WiFi QR Code Generator: How To Use It Within Your Business

Marketing 13 minute read 19th June 2024

If you want to improve customer experience and grow your business, a WiFi QR code generator can help. However, providing internet access with a simple scan is just one way to leverage QR codes.

This article will show you how to use the generators and where to find them. Moreover, you’ll read about other ways of using QR codes to grow your business.

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What Is a WiFi QR Code Generator?

A WiFi QR code generator creates a scannable QR code that allows users to connect to a WiFi network automatically.

This tool’s primary purpose is to simplify the process of connecting to WiFi, making it user-friendly and secure. In fact, QR stands for Quick Response. With WiFi connections, users won’t need to enter the network name and password manually.

Using a QR code generator for WiFi can be very useful in a business setting. For instance, cafes, hotels, or conference centers can enhance customer experience by providing instant WiFi access through a simple scan.

Businesses can also use these pixeled squares to provide employees with easy access to the Internet. Openly sharing WiFi passwords helps protect the security of their network.

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How To Generate QR Code for WiFi

To generate QR codes for WiFi, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose a QR code generator: There are many online generators that support WiFi connectivity.
  2. Enter WiFi details: You’ll need to input your WiFi network name (SSID), password, and network type (usually WPA/WPA2).
  3. Generate the QR code: Once you’ve entered all the required information, the generator will create the QR.
  4. Test the code: Before printing or sharing the code, test it with a few devices.
  5. Display it: Print or digitally display the QR code in a visible location.

While a QR code generator WiFi process is easy and convenient, it offers little flexibility. You need appropriate tools for more integrated solutions, especially if you want to leverage WiFi marketing.

However, WiFi marketing software usually offers everything you need. These solutions let you generate pixeled squares for multiple uses and help you run marketing campaigns.

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3 Free WiFi QR Code Generators

There are many free WiFi QR code generators. The following are three great platforms:

  • QR Stuff: A web page that lets you generate a variety of pixeled squares, including those for internet networks.
  • ZXing Project: An open-source project.
  • QR-Code-Generator: A free service focused on codes for WiFi access.

While these free solutions are convenient, they have relevant shortcomings.

First, you can’t customize them. For example, you can’t change the design of the pixeled square or embed logos.

Additionally, free solutions have usage restrictions. For example, you might have trouble using them for a hidden network. After a while, you might need to upgrade to a paid version or find another service.

Lastly, there’s no customer support.

It’s also important to consider the security risks of such tools. To generate the WiFi code, you’re inputting your WiFi credentials into third-party websites. You don’t know how they will handle those data.

As public WiFi poses security risks, this might endanger the safety of your guest WiFi.

For businesses, considering the implications of security and reliability is crucial, especially when dealing with sensitive information like WiFi credentials.

Benefits of Using a WiFi QR Code Generator Without Password

To sum up, using a WiFi QR code generator without passwords provides several benefits:

  • Enhanced user experience (UX): The scanning feature of QR codes simplifies the process of connecting to WiFi. This is especially convenient for businesses in high-traffic areas or during vents.
  • Increased security: By not sharing the WiFi password openly, you reduce the risk of unauthorized access. The WiFi network remains secure because the code embeds the password and does not share it.
  • Operational efficiency: You or your staff won’t need to constantly assist guests or customers with logging into WiFi. Additionally, you can easily replace or update these dynamic QR codes without needing to reset or redistribute a new password.
  • Versatility: You can easily display them anywhere, from welcome desks and tables to posters and digital displays.

This approach streamlines the connectivity process and maintains a secure and user-friendly environment.

However, there are other ways you can use quick response codes and WiFi to grow your business.

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3 Ways To Leverage QR Codes To Grow Your Business

Most businesses still overlook QR code marketing. Instead, there are many ways you can use it to boost your business success. All you need to do is decide how to use it. Let’s have a look at three fantastic approaches.

1. Getting Reviews

Using codes to get customer reviews is a terrific way to enhance your business’s online presence and reputation.

QR codes only need a single scan with a smartphone to work, making them convenient for customers. They can leave a review immediately after their experience while it’s still fresh in their minds.

Additionally, by simplifying the review process, you’ll likely see increased customer engagement.

More reviews can lead to better visibility and credibility for your business. This is especially true if you rely on Google. Reviews are a factor in search engine rankings, particularly in local search.

To get the most out of your QR codes for getting reviews, consider these tips:

  • Choose a platform for gathering reviews, such as Google, Yelp, or TripAdvisor. Make sure it’s a local review site that your customers are likely to use.
  • Create a QR code that links directly to the review page on the chosen platform. Ensure the quick response code is clear and easy to scan.
  • Display the code in locations where customers are likely to see it. For example, at the payment desk, on receipts, or on table tents in a restaurant.
  • Train your staff to encourage customers to scan the QR code and leave a review. They can mention this during service delivery or at checkout.

Remember, though, that getting more reviews is half the job. The other half is checking reviews regularly, which is what online review monitoring entails.

2. Collecting Data

Quick response codes can also help simplify customer data collection in various ways. Here are a few examples of how to use this technology purposefully:

  • Link to surveys or feedback forms: You can create a QR code that directs users to an online survey or feedback form. Place them where they’re easily accessible to customers.
  • Email newsletter signups: Generate a quick response code that links to a signup form for your email newsletter. Remember to make it appealing and explain what they’ll get on the splash page.
  • Contest entries: These codes can facilitate entry into a contest where users provide personal data as part of their entry. You can use this data for future marketing campaigns and audience analysis.

3. Showing Information Quickly

You can also use QR codes to display relevant information quickly and enhance the customer experience. This method is particularly effective because it reduces physical touchpoints and smoothens operations. Additionally, updates require little effort.

For example, restaurants can place quick response codes on tables or at the entrance. When scanned, customers will access a digital menu.

Another example is product information in retail businesses. Customers can scan codes on shelf tags or product labels to access information.

These will provide details about the product, user reviews, or demonstration videos. This approach enhances the shopping experience with immediate product insights.

Technologies Are Friends of Your Business

Using a WiFi QR code generator is an example of how tech can help businesses improve the customer experience.

However, technologies can do much more than that to help you grow.

If you offer WiFI to your customers, you can leverage it with Beambox. It allows you to create QR codes for multiple purposes, as shown in the article. Additionally, you can use Beambox to email and SMS marketing campaigns and manage your online reputation.

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