WiFi Marketing Platform: How To Grow Your Business via WiFi

Marketing 12 minute read 30th January 2024

A WiFi marketing platform is one of any business’s most valuable tools. WiFi marketing uses a commonplace asset (wireless internet) to create and convert leads. This is brilliant for those wanting to drive profits.

Chances are you already have some form of business WiFi, so adding a marketing element is budget-friendly. Not to mention the added efficiency of running all your WiFi marketing efforts from a single platform. WiFi marketing software can make a massive difference to your strategy.

Are you excited about the prospect of business growth? You should be. A savvy WiFi marketing solution can boost customer loyalty and sales by encouraging customers to stay longer. It really is a game-changer.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to all you need to know about marketing platforms for your WiFi. We’ll cover how to find the best platform, its leading benefits, and how WiFi marketing facilitates other strategies. Give us five minutes, and you’ll leave with all the information you need to make a difference to your business.

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What Are the Benefits of WiFi Marketing Software?

WiFi marketing software has a mix of benefits for customers and for business owners that directly ties into the benefits of offering customers WiFi. Some of those chief benefits include:

  • WiFi improves the customer experience. They can surf the web, connect with friends, and never feel inconvenienced while at your business.
  • WiFi facilitates captive portals to collect reviews or valuable customer data for marketing.
  • WiFi facilitates organic social media marketing by allowing guests to access the internet and post pictures in real-time. You can prompt this further with Tag Us signs detailing your social media handles on your menu or walls.

WiFi is basically the bee’s knees, and having the right software makes it even better. Here’s why:

  • WiFi marketing software automates much of the process, taking up less of your time and making it passively beneficial.
  • It gives you access to advanced technology like proximity marketing devices and those captive portals you need.
  • It keeps all valuable details secure, which protects data.
  • It provides you with a dashboard and analytical insights. You also get things like a detailed customer profile per guest.
  • It helps guide your marketing campaign through suggestions like prompts to send birthday discounts.
  • Using software helps you to identify your target audience through advanced demographic breakdowns.
  • Marketing software helps you to identify leads and increase conversions from one-time visitors to loyal customers.

Having software as part of your strategy streamlines your approach. You’ll have a more efficient campaign with clear analytical insights and minimal requirements from yourself actually to run things. The software does all the behind-the-scenes work; you just manage the process. It is perfect for the busy business owner looking to take their growth seriously.

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How To Choose the Best WiFi Marketing Platform

Choosing the best WiFi marketing platform is a rut you can easily get stuck in. How can you decide when there are so many options out there? The best way to approach this consumer conundrum is with a few simple steps.

1. Look at Your Budget

You must review your budget and crunch your numbers. Marketing is mainly a tax-deductible expense and a brilliant investment for your business. Remember that WiFi marketing is one of the cheaper strategies because you are investing in an asset you already have. However, with that said, you need to know how much you can spend upfront. Lots of platforms operate on a subscription basis.

2. Decide What Your Non-Negotiable Features Are

Consider how much time you must dedicate to WiFi marketing. How much automation do you require? Similarly, think about your non-negotiable features. What do you want from a platform? For instance, if you focus on customer analysis, a dashboard and customer profiles are non-negotiable.

3. Shop Around

Now is the fun part — you get to shop around. Look at different software options and platforms offering free demos or trials. These are better options as they allow you to try before committing. At this stage, weigh any options against your pre-established budget, feature, and automation requirements.

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What To Budget for a Social WiFi Marketing Platform

So, we mentioned budget while choosing the best WiFi software. But how much should you actually budget for a social WiFi marketing platform?

First, you should know that marketing platform software tends to work in tiers. You’ll have cheaper basic, mid-level, and more expensive packages with many features.

If you are happy with a basic package, expect to pay around $15 to $35 monthly. Budget $40 to $60 monthly for mid-level packages and allocate $60 to $90 monthly for more expert-level packages. On an annual basis, this works out at an average of $240 per year for a basic package. And, for a mid-level package, $600, and for an expert, around $900.

This is why weighing up your non-negotiable features and budget is essential. This way, you’ll quickly find a fit when shopping for software. You have to know what you are realistically looking for when searching for marketing platform software.

How WiFi Marketing Facilitates Other Strategies

You now have a solid idea of how marketing efforts through WiFi marketing software work. But there is one last thing that’s important to cover. How does WiFi marketing facilitate other strategies? It’s an excellent question.

Utilizing your WiFi for marketing opens thousands of doors. These are four main strategies it can lead to:

1. Email Marketing

With WiFi marketing, you can utilize captive portals to collect email addresses. You can create killer email marketing campaigns using these and any customer insights. Your WiFi becomes a tool to collect email contacts. It also gives you demographic details to tailor and target recipients better.

2. SMS Marketing

Similarly, you can also use captive portals to collect phone numbers. This is great for SMS campaigns. You simply use the numbers you collect to create an SMS strategy known for incredible open rates.

3. Reputation and Google Marketing

With captive portals, you can prompt reviews. You can also provide QR codes that customers can scan while using your WiFi to leave reviews in real time. This is great for building a positive reputation online. You just need to set up a Google My Business account to make a start.

4. Social Media Marketing

Finally, WiFi marketing facilitates social media marketing. You allow customers to access social media while visiting your business by providing an internet connection. This encourages organic social media marketing by simply granting them access. You can leave additional prompts, too, like having a Tag Us section with your social media handles on menus.

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Beambox: A WiFi Marketing Platform That Does It All

Get ready to up your marketing game! You can use your mobile device to launch your Wifi campaign. However, you should pick Beambox as your WiFi marketing platform as it integrates with your business wifi seamlessly. It would be like building on familiar ground.

Investing in low-risk, cancel-any-time subscription software can boost your business prospects. Think of WiFi marketing as the foundation of marketing efforts. With solid WiFi marketing, you can successfully run other strategies, like social media and SMS marketing.

Beambox isn’t just any WiFi marketing platform; it’s the catalyst to your success. Elevate your business today with our user-friendly platform, designed to empower you every step of the way. Start your Beambox free trial. Don’t wait; start your Beambox journey now!

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