Airbnb vs. Vrbo: The Only Comparison You Need For Hosting

Marketing 19 minute read 7th August 2023

Airbnb and Vrbo are two exponential vacation rentals. These sites are popular due to the convenience they deliver for property agents and travelers alike. However, when it comes to Airbnb vs. Vrbo, the competition is tight.

A traveler may not think largely when choosing these vacation rental sites. However, as a host, you must consider a great deal before listing your property here.

Understanding which options gives a better ROI for your listed property will make your choice easier.

Therefore, this article will conclude your search for Airbnb vs. Vrbo. You will also learn about other platforms, such as HomeAway and Vacasa.

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Airbnb vs Vrbo: What the Fight Is About?

Airbnb vs. Vrbo both provide a way to connect travelers seeking a vacation rental to hosts providing places to stay.

To learn the perks and which crosses the other, you need a comprehensive review of these sites.

Airbnb and Vrbo are online property listing sites. They work as a digital travel agent to provide information about the places to stay.

Moreover, people can list their places for rental purposes. It is a connection between property managers and visitors.

Vrbo launched in 1995, and since then, it has been offering houses for long holidays for families. Airbnb is a recent rental site that offers a variety of places to stay.

Although both are great sites, their perception depends on individual preferences and experiences. However, remember that there are other Airbnb alternatives to consider.

Airbnb vs Vrbo: Differentiating Them Through Their Rental Types

Airbnb vs.Vrbo can confuse many as they have similar features and goals. Therefore, look for subtle differences before listing. The rental types of these sites have some prominent differences that can help hosts before registering their place.

Ensuring your property’s compatibility with the rental type will save you time. This will also allow you to make an effective decision about which is more suitable.

Airbnb allows hosts and property managers to list a variety of options. Whether you have luxury cottages or private rooms, you can list these properties on Airbnb. Additionally, you can register single rooms and similar alternatives that help solo travelers to find a pleasing place to stay.

Other rental options that may suit your property’s description are a yurt in the forest or a houseboat. These fall under Unique Stays, so list the property in the appropriate category for further exposure. All in all, Airbnb offers great flexibility if you want to become an Airbnb property manager.

As for Vrbo, it does not list shared spaces, but it has a more traditional rental type. Further, if you have a standalone cabin, Chalet, or Villa, Vrbo is your advertiser.

Vrbo offers rentals for families and longer stays. Here, you can also get a specific space for pets if you travel with your furry friends.

Both Airbnb and Vrbo offer short-stay rental options, but people looking for longer stays prefer Vrbo.

Airbnb vs. Vrbo Fees: Which Will Give You Better ROI?

Regardless of the site you are listing on, you have to pay a certain host fee. Airbnb vs Vbro fees, which costs less as a rental? And which can improve return on investment is a question that requires a thorough breakdown.

Airbnb offers two options for listings; a split fee package and host only fee package. The host bears 3 to 5% of the service charges in the split fee package. You can calculate this percentage from the reservation subtotal.

The total reservation cost includes the Airbnb cleaning fee and depends on nightly rates. As for guests, they pay around 14.2% of the service fee in this package.

In the host-only fee package, the host pays a commission of 14 to 16% to Airbnb, while the guests pay nothing.

While hosts can choose any of the above packages, some are an exception. The site requires hosts with super strict cancellation policies to go with this commission package.

Both service fee packages have their advantages and disadvantages. The split fee package reduces the commission burden on hosts. However, for guests, it is often a deal breaker. Hence, you may get fewer reservations.

This fee is more acceptable for guests. However, even if you have to pay a slight bit, you will also get more visits. Therefore, consider Airbnb’s host fees wisely before making a choice.

Vrbo also offers two packages. One is an annual subscription fee that costs the property owner around $499.

The other package is pay per booking. It will cost the host a 5% commission per reservation and a 3% payment processing fee. Hence, it’s 7% of the payment that guests pay at checkout.

Every listing package has its perks. However, you should evaluate Airbnb vs. Vbro fees before listing a property as per policy.

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Clash of the Hospitality Giants: What’s Better, Vrbo vs Airbnb?

Having Airbnb and Vrbo as traveling partners can overcome many barriers to effective traveling. Both sites offer unique packages and functionality to help users select their favorite. So let’s shed some light on Airbnb vs. Vrbo to see which one is better for you.

Let’s start with Airbnb. It is for more adventurous individuals looking for cheaper living options. It has six cancellation policies and offers two commission packages.

On the other hand, Vrbo provides a safer destination for families and has five cancellation policies. Its commission packages are more reliable for hosts. However, they must implement wider property listing options to draw traffic.

Declaring one as a leading hospitality giant can be difficult. So, What’s better, Vrbo vs. Airbnb? Well, this query depends on you and your ideal customer profile.

Let’s Add Another Option: Airbnb vs. Vrbo vs. Vacasa

While they are the two big names, the Airbnb vs. Vrbo war does not end here. Because there is more in the market, you also need to consider Airbnb vs. Vrbo vs Vacasa.

Vacasa is another property rental site, but unlike Airbnb and Vrbo, it’s not just a listing zone. It offers additional services for maintaining your property.

The package includes 24/7 professional housekeeping, marketing, and management fee specific to the property.

Another good feature of Vacasa is that it also lists your property on different platforms. That’s very crucial for the homeowner requiring more exposure. So if your property is not getting enough attention, put it on Vacasa.

It’s important to note that Vrbo and Vacasa have almost similar listing options. However, Vacasa is better for hosts.

No matter which solution you choose, it is critical for your success to get reviews. Additionally, you want to manage your reputation as a small business.

Picking the Perfect Vacation Rental Platform: Vrbo vs. Airbnb vs HomeAway

Exploring the rivals, Airbnb vs. Vrbo will introduce you to another property listing site HomeAway. The real question is, does this site even exist now?

Well, HomeAway came into existence in 2005. It then bought Vrbo in 2006. Later, Expedia Group bought both platforms, and now they operate as one.

If you go to the HomeAway website, it will redirect you to Vrbo’s page. So Airbnb vs.Vrbo vs. HomeAway does not exist anymore.

But let’s walk into the past and explore HomeAway. HomeAway offered identical property listings just like Vrbo. Its goal was to provide houses, villas, and cottages for bigger groups and families.

The business model and the listings were almost similar in Vrbo and HomeAway. Hence, if you are planning on listing your site, just remember the two leading names, Airbnb and Vrbo.

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Airbnb vs. Vrbo: It Depends on Who You’re Asking!

By now, you must know that property listing sites are providing excellent services. However, your choice between Airbnb vs. Vrbo will depend primarily on your requirements.

There are fundamental differences between both sites. Both offer some specific offerings to connect the users. So, let’s go for a thorough understanding from the point of view of hosts and travelers.

Vrbo vs. Airbnb for Hosts: Who Holds the Ultimate Dominance?

Let’s first take a look at Vrbo vs. Airbnb for hosts; which is better and why. Firstly, managing Airbnb and Vrbo is fairly easy as both sites’ user experience is fantastic. They are easy to set up and efficient to navigate through.

The comparison between Airbnb vs. Vrbo becomes real in the commission strategy.

Choosing any of these will save you money and increase your revenue. However, hosts sometimes think Airbnb benefits guests more than them. Vrbo comes clean in this regard as hosts find its features more beneficial for themselves.

Moreover, Airbnb is more popular with travelers, which is good for generating traffic and better listing. So if you want an adequate disclosure of your property, consider Airbnb.

On the other hand, Vrbo has fewer listings which can repel many hosts from listing on this site.

Lastly, Vrbo’s flexible policy offers cancellation around fourteen days before checking in. This gives hosts considerable time to get other guests.

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Home Away From Home: Airbnb vs Vrbo for Renters

Now let’s talk about what a visitor demands before choosing a rental site. Nonetheless, personal requirements are influential factors in deciding between Airbnb vs. Vrbo for renters.

In general, both these sites are of great comfort to travelers. The reason is they relieve travelers from the burden of finding a good and safe place. The user experience and travel profile work on the same basic login regulation.

Moreover, both sites have multiple options for renters, depending on what they are looking for. For solo travelers, adventurers, and people on a budget, Airbnb wins the crown.

Also, finding a place on Airbnb is more straightforward. They have a “Types of Places” filter that narrows the user’s search. From Unique to Superguests, filtering will get you to the right spot.

Moreover, the instant booking option gives travelers a margin to plan a vacation whenever they want.

However, Vrbo has its perks because it’s a family vacation theme for travelers seeking more extended stays.

Furthermore, it has a dedicated housing type suitable for pets. The price may be higher because you will rent the entire property, but they are mostly reasonable.

Check the guest rating to enhance your experience and see if Vrbo works for you. Knowing the experiences of others will make the choice easy for you. Overall, Airbnb vs. Vrbo, both top the list for some travelers, while others may have concerns. Therefore, the selection will vary widely with individual preferences.

Airbnb vs Vrbo Aside: How To Get the Most Out of Your Listing?

There is a significant flooding of properties on online traveling agencies with the increase in tourism. Research shows an increase of $3454 trillion contribution of tourism to global GDP. More travel encourages more property listings because everyone wants an advantage.

Therefore you must improve your strategy to stand out. So, put Airbnb and Vrbo aside for a moment and rethink if your property generates enough. If yes, you can double down on it. Otherwise, you can follow the simple steps to elevate your ROI.

  1. Maintain current information: Regardless of Airbnb vs. Vrbo, you need to follow the protocol. Keeping your property’s information current can make a difference. Travelers often lack time for more detailed research and go with what appears at the front.
  2. HD Media: Make sure to upload pictures and videos of your property in high definition. Pictures speak louder than words. They can even convince travelers to pay costly fees.
  3. Communicate: Effective communication is key here. Engaging your customers and responding on time to their inquiries can have a very positive effect.
  4. Lower cancellations: Cancellation from the guest’s side is acceptable but not from the host’s. If hosts cancel frequently, it can turn guests to other listings.
  5. Rate strategy: Last but most important, uphold rate quality. Always compare with competitor’s listings and create rates more appealing to customers. Remember, they will come back if you deal right.
  6. Prepare for peak season: Depending on where your property stays, you need to adapt to the growing or lowering demand. Therefore, be sure to educate yourself on how to prepare for peak season.

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The Final Word: What Does Choosing Between Airbnb vs. Vrbo Entail?

By now, your mind should be much more transparent about the rivalry between Airbnb vs Vrbo. Both have many similar yet strikingly varying features and functionality.

One is more suitable for single travelers, while the other has more room for larger groups. Similarly, the price range and commissions also differ to an extent.

Hosts with only a single room or home they want to rent on a sharing basis rely on Airbnb. However, the ones with expensive property titles choose Vrbo.

However, choosing what is best between Airbnb vs. Vrbo is your call. You must keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of both.

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