Email Marketing for Small Business: Importance & Benefits

Marketing 19 minute read 8th August 2023

Many people brush email marketing for small business ventures under the carpet as something for bigger fish to fry. It is easy to get into the thought process that email campaigns are more for larger businesses. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Email marketing is just as useful for small businesses - and sometimes even more so. Small businesses rely more on fostering strong, positive relationships with loyal customers. And email marketing is an excellent low-cost way to invest in building stronger customer-business relations. You could outsource your email campaigns or set aside an hour or two a week to tackle it yourself.

Email marketing for businesses is one of the most effective strategies. Naturally, low-cost, quick, and effective small-business email marketing is a great idea. This guide will cover all the vital processes and tips you need to know. With this information under your belt, you’ll be well-equipped to handle your small business email marketing strategy. Let’s get started; there’s lots to cover.

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Why Is Email Marketing Important for Small Businesses?

How does email marketing for small business ventures differ from marketing for larger businesses? Why is email marketing important for small businesses? It is a valid question, especially as there are similarities as well. You’ll use the same basic knowledge and primary strategies.

For instance, utilizing the main four types of emails:

  • Promotional emails

Promotional emails are for advertising - e.g., showcasing new products and irresistible deals. You could use customer demographic details to send relevant sparkly new products. This is an excellent idea when marketing businesses like hotels with frequent customers.

  • Transaction emails

Transaction emails are mainly practical and focus on building trust in your brand. These are automatic and you send them after purchases and meaningful interactions. It could be as simple as sending a “We’ve received your order” email.

  • Retention emails

Retention emails are the last chance emails. You reach out to inactive or canceling customers with one-time offers and temptations.

  • Email newsletters

Email newsletters build trust and an ongoing relationship. They are chatty and personable and focus on fostering positive familiarity.

As you can see, the bare bones of small business versus large business email marketing are the same. The main difference is the intention behind each one and the different values of each email type.

For example, an ‘Order received’ email becomes much more important with a small business. It reassures customers that your business is legitimate and professional. The starting level of trust is nowhere near as high as it is for a larger company. You ask new customers to trust the unfamiliar - an understandably tall ask.

In small business email marketing, there is a necessity to counteract customer doubt and provide higher levels of reassurance. New customers are less likely to be familiar with your brand already.

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Why Should You Prioritize Email Marketing for Small Businesses

You should always prioritize marketing. However, with a small business, marketing becomes even more vital. Email marketing for small business ventures builds essential trust and credibility that could otherwise be lacking.

Small businesses, by nature, need more brand awareness, word-of-mouth recommendations, and often reviews. Building trust and credibility can be an uphill battle for those breaking into business, especially with new customers. By opting in for email marketing, you broaden your prospects and connect reassuringly with customers.

If you still need to start using email marketing as a small business, you should immediately look into it. And there’s no better day than today, right?

Starting email marketing as soon as possible is the best way forward. When you start, pay close attention to things like subject lines and choosing email marketing platforms and software. Think quality over quantity. You access the benefits of email marketing through careful targeting. From email marketing for restaurants to email marketing for small retail businesses, this strategy is worth prioritizing.

5 Benefits of Email Marketing for Small Businesses

So, we know the main difference between email marketing for small and large businesses now. And we understand why email marketing is so essential for small businesses. Email marketing for small business ventures demands more investment in building trust and reassurance because brand awareness is lower. But what are the significant benefits of email marketing for small businesses? These are the top five benefits of email marketing.

1. Email Marketing for Small Business Ventures Builds Close-Knit Relationships

Email marketing is always good at building connections. However, with a small business, you have the opportunity to form closer-knit relationships since you have fewer customers. As a small business, you capitalize on this by really focusing on customer demographics and personalization of your email strategy. While you still automate email lists, you take a much more personal approach.

This more personal approach helps customers to feel closer to your business and you as a business owner. Close-knit relationships form due to effective and long-term communication between two parties. And when you approach your email marketing strategy correctly, this is a likely result.

2. Email Marketing for Small Business Ventures Easily Combines With Captive Portal WiFi

Another huge benefit of email marketing for small business ventures is that it combines perfectly with running captive portal WiFi. Captive portal WiFi is where you’ll get your email addresses for your email list. It creates a pop-up webpage that ensures customers input their details before accessing your WiFi. And if you run an in-person business, it is the ideal way to capitalize on your valuable (and in-demand WiFi).

Having a marketing strategy that you can almost passively create contacts for is really valuable. With many captive WiFi portal software, you can manage your captive portal and emails from the same place. That compatibility and ease are essential. These little details make your life easier and your marketing more effective.

3. Email Marketing for Small Business Ventures Is a Low-Cost Marketing Strategy

Believe it or not, email campaigns are not pricey. Email marketing is low-cost, which is vital for many small businesses. Small businesses naturally tend to see a smaller profit turnover. So it is crucial to keep marketing within your budget but not skip it to save costs. You want to take advantage of fantastic marketing benefits. A budget shouldn’t hold anyone back. And in this scenario, email marketing is the savior choice. It is a feasible yet effective option - no matter your budget level.

You can easily tackle email marketing by yourself, especially with the help of email marketing software. This software costs as little as $15 a month, or even nothing if you choose free software. So even if you need extra guidance, you can support yourself with technology rather than expensive outsourcing. Just set an hour or so aside a week. Allow 15 minutes to write an email and 5 minutes to send it out in bulk. Then just repeat that two to three times a week for optimum results.

4. Email Marketing for Small Business Ventures Builds Credibility and Trust

Building credibility and trust is incredibly important for small businesses. You may not have many reviews or word-of-mouth recommendations. Therefore, your content and how you engage with customers speaks volumes. The pressure is on for small businesses. And that’s where email marketing for small business ventures comes in.

Email marketing is a brilliant way to establish a sense of professionalism and credibility. Emailing is a more professional alternative to social media or SMS marketing. With email marketing, you can carve out a credible and trustworthy image.

Even just the method of regular communication helps to build credibility and trust. For instance, sending transactional emails like ‘Order received’ messages. Email marketing is a great way to avoid keeping customers in the dark and opens a reassuring communication line.

5. Email Marketing for Small Business Ventures Generate Website Traffic

Those considering email marketing know it has some serious website benefits. Small business websites likely get little traffic. Without less brand awareness, you just won’t get direct searches. And if you don’t budget for an SEO strategy, your website will likely get lost in a sea of Google pages.

By having a solid email marketing campaign, you can generate website traffic through hyperlinks and promotional emails. Readers who enjoy your email are more likely to click the links and follow up on promotions. And this drives traffic to your website in a way that doesn’t rely on SEO and organic searches. Skip the lengthy SEO stage and drive traffic to your website through email marketing. Website traffic is one of the major benefits of email marketing. This is the most crucial marketing benefit if you are looking into e-commerce email marketing.

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What Is the Best Email Marketing Software for Small Business Ventures?

Email marketing software helps organize your strategy. And for small businesses who might be going it alone, this can be extra helpful. Whether you are looking for restaurant email marketing software or you run a retail business, this section will help. Using software to help with email marketing for small business ventures is a good idea. It also makes email marketing a lot more beginner-friendly. In this section, we’ll provide you with the best email marketing software for small business ventures. Let’s cut out the heavy research and give you some quick solutions.

Brevo: Best for Organizing Email Marketing for Small Business Ventures

Brevo is a wonderful piece of software for organizing your email marketing strategy. It has a workflow editor feature and a really clear dashboard. If you want to get organized (which is half the battle), give it a go. Running email campaigns can get messy with different information in different places. So having Brevo is excellent for staying on track and maximizing the benefits of email marketing.

Brevo also lets you branch out to chat and SMS marketing from the same software. This is perfect if you want to expand your marketing further down the line and keep it all in one place.

GetResponse: Best for Automating Email Marketing for Small Business Ventures

GetResponse is the top email marketing software for automation. This software lets you do everything from using AI to structure emails to bulk sending emails with a few clicks. You get help with subject lines, custom branding, and just your email campaigns as a whole. If you want automation, it is the best choice. GetResponse has worked with everyone from RedBull to IKEA but specializes in small business marketing. There are some fantastic discounts at the moment too - so take a look.

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MailChimp: Best for Analyzing Email Marketing for Small Business Ventures

MailChimp is the most thorough platform available for email marketing for small business ventures. It comes with all the segmentation and analytical features. You’ll be able to analyze how many non-openers you get and measure exact engagement. These features are vital as they allow you to measure and improve your marketing strategy continually.

MailChimp is one of the biggest software in the game (and priciest), but there’s a good reason for this. The best way to improve your marketing scheme is with analysis, and MailChimp is brilliant for analyzing.

HubSpot: Best for Free Email Marketing for Small Business Ventures

HubSpot is the best free option for email marketing for small businesses. It has a free email tool that you can sign up to use. It’s great for minimal investment and those on a lower budget. HubSpot’s email tool is brilliant if you want to dip your toes in without too much upfront investment. You get tons of insight details and personalization tools.

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Level-Up Your Email Marketing

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