.3. It Combines

3. With Other Strategies

Email blasting software combines incredibly with other marketing strategies, which is a huge reason to invest. Rather than getting a standalone strategy, you’ve got a campaign that seamlessly links with numerous others.

It syncs efficiently with WiFi marketing and loyalty programs. However, you can also link it with social media marketing through competitions and giveaways.

4. You Don’t Have To Send Millions of Emails per Month

The real winning quality of blast software is that you don’t need to send millions of emails per month. In fact, you may just send three to four per individual recipient each month. That’s just three to four emails you need to write to get results. How amazing is that?

Many people opt for a weekly update or newsletter on a set day each week to build rapport. You can top this up ad hoc with promotions and personalized correspondence like birthday emails.

Email marketing isn’t time-consuming if you manage it correctly; blast software is one way to do that.

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How To Send An Email Blast: 3 Easy Steps

A definition of blast email software is always a good starting point, but it’s good to get practical quickly. Automation software is fantastic for optimizing your business; the sooner you implement it, the less work you’ll do manually.

You can find tons of in-depth guides on how to create email blasts online. However, not everyone has all the time to dedicate to information-heavy guides, so here’s a three-step summary.

1. Find the Right Software and Build an Email List

Initially, your primary concern is finding the right software and building an email list. Without software or anyone to actually contact, your strategy will fall before a single hurdle.

So, evaluate your budget and look at what’s on the market. Ideally, software should have analysis features, content creation support like templates, and bulk-sending capacities.

When it comes to building an email list, you’ll want to look at the following methods:

  • Email loyalty programs
  • Competitions where you request email addresses for entry
  • Captive portals on your WiFi

2. Create Your Content

You can start creating content with the software chosen and at least a few emails collected. Every email should contain at least some element of personalization, a persuasive main body, a call to action, and a sign-off.

You must also ensure your content is legally compliant, including visible opt-in and opt-out language. It’s worth running it through a proofreading service like Grammarly, too.

Once you’ve created gleaming content, you click bulk send, and boom, you’ve got your first email blast.

3. Monitor and Follow Up

It doesn’t finish after you click send; make sure that you monitor results and follow up on analytical findings. The best way to optimize your email marketing is by caring about your results. This is why choosing software that offers an automatic analytical dashboard is so important.

Check the results and make any necessary adjustments to optimize your next email blast. It’s definitely a delicate art, and you’ll do plenty of fine-tuning.

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How Much To Budget for Email Blasting Software

You can find free software for email blasts on the net. Isn’t that cool? However, the general caveat is that these come with a capped number of monthly emails you can send. This ranges from 2,000 to 15,000 (although that higher end is rare).

Free software isn’t always the best idea unless you want to dip your toes in initially. You can always upgrade later, so skip to the next section if you want a low-commitment start. However, it might be worth looking at paid options immediately if you want to start as you mean to go on. These offer more advanced packages, and many offer a free trial period anyway.

So, let’s assume you’re paying for email-blasting software. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect for budget, mid-range, and expert levels of software:

  • Budget: $20-90 per month.
  • Mid-range: $100-250 per month.
  • Expert: $300-500 per month.

As you can see, there are financially accessible email-blasting software options even for small businesses. You can easily start with a budget-level package and then increase as your business grows.

Generally speaking, the higher the number of subscribers you have for email lists, the more expensive your software will be. Subscription prices start to inflate once you hit those higher numbers as you’re paying for more data.

Luckily, email marketing campaigns yield significant returns. With your perfect match (which varies per business), good email software can be the backbone of loyalty programs and more. Take your time at this stage, as finding software that suits your needs and budget is essential.

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How To Find Email Blaster Freeware

Finding great email automation software is one thing, but what about email blaster freeware? We promised to provide you with some great free software options, so here you are.

We’ve carefully chosen the best freeware for you to begin a blast email marketing strategy with. Here are the top couple to check out:


Sender offers a generous free package that includes full access to automation, including blasting services. You can send up to 15,000 emails a month — a whole lot for a total of nothing. Sender is an elite option for those with an established email list or who expect to grow one quickly.


Hubspot is a little less generous, offering 2,000 emails a month. However, it’s a great piece of software with an outstanding industry reputation. It also offers analytical tools, providing insights on those who don’t open emails or open and then instantly bounce.

If you’d like to prioritize analysis over mass emailing of multiple contacts, HubSpot is a good choice. It’s also relatively cheap to upgrade, which is definite food for thought as you grow.

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3 Components of a Strong Email Campaign

Having a strong email marketing campaign is absolutely vital if you want results. The last thing you need (or want) is a campaign that doesn’t get results or, worse, causes legal troubles. In order to ensure that your campaign is the best it can be, we’d advise looking for these three components.

The last thing you want is to breach email marketing laws. An excellent email strategy is one where everyone involved has a solid understanding of legal research.

You know that emails must be permission-based, include an opt-in and out option, and clearly identify ads. Similarly, if you’re in the EU or process EU data, you’re General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant. You’ll also need an EU-US Privacy Shield if you transfer data between the EU and the US.

There’s a lot to know, isn’t there? That’s why solid research beforehand is vital.

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2. An Excellent Understanding of Customers

You know your customers like the back of your hand. Things like customer profiles and key demographic details are regular parts of your discussions. If someone asks you who exactly you’re targeting, you can answer off the bat with detail.

Having this in-depth understanding of customers means your emails are more likely to strike the right chord. You aren’t writing and emailing randomly but with a purpose and target in mind.

3. A Solid Analysis Plan

It isn’t all about sending emails en masse into an abyss. You need to know how you’ll improve, which comes down to analysis. How will you measure the results of your emails? Will you track opening rates, bounce times, or engagement? Ideally, you’d factor in time to analyze all three.

A solid analysis plan doesn’t just set out what you’re measuring either, but how and when you’ll analyze. If you want to make life easier for yourself, pick a blast software with automatic analysis tools. Then you just need to pencil in when you’ll take a look and hold yourself to it.

You’ll thank yourself later when you have a ridiculously optimized email marketing strategy with the best results you’ve ever seen.

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Why Businesses Rely on Email Marketing

Businesses heavily rely on email marketing; that’s no secret. Emails are the backbone of strategies like loyalty programs and even newsletters — keeping customers engaged and in the loop. It makes sense that so many businesses invest in some sort of email subscription program. The real test is if you can do this effectively.

Email marketing might be one of the most popular yet poorly tackled marketing strategies in business. Think about it: chances are you’ve seen poor call-to-actions (CTAs), weak subject lines, and lackluster content. How quickly do you mark them as spam? Or hastily delete? The answer is usually almost immediately.

And that’s all before you even consider how businesses collect contact details. So many mistakenly opt to buy email lists rather than collect them organically. In the worst case, this risks legal difficulties, but even in best-case scenarios, you won’t see the same results.

Businesses rely on email communication, but not every business does so savvily. This is why it’s so amazing that you’re here. It’s not just about how businesses rely on email marketing but how you can optimize a well-trodden approach.

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Why WiFi Matters for Email Marketing

Building a business email list is hard; we can see why it can be tempting for businesses to buy contacts. You have so much to worry about digitally for businesses, from landing page builders to booking or opening daily queries. So, it is tempting to pay for email contacts and call it a day. Don’t.

Instead, look towards your WiFi box. WiFi is the most overlooked tool in email marketing campaigns. Adding a captive portal to your guest WiFi lets you collect contacts like never before.

A captive portal is a simple piece of software. It triggers a web page form to pop up when someone tries to join your network. Guest users must comply with the form to proceed to full WiFi access. You can adjust the form as you wish, requesting whatever details you find most helpful — in this case, email addresses.

Whatever software you choose then channels all those email addresses into a single database. You can then pop over and open up that database whenever you want to run an email marketing campaign. How straightforward is that?

Adding a captive portal to your WiFi is a simple upgrade that can transform your approach to data collection. It is passive and low-cost, and it is basically the perfect marketing strategy to run alongside email campaigns.

Through WiFi, you can collect email addresses from customers with a proven interest in your business. And better yet, you remain completely compliant with marketing laws.

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Beambox: Getting Started Instantly Through WiFi

You can start building an email database instantly through your WiFi. Seriously, it takes no longer than 24 hours to choose a great captive portal software and make a start. Once the contacts start rolling in, you can easily sync or transfer the database to your email marketing software.

The two are just the perfect duo. One collects the email addresses, while the other sends out your ideal content to the masses. The level of passiveness and minimal input required for both is also perfect for busy business owners. It’s a great way to up your game. Who doesn’t want to expand their business with minimal financial and effort investment?

So, where do we come in? Well, at Beambox, our all-in-one WiFi marketing software can help you streamline your email address collection.

We understand that collecting contacts for email marketing can seem a little bit “chicken and egg.” That’s why we provide customizable captive portals that prove irresistible to customers and result-driving for businesses.

Now that you understand all the benefits of email marketing strategies, why not make them a reality? Start your Beambox free trial today and get all the contacts you need for your new email blast software.

Grow your business and customer loyalty with guest WiFi!

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