Automate Tripadvisor Reviews Using Beambox

Marketing 4 minute read 5th October 2020

91% of consumers regularly or occasionally read online reviews prior to visiting a business.

So, are reviews hugely influencing? Yes. But how do you control online reviews when 96% of the time they are created after a customer has left your business?

There are hundreds of ways increasing reviews can be implemented, from door stickers to social media shoutouts.

But, Beambox has 2 features that will automate reviews easily and consistently.

Redirect WiFi Logins to TripAdvisor

Your Beambox WiFi login gives you the flexibility to make your WiFi work for you. One way we do this is by providing an option to redirect your customers to a website of choice once they have logged in.

  1. Login to Beambox
  2. Head over to “Setup” in the navigation
  3. Skip to Step #4
  4. Click “Show a Custom URL” and enter your URL. You can find your Tripadvisor URL by heading to your Tripadvisor page and selecting “Write a Review”, then just copy the URL from your browser.

Alt Text

Automate Email Follow-Ups

One cool feature of Beambox is that you can set-up Interactions. Interactions are pre-set emails that send when a customer meets certain criteria.

For example, we can make it so that 1 day after a customer visits for the first time (and connects to WiFi!) they receive an email. In this email, we can then thank the customer for visiting and also use the opportunity to prompt them for a review. This additionally gives us a chance to capture negative feedback before it hits the web!

  1. Login to Beambox
  2. Head over to “Interactions” in the navigation
  3. Click “New Interaction” and give it a name

Setup your Interaction. Create a subject line and set the “from name” and “from email” that will be shown to recipients. You can come back and change these settings at any time.

Alt Text

Select your Recipe. A recipe is the criteria that a customer must meet to receive the email. There are some pre-sets on the left-hand-side, or you can specify your own criteria on the right-hand-side. In this example, we will want our customers to have exactly 1 visit and they must have logged in exactly 1 day ago.

Alt Text

Design your Email. Our click and drop email designer gives you complete control over the look, feel and function of your email. We recommend keeping it clean, include the TripAdvisor logo and make sure the button link is prominent.

Alt Text

Now, you can send a test email and activate your Interaction. Every day Beambox will scan your database for customers who meet the critera and send them the email you designed.

Every customer who visits your business for the first time will receive an email prompting them for their feedback and reviews. If you have 500 WiFi users a month and just 10% of them engage with your email and leave a review, that’s an additional 50 reviews a month to promote your awareness and increase local exposure.

Grow your business and customer loyalty with guest WiFi!

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