Beambox QR Code Generator: How to Make A QR Code for Your Business

Marketing 17 minute read 3rd October 2023

There’s no getting around it. All aspects of our lives are becoming more and more digitized. Naturally, businesses will too. Looking for innovative ways to enhance your customer experience? Consider using QR codes and QR code generators.

Once reserved for tracking car parts during manufacturing, QR codes are now everywhere. If you’re looking to streamline your business, boost marketing efforts or go green, enlist the help of a QR code generator. Here’s how you can easily generate QR codes with Beambox and leverage them to their maximum potential for your business.

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How to Use the Beambox Code Generator

QR codes and your existing Beambox WiFi work hand in hand seamlessly. If you’re looking for the best QR code generator for business, look no further than Beambox. Here’s how to use the Beambox QR code generator. It’s effortless, so that you can show off your QR code in no time. Here’s how to do it:

  • Log into your Beambox account and click on the “Capture” tab. Then, click on the “Generate QR codes” option.


  • Under “ Guest WiFi Portal” select your location and enter your WiFi or SSID name. Then, click the “Add” button.

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  • If your guest WiFi portal information is correct, click the” Generate QR” button to create your code.

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Now, all your guests have to do is scan your generated QR code, follow the prompts, and log on. It’s genuinely that simple.

How to Create a QR Code for the Beambox Review Automator

Did you know that Beambox can collect all your reviews and keep them in one place for viewing? It’s called the Review Automator, located in your portal dashboard. Once you have the Review Automator set up, you can generate a QR code. Your guests can use this code to leave your venue a review. Here’s how to generate your review QR code through Beambox.

  • Log into your Beambox account and click on the “Capture” tab. Then, click on the “Generate QR codes” option. Choose the option for Review Automator.

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  • If you operate multiple businesses or locations, choose the one you want the QR code for.

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  • Tap on the “Generate” button to create your code.

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Since reviews are an important tool for your business success, you should post your code in easily accessible places like by your register, on tables or on a memo board. Also, encourage customers to scan your code to leave reviews. You could even incentivize them by offering a discount or freebie in exchange for a scan and review.

How to Create a QR Code for Form Capturing

Go green and utilize Beambox’s QR code generator to capture any important information from your clients or customers. Here’s how to generate a QR code for form capturing.

  • Log into your Beambox account and locate the “Capture” tab at the top of the screen. Then click on the “Generate QR Codes” option.

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  • Select the form to link your generated QR code. Then click the “Add Form” button.

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  • Once you add your form, tap on the “Generate QR” button. Your QR code will appear in the image box on the right side. You can download it as a PNG or print it.

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What is a QR Code?

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A “quick response” or QR code is a barcode that users can scan using their smartphones or other devices. Once scanned they gain immediate access to content or can perform an action. In droves, restaurants have turned to QR codes for menu access. It’s easier to make menu changes and cut costs if paper menus aren’t needed.

Visually, QR codes look like a distant cousin of standard bar codes. They make up a grid consisting of small black-and-white squares. You can encode a variety of information in a QR code, such as:

  • Any type of informational text
  • URLs
  • Contact Information
  • Marketing promos
  • Payment/Checkout systems

QR codes are safe to use and simple to generate. Additionally, they are versatile and convenient for you and your customers. Consider using these codes if you’re looking to improve your customer experience, looking for customer insight or streamlining work processes.

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What are QR Codes Used for?

QR codes for businesses are used for marketing and advertising, WiFi access, product information, payments, and review automation, Let’s dive deeper into the main uses for QR Codes.

  1. Marketing and advertising. QR code marketing is one of the simplest ways to engage with customers. You can link your company’s website, landing page or social media pages through your code. You can also use them to offer customers coupons and discount codes.
  2. WiFi connection. Statistics show that customers return and frequent businesses that offer free WiFi. Ensure a quick connection by generating a QR code for WiFi that allows guests to connect to your internet.
  3. Form Capture. Use your QR code to relay any necessary forms for your customers or clients to fill out.
  4. Product information. You should generate a QR code if you need a quick way to get information about products, brands, or services. It’s an easy way for customers to understand what you do or what you provide.
  5. Payments. We live in a fast-paced world, and most customers appreciate simple and quick payment methods. Especially if you’re in the restaurant industry, it’s easy and efficient to have customers pay via QR code.
  6. QR Code for Review. Positive reviews are essential to drawing new customers to your business. Make it easy for customers to leave reviews by providing a QR code that directs them to a review site.

These four uses are top of mind for your brand. However, you should use a QR code generator for business for many other benefits and reasons.

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Why QR Codes are Important for Small Businesses

Still on the fence about utilizing QR codes for your small business? Let’s discuss why they’re so important and can give you a competitive edge. Aside from convenience for you and your customers or clients, using a QR code generator, like the one Beambox provides, is a low-cost marketing tool. Here are a few reasons why generating QR codes is important for your small business.

  1. QR Codes help you gain insight into your customer base. After you generate a QR code for your WiFi, allow entrance into your network in exchange for customer feedback. This way, you’ll gain insights into how your business is doing, where you have gaps and where you’re exceeding.
  2. Drive business through QR codes. Once you gain insight into your business, use your QR code to attract new and repeat customers. You can have your QR code link to a customer loyalty program where they sign up. In return, offer free items or discounts they can redeem.
  3. Generating QR Codes is extremely affordable. There are easy-to-use and inexpensive QR code generators available–including our Beambox version. Once you create your QR code, display it on your website, social media, and your business.

As you start using QR codes, remember to make sure they’re visible and large enough so they’re easy to scan. Add a call to action to let customers know they can scan the code. Last, don’t forget to test your codes frequently. This ensures they are functioning correctly and contain up-to-date information.

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Beambox QR Code Generator Frequently Asked Questions

The convenience and efficiency of accessing WiFi through a QR code are essential to streamlining and boosting your business. If you’re a business owner looking to offer hassle-free WiFi access to your clients, try QR codes. We know you have questions, so we compiled all the answers to your most asked QR code generator queries. Feel free to contact our expert customer service team if there is something we haven’t covered.

How Much Does Using the Beambox QR Code Generator Cost?

The Beambox QR code generator for WiFi and other uses costs $66 per month, paid annually. However, it’s a part of our expansive Pro Plan. Aside from our QR code generator, you gain access to one of the best WiFi marketing platforms on the market.

Do I Need to Sign Up for Beambox to Use the QR Code Generator?

Yes, you must have a Beambox account to use the QR code generator. It’s one of many perks you gain from using Beambox for your business WiFi marketing.

Do QR Codes Expire?

QR codes do not expire, as they are static images that last indefinitely. However, the content or technology linked to QR codes may become outdated over time. It’s important to check and update your content and links associated with the QR code you create. Frequent reviews also ensure that your QR codes function properly and offer a seamless interaction for your customers.

How Many Times Can You Scan a Free QR Code?

Customers can scan your free QR codes as many times as they want. In theory, you can scan a QR code an indefinite number of times. As aforementioned, frequently review your QR codes and the content it links to. This ensures your content is running properly and is relevant.

Does Beambox Offer Other Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses?

Yes, Beambox is a digital WiFi and marketing service that helps businesses use their WiFi to collect customer data easily. You can use this information to target marketing campaigns efficiently. We provide companies with a captive portal to collect information. Additionally, we provide businesses with tools to help with email, social media and SMS marketing. Our service is proven to help generate leads and sales and improve customer loyalty.

A WiFi QR Code is only a portion of an effective marketing strategy. Make sure you have a WiFi marketing platform like Beambox. Our platform collects all the data you need to make informed decisions. Beambox’s all-in-one WiFi marketing solution extracts powerful marketing data from guests who enter your virtual boundaries. Accelerate your business growth — start your Beambox free trial today!

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