QR Code for Google Reviews: How To Make Them and Get Reviews

Marketing 11 minute read 28th November 2023

All those who run local businesses know how Google Reviews impact your reputation and revenue volume. Therefore, getting more reviews is the aim of many. QR codes for Google reviews are a simple yet effective strategy to reach this goal. However, there’s more to know about the reviews game everyone is playing.

This article will guide you through creating a QR code to get more Google Reviews. You will also learn how to leverage it for maximum impact and what else you can do to grow your review flow.

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How To Create a QR Code for Google Reviews

The procedure to create a QR code for Google Reviews is straightforward:

  1. Retrieve your unique link through your Google Business Profile.
  2. Select a reputable online QR code generator
  3. Enter your review link and customize the design.
  4. Test the QR Code. You must be sure it directs customers straight to your
  5. Google Reviews page.
  6. Download the QR code and use it across your marketing materials.

Let’s now have a look at how reviews affect your ranking and why using QRcode works well.

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The Impact of Reviews on Local Searches on Google

Google reviews are essential for any local business aiming to enhance its ranking across all Google’s platforms. They are a critical factor in a business’s online discoverability on Google through SEO.

  • Local Search Rankings - Reviews are a strong indicator of a business’s popularity and credibility. As a consequence, Google’s algorithm favors businesses with a higher volume of positive reviews. This, in turn, leads to more visibility among potential customers searching for related services or products in the area.
  • Prominence in Google Maps - Reviews influence the placement and prominence of a business on Google Maps. This application provides suggestions based on search relevance, distance, and the business’s review ratings. High-rated businesses often appear first. Therefore, accumulating a robust set of positive reviews affects your online visibility directly.
  • Impact on the Local Pack - The “Local Pack” is the box of highlighted business listings featured at the top of Google search results. Reviews are a significant factor that Google considers when deciding which businesses to display in this prime spot. Regular, positive reviews will get you there.

As you can see, frequent and positive Google Reviews provide social proof to prospective customers and give businesses better visibility. This means that actively managing Google reviews is not an optional marketing strategy. It’s a fundamental initiative for getting visibility on the most powerful search engine on planet Earth.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use QR Code for Getting More Reviews

As everyone uses smartphones, QRcode marketing is currently one of the best ways to reach your business goal. When it comes to getting Google reviews, the reasons why this strategy works are 3:

  • Convenience - Customers can scan QR codes in seconds
  • Accuracy - Customers will reach your review page without any chance of getting lost on the internet.
  • Engagement - The easier it is to leave a review, the more likely customers will do it.

These reasons are enough to dedicate some time and resources to creating QR codes for Google reviews. Don’t forget that the more reviews you get, the better your visibility in local search results will be. However, just because you created a Google review QR code, it does not mean people will scan it. You should maximize the effectiveness of this tool. Let’s find out how in the next section.

Placement Strategies for Getting More Reviews with QR Codes

The effective placement of your QR code can significantly increase the number of reviews you get. Here are the places that should always present your customers with a QR code for leaving a review:

  • Checkout: Customers are in their most receptive moment to leave a review. Don’t waste their engagement, as the experience is fresh in their minds.
  • Receipts: Alternative to the checkout are receipts. They work well because customers will necessarily look at receipts.
  • Emails: If you run marketing campaigns with emails, embed the code in your signature. You can also dedicate specific emails to asking for reviews.
  • Entrance: Place your QR code at the doors of your venue. It is a very visible place and will maximize the results.
  • Venue: Visible spots like tables or waiting areas encourage reviews. Just make sure to provide some context. For example, you can place the pixeled square next to an award from a popular local review site.

Each location here taps into different customer behaviors and touchpoints, from the immediacy of service to the after-sale. In order to get more reviews, however, there are other things you should know.

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How To Get More Reviews: Guidelines for Business Owners

While QR codes are effective, there’s more to do to grow and manage your reputation online. To encourage more reviews and curate your reputation, follow these basic tips:

  • Ask for Reviews: This is the most effective thing to do. Ask your customer to share their feedback about their experience. Sometimes, customers need a nudge. A polite request can go a long way.
  • Provide Excellent Service: This goes without saying. Exceptional experiences are the key to growing your reputation online. No marketing strategy can outrun a poor experience.
  • Respond to Reviews: Whether people compliment or critique your venue, you should always answer. Engage with reviewers to show that you value their feedback and you care about your reputation. People read reviews, and research shows that customers value businesses that answer to reviews.
  • Highlight Positive Reviews: Showcasing existing reviews in your store or on your website can encourage others to leave their feedback.
  • Leverage Social Media: Regularly post on your social media channels and ask for reviews. Highlight the best ones on your Instagram stories. Also, provide direct links to your Google review page in your bio.
  • Train Your Team: Ensure that your staff understands the importance of reviews and how to ask for them.
  • Monitor Review Trends: Pay attention to what people mention or criticize. If certain compliments or complaints arise frequently, you know what you should improve or continue doing.

These tips are the basics of reputation management for businesses. However, most of these actions have downsides. When it comes to getting customer reviews, relying on manual methods can be a frustrating and often fruitless endeavor. Therefore, technologies can help you streamline the procedures and bring more reviews.

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How Technology Can Help You Getting Reviews on Autopilot

Asking customers to leave a review, handing out business cards, or hoping customers will post their thoughts is often pointless. Creating a QR code for Google reviews is a great idea. However, despite your best intentions, customers might not really care. That’s why you should use technology to really get more reviews and grow your online rating.

Beambox is a platform that is helping over 12,000 venues to grow their business. The software will send a prompt to customers when they use your WiFi. Positive feedback will reach review platforms immediately. Instead, negative reviews will revert into a form that you can investigate and assess immediately. Moreover, you can use Beambox to automate your marketing campaigns and secure your WiFi. Start your thirty-day free trial now!

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