Consumer Profile: How Does It Help To Boost Your Marketing?

Marketing 16 minute read 15th May 2023

Do you want to create ads that hit the bull’s eye? Do you want to improve the results of your marketing initiatives? Then you are in the right place. Making a consumer profile and creating products and marketing campaigns your customers love is simpler than ever. With these profiles, you can picture your customers, their behaviors, and their preferences.

This article tells you everything you need to know about a consumer profile. Learn what it is, how to create it, and its benefits for business growth and marketing.

What Is a Consumer Profile?

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Before we jump to the marketing aspect, let’s first learn what a consumer profile is. Also referred to as a customer profile, it is a detailed description of a business’s customers and followers based on several factors such as demographics, etc.

A typical customer profile includes age, gender, income level, geographic location, lifestyle, interests, values, and purchasing behavior. You will understand this better with the example later in this article. But first, let’s look at the three main customer profiles you can create depending on your specific needs and goals.

  1. Demographic and Geographic Profiles: These include age, gender, education, income, and geographic location.
  2. Psychographic Profiles: Information about consumers’ attitudes, values, beliefs, preferences, and lifestyle is a part of these profiles.
  3. Behavioral Profiles: These consider consumers’ past behaviors, such as purchase history or online browsing activity.

How To Create a Consumer Profile?

Let’s now see how to create a consumer profile. These five steps are easy to follow and can provide valuable insights into your target audience.

  1. Audit your product or service to understand who is using it and how. You can gather this data from various sources, such as sales reports and marketing insights.
  2. After the audit, connect with your customers. Conduct surveys and collect customer insights into their perceptions of your product or service. Check also reviews, that’s why they are important.
  3. Combine your findings and create a draft of the customer profile. Organize the information you have gathered and identify key characteristics of your ideal customer. Share this draft with your team and collect their feedback.
  4. After finalizing the draft with your team, put the customer profile into practice. You can do this by outlining a trial period and regularly assessing its effectiveness.
  5. Maintain the customer profile regularly by revising it based on the new insights from your sales team. Monitor changes or developments through marketing.

While you can create customer profiles yourself, you can hire a service to achieve this. We will discuss both methods’ pros and cons later in this article.

How To Gather Data To Create a Customer Profile?

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To create a compelling consumer profile, data are essential. Multiple tools can help collect customer data and give you the necessary insights. However, the following are the best ones:

  1. Social Media Audience Analysis Tools: You can get a wealth of data from analyzing your social media platforms. Using social media analysis tools, you can know your customers and followers’ demographics, interests, and behaviors.
  2. Website Analytics: Tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics can help you gather information about your website visitors. It is an excellent idea to combine these tools with social media analytics. This is because you may have followers that are not website visitors and vice versa.
  3. WiFi Marketing Tools: Using WiFi marketing software, you can gather data from customers visiting your venue. This is why the data is extremely reliable and targeted.
  4. Customer Surveys: What’s better than directly asking your customers about their feedback, preferences, and needs? This can provide the most accurate information as no guessing is involved.

Should You Make Use of Consumer Profile Services?

As mentioned earlier, you can outsource the creation of a consumer profile. When outsourced, these activities are called consumer profile services.

This is a service that marketing or market research companies provide to help businesses develop detailed profiles of their consumers. Some services may also offer ongoing market research and analysis. This helps them stay updated with changing consumer preferences and trends.

These companies have better expertise for this activity and can save you time. If you want to enjoy these benefits, outsourcing is a good idea. But it may be costly, and you may lack control. You can use social WiFi hotspots to collect data and automate reporting if you are on a budget. Plus, you can use them for other types of marketing campaigns.

Why Is a Consumer Profile Important for Businesses?

Studies have revealed creating buyer personas can improve your marketing results. This shows the importance of knowing your customers and creating personalized messaging. And how would you get to know your customers? Yes, through a consumer profile!

So, now that we know the basics of a customer profile let’s talk about some of its benefits. You can make informed business and marketing decisions by understanding your customers’ preferences. This, in turn, can help you improve customer satisfaction, increase loyalty and grow revenue. In the following sections, you will learn about these benefits in detail.

#1 Reason Why Consumer Profile Is Important: Understand Your Audience

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The first benefit of a consumer profile is the ability to understand your audience and customers better. This information also helps you enhance customer acquisition. Here’s how. With this profile, you can create a picture of your target customer. When you know who you want to do business with, you can focus only on those customers.

This way, you won’t be wasting time in trial and error. By understanding your audience and talking to their needs and preferences, you can acquire and convert them more easily.

Additionally, understanding your audience through a customer profile instead of market research helps you gain a competitive advantage. Market research provides you with intel on people’s needs and desires. But all of these people are not your customers. You need intel on your specific customers to stand out from your competitors, which you can achieve through a customer profile.

#2 Reason Why Consumer Profile Is Important: Understand the Scope of Your Market

By now, we know that a consumer profile helps understand your customers’ preferences. By analyzing this information, you can identify potential market segments and understand the scope of your market. Moreover, it can help you discover new opportunities for growth and expansion.

It enables you to identify market trends, gaps, and unmet needs. Suppose you own a restaurant and conduct a survey. You ask your customers about their thoughts on your menu. This survey reveals that many of your customers prefer organic ingredients.

Knowing this, you can add organic items to your menu. Moreover, you can identify your competitors’ market share, which can help inform your market strategy.

#3 Reason Why Consumer Profile Is Important:

As we discussed earlier, a consumer profile helps you understand your audience. This means it also lets you get insights and feedback into your customers’ opinions about your business operations. You can use this information to improve your products and services.

Moreover, this profiling can help you improve customer satisfaction. Let’s take the restaurant example from above. Suppose that survey also revealed that people are facing problems with the timing of your delivery service.

By speeding up the delivery process and making it easy, you can tell your customers that you value their opinions and needs. This will make your customers feel more satisfied and increase their loyalty.

Consumer Profile Marketing: How Do These Profiles Help?

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Earlier, we discussed how consumer profiles can help you better understand your audience. Now it’s time to understand the impact of consumer profiles on marketing. This is because understanding your customers influences the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Firstly, you can divide your audience into segments based on shared demographics or interests. You can then use this segmentation to create personalized messaging, product offerings, and promotions. Such marketing is more likely to drive brand loyalty as you match the interests and motivations of your audience.

Moreover, these profiles help you choose the proper marketing channels and ad formats for your target audience. For example, suppose this profile revealed that most of your customers interact with your brand on Instagram. Instead of wasting time and budget on other social media platforms, you can focus on Instagram and improve your response rates.

You can also lower your marketing churn rate by offering products that resonate with your audience. This will ultimately result in better customer retention and increased sales.

Here Is a Consumer Profile Example To Help You Get Started

After talking about customer profiles in theory, let’s put the knowledge to practice with a consumer profile example. The following consumer profile is for an athletic apparel brand. You can edit it according to your business.


  • Name: Luke
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 30
  • Education: Business graduate
  • Occupation: Software developer
  • Income: $50,000 TO $75,000
  • Location: New York


  • Values physical fitness and exercise
  • Enjoys outdoor activities
  • He prefers a healthy diet and eating whole foods
  • Knows IT and likes to use mobile apps for tracking fitness and nutrition


  • Buys athletic wear and equipment regularly
  • Follows fitness influencers and coaches on social media
  • Purchase supplements and healthy snacks online
  • Makes heavier purchases during seasonal sales or discounts
  • Works from home or remotely

With such a description of your customer, creating products and services that engage with your audience will be much easier.

Is a Customer Profile Enough To Know Your Customer?

With a consumer profile, you can understand your customers. You can gain various benefits by gathering customer data. These include targeted marketing, improved customer retention, better product development, decreased churn rates, etc.

While a customer profile can provide valuable data, it is not enough to paint a complete picture of a person’s behavior and journey. So, engaging with your customers and gaining direct information is necessary to make the most out of it.

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