Bloom Intelligence: Is This the Right Software for You?

Marketing 12 minute read 14th February 2023

Bloom Intelligence is a leading software for wifi marketing. Restaurant owners looking to monetize their guest wifi service can utilize Bloom as an automated solution in their marketing campaign. It is a fantastic example of wifi marketing software. And you’ll find all the typical tools, including detailed customer profiles and behavior analysis.

Of course, when choosing wifi marketing software, business owners are surrounded by choices. You may already know the benefits of Wi-Fi marketing and monetizing your guest Wi-Fi system. However, narrowing it down to a single software choice can take time and effort.

This guide will help you decide whether or not Bloom Intelligence software is the right choice for you. We’ll cover all these essentials you need to weigh up - from pricing to those all-important reviews from Bloom’s previous clients. Let’s dive straight in.

What Is Bloom Intelligence?

bloom intelligence

Bloom Intelligence is a wifi marketing software that specializes in the restaurant industry. The company’s headquarters is in St. Petersburg, Florida. But businesses use this software all over the world.

The software acts as a platform for customer data and restaurant marketing. With an all-in-one approach, they offer multiple tools you can access from a single platform.

Bloom’s tools include their ‘guest location behavior.’ This tool analyzes and identifies ‘lost guests’ - e.g., guests that have not returned after a designated length of time. It also explores important behaviors of your existing guests, like dwell time and lifetime values.

Bloom Intelligence has some more standard wifi marketing tools, too. For instance, the customer data platform collects and compiles all your collected data into one place. This is an organized way to aid your restaurant’s marketing campaign. It is handy to pull up all your customer data with a click of a button.

In short, it is an excellent wifi marketing software on the market. It has an all-in-one design, meaning business owners access everything from a single platform. The software has some famous clients, including the renowned pizza chain Domino’s. And overall, it has over 1,000 different restaurants and retailers - so you can be sure of reliable reviews.

It is a marketing software that offers unique analytical tools that stand out despite wifi marketing being a competitive market. It is a popular (and good) choice when picking wifi marketing software for your business.

Bloom Intelligence Pricing

bloom intelligence

Bloom Intelligence pricing starts at $35 a month, a fairly reasonable price within the wifi marketing industry. The pricing does vary, though, depending on what package you choose. The total price range stretches from $35 to $145 per month.

The number of locations, whether you pay monthly or annually, and whether you need hardware for each location impact pricing. You can check out their pricing guide here.

The positive of this payment style is that businesses can personalize their wifi marketing experience with Bloom Intelligence. However, the negative aspect is that pricing can quickly add up. There is a big difference between $35 and $145 per month. And this could be too large an expense if you aren’t clear with your budget.

Our advice is to take your time to analyze what you truly need from your software, cutting corners where needed. Its pricing can work for some businesses - but it entirely depends on your budget.

Bloom Intelligence Reviews

bloom intelligence

Bloom has some fantastic reviews. In fact, the most common criticism from current and past clients is that it provides them with too much information.

If the only issue is that the software is too prolific at collecting data, we think that’s a win. It is an effective marketing tool. It provides an in-depth analytical insight into your customer demographic.

Positive reviews rave about Bloom’s accuracy with customer details and insights. Customer service also received some positive attention, as did the layout of the Bloom Intelligence dashboard.

All-in-all, the Bloom Intelligence reviews suggest that it is worth the investment. With wifi marketing, having effective software in place is half the battle. This software’s reviews are a testament to that, and it’s clear that the clients value the level of detail.

Bloom WiFi Marketing Software: Why and How to Use It

bloom intelligence

So, now that you are familiar with Bloom Intelligence, what about some common FAQs? Business owners ask these two top questions when researching Bloom Intelligence. Let’s get this last hurdle of essential information under your belt before you head off and make your purchase.

How to Install Your Bloom Intelligence Hardware?

Installing your Bloom Intelligence hardware is easy. First, you need to choose the location for your wifi box. Keep in mind that walls, beams, and objects around the hardware can interfere with the signal. Try to place your hardware near where your customers dine.

When you’ve chosen the spot, attach the hardware using the toolkit Bloom provides. Plug either an AC power adaptor or a POE injector into the hardware. One end plugs into the hardware, and the other plugs into your existing wifi router.

Blue or green flashing lights indicate that you’ve installed your Bloom Intelligence hardware correctly. To test if it has been successful, just join your wifi network and wait for your new landing page to appear.

Why Use Bloom Software for WiFi Marketing?

Bloom Intelligence is an excellent option for wifi marketing because the software has an all-in-one layout. Business owners can easily access every aspect of their marketing campaign from a single platform. Working in the hospitality industry is s huge bonus. Managers and owners constantly juggle information and duties. Wifi marketing is kept as simple as possible.

Secondly, it has a wide range of marketing tools. For instance, you can use the software to invite feedback automatically from your guests. Inviting feedback is important when avoiding negative public reviews on platforms like Tripadvisor.

It is valuable for gaining constructive criticism to improve your customer experience. And, of course, having positive comments to plaster over your website and socials is always handy.

Speaking of socials, check out our guide on the best social media posts for restaurants for more inspiration. Bloom Intelligence also has customer demographic analytical tools and design tools to adjust your captive portal login. Overall, it is a pretty impressive package.

Finally, they have fantastic reviews and a high client satisfaction rate. How happy previous clients are with the product should be an essential consideration when choosing software.

More previous clients equal more reviews, and more reviews equal more reliable pre-purchase observations of the software you’re researching. Luckily, Bloom passes this stage with flying colors. You’ll find lots of reviews, meaning you can purchase with confidence.

Final Thoughts: Is Bloom Intelligence Right for You?

bloom intelligence

Bloom Intelligence is a reliable choice when choosing wifi marketing software for your restaurant. The product is an all-in-one marketing platform with heaps of positive reviews. Bloom Intelligence is popular with leading restaurant chains like Domino’s and is a trusted software with transparent results.

It has an impressive range of tools, including customer behavior analytics. Is it the right choice for you? Yes, as long as it is within your budget.

The best day to start your wifi marketing journey is always today. After all, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Now that you know more, you will feel confident in making your next move.

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