How to Use WiFi Marketing to Grow Your Venue

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🎥 In this video series you’ll learn how to

  • ✅ Create a custom WiFi login page
  • ✅ Capture highly-valuable customer data
  • ✅ Grow guest loyalty with automations
  • ✅ Use powerful customer segments
  • ✅ Get more people to leave 5-star reviews

What is WiFi Marketing? 🤔

A WiFi connection for your customers is just another business expense, right? Slap a poster up on the wall with the WiFi password and job done?

Here comes the clever bit that 99% of businesses miss!

Customers are much more likely to provide personal information when they get something in return. WiFi marketing hits right in this sweet spot, at the point your customers are on your premises.

Poster in Restaurant Mockup

They get free WiFi, you get valuable customer data. There isn’t a better way to ask someone to receive your emails or follow you on social media than that!

An opted-in customer is just the start. WiFi marketing is about harnessing the data you have collected and taking advantage of customer insight to deliver messages and promotions to your customers that keep your business growing and growing.

As marketers ourselves, we’re rather fond of it.

Do people still want free WiFi?

Without a doubt. Despite the progress of mobile cellular networks, there are many reasons why customers look to connect to WiFi. Often, cellular coverage is patchy and affected by things like the weather and interference from other devices, less than ideal for missing those important emails!

Consumers also face data caps and limits from their providers with additional data top-ups proving costly. A stable, free WiFi signal is still considered one of the primary services people look for when booking a hotel for example. In a study by, WiFi was the single most important accommodation facility that most travellers looked for when booking their last trip.

Social media networks will even use algorithms to decide the quality of uploaded content based on internet speed. If you’ve got a venue swarmed with influencers, they’re highly likely to want the best speed internet available to make sure their posts hit with a bang.

The most desired accommodation feature

How does WiFi marketing work?

Rather than plastering your walls with the WiFi details (and still getting asked for the password on an hourly basis!?). By setting up a WiFi marketing portal you can gain complete control over who can access your internet connection and how they can use it. Restrict certain websites and even control maximum download speeds so that you can comfortably host several customers without issue.

Joining a WiFi network is a very low barrier to entry for a customer, and a great soft-touch way to introduce your brand or products in a non-intrusive way. With a custom WiFi guest system such as Beambox, customers are immediately able to find the correct network and to connect via entering their email or using social sign in.

WiFi marketing login page example for hospitality venue

Through an existing client base of over 3000 venues, we’ve already seen the impressive ways that businesses are using WiFi marketing. We’ve seen restaurants displaying time-sensitive deals and promotions to drive sales, hotels launching Instagram competitions to engage their fans, and cafés climbing up TripAdvisor rankings by asking for reviews at the perfect time.

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