Free WiFi QR Code Generator

Tools 3 minute read 6th January 2021

Make it quick and easy for guests to connect to your WiFi network with our free QR code generator.

Once displayed in your venue, guests will only have to point their smartphone camera at the unique design and they’ll be redirected and logged into your WiFi network. A completely contactless, and easy way to get online.

Generate your QR code

Just input your venue network name and level of security into the generator below and a QR code will be automatically generated! You can then save it as an image file to use, or send it to your graphic designer to include on your latest menu, posters around the venue, or anywhere that’s going to be visible to guests.

Most Android and Apple smartphones will now automatically scan and read QR codes by using the normal smartphone camera, so there is no need to download additional apps or software. Handy!

How does a QR Code work?

A QR code (Quick Response Code) is made up of black squares and dots that can be read by a scanner and converted into a wide range of information. They work in the same principle as a matrix barcode that are used in shops, except that QR codes are able to store information vertically as well as horizontally.

In our free WiFi QR Code Generator, the information stored includes the name of your venue WiFi network, the level of security, and password if required. Rather than just presenting this information to your guests when scanned, the data will prompt the device to use the details input to automatically connect to the network, saving the user from having to input long and complicated passwords, or even select the correct network.

We’ll be featuring additional QR code generators that you can use in your restaurant, café, hotel or any other venue for that matter so don’t forget to sign up to our weekly Townsquare emails to get first access.

Getting someone online in your venue presents huge marketing opportunities like presenting new offers, signing customers up to mailing lists, or securing new followers on social media.

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