Free Internet Trials: Leverage Trials for Your Business

Marketing 17 minute read 23rd February 2023

When investing in wifi marketing, it is no secret that the internet provider you choose is an essential factor. Your internet will impact your customer service experience and how smoothly your business runs.

After all, what use is the internet with such a weak connection that guests can’t even load their social media pages? Or internet that keeps increasing prices each month, narrowing your profit margins? Free internet trials are a perfect solution to finding a reliable and efficient provider. Just like you can find free hotspot trials, you can trial internet networks for free.

The vast majority of providers offer free trials and are a chance to ‘try before you buy’. Signing up for internet upfront can be costly, and there’s no guarantee of quality. The opportunity to try an internet network is massively beneficial and an excellent move for your business. You can also try free internet security trials - trialing heightened network security and protection from network attacks.

This guide will explore why you should leverage free trials for your business. We’ll also provide all the essential details about how to do so and networks with free internet trials on offer. Let’s get started.

Are Free Internet Trials Really Free?

free internet trials

Yes, free internet trials are really free. Conventional trials typically allow businesses and individuals to use a service for a set period of time free of charge. After this allotted time, the trial pauses their access or automatically charges their account. If the provider automatically charges their account, they will request a credit card or other payment method while signing up.

It isn’t only free trials that utilize this model either. Lots of services offer free trials as a way to entice new customers with a low-risk sign-up option. For instance, streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ frequently offer free trials.

The most common trial models are the ‘30-day free trial’ or ‘7-day free trial’. After 30 or 7 days, trialing customers can continue with an agreed price after trial or cancel cost-free. So, are free internet trials really free? Yes. But if you want to cancel before you are charged, keeping organized and tracking the cancellation date is essential.

If you forget, you are still charged the total price after the trial. It is much more beneficial for businesses genuinely wanting to trial internet than those looking for a temporary free service.

What Networks Are Offering Free Internet Trials?

free internet trials

A free internet trial is a great idea. With free internet trials, you can evaluate a product with insight that’s impossible to get without a trial. You can take your time, weigh the pros and cons, and decide whether it fits your business. Especially if you have a more extended trial period, like a 30-day free trial.

Ready to take the jump? This section will focus on the best networks and software offering free internet trials. We’ll take a look at each network individually, examining the clauses of the trial period and the package each provides. You’ll be able to utilize this information immediately - signing up in under 30 seconds if you wish.

Spectrum Free Trial Internet

Spectrum is a network provider. So if you need to purchase your wifi network rather than security add-ons, this trial is for you. Spectrum provides home internet, mobile service, TV, and more. If you want multiple different technology trials, you might be able to get further reductions as well.

Spectrum is constantly changing its free internet trials, so it’s worth checking its website for details and new Spectrum free trial internet offers. You can sign up for a 30-minute out-of-home wifi trial or a 7-day internet trial. You can even get a 30-day money-back guarantee for set packages.

GoZone WiFi

GoZone Wifi offers a free 30-day trial under a few conditions. Firstly, you must have a verifiable ‘brick and mortar business with at least one compatible access point’. And secondly, if you don’t have hardware already, you can only be partially refunded for the hardware. You won’t get $35, and the handling fee will be returned to you.

The benefits are that you’ll get access to a smart wifi management system - ideal for taking your first step in marketing. GoZone Wifi has one of the best free internet trials and helps you to track and analyze your wifi marketing.

Kaspersky Internet Security Trial

Kaspersky is slightly different because it offers software you utilize after choosing your wifi network. The software is an internet security suite that adds security to your existing network. The package includes a VPN, manager, support access, antivirus protection, and more.

Guests can make the most of a 30-day free internet trial with the Kaspersky internet security trial. When your trial period reaches its final seven days, you will receive a reminder if you forget to cancel.

Bitdefender Internet Security Free Trial

Bitdefender is a wifi security software that is added to your existing package. The product works by scanning your wifi and highlighting areas of weakness, providing security recommendations tailored to you. The Bitdefender internet security free trial offers a free 30-day trial of its software, giving you time to make a final purchase.

Why Do Companies Offer Free Internet Trials

free internet trials

Free internet trials are fantastic for companies. It is predominantly a sales technique and comes from a firm belief in their product. One of the most popular reasons buyers hesitate is the risk of spending money on a product. In fact, many prospective buyers worry that a product isn’t worth its cost.

By offering free internet trials, providers eliminate the risk factor - helping the buyer feel more confident in their purchase. This increases customer engagement from the get-go, as more customers are enticed to try the network.

Next, the retention of customers increases. As customers get to know a product, they look at it fondly as a free insight into a valuable service. Since it is free, they can engage with the product and grow to value it.

The likelihood of them canceling their subscription after the trial dramatically decreases. After the trial period, a sense of investment has been established. The customer is less willing to cut ties, especially if they’ve had a positive experience.

So, what does this mean for you and your business? It means that free trials are legitimate. While it is a sales and marketing technique of the internet provider, a free internet trial is mutually beneficial. And if the shoe fits, you and the network get a happy ending.

Free Internet Trials: Common FAQs

free internet trials

Free internet trials vary per network, so the most important step is researching the network you want to trial. However, some general FAQs will benefit you moving forward in your wifi marketing journey.

For instance, how will you cancel your free trial if you don’t want it? Can you even trust free internet trials? This section will cover the essentials you need to know when signing up for an internet trial.

How To Cancel Free Internet Trials?

Before signing up for free internet trials, you should always check the cancellation policy. While it isn’t often, some trials have penalties for canceling or restrictions about when and how you can cancel. For example, a network might say you must cancel a week before your trial terminates or give 48 hours’ notice.

Alternatively, the company might make their contact details difficult to find if you don’t choose your trial wisely. The company hopes you will give up trying to cancel by keeping the cancellation process a secret. When signing up for a trial, look for a straightforward cancellation process.

If you wish to cancel on an online platform, cancellation buttons are usually found in your account settings. You can also email requesting a trial cancellation. Some companies require a phone call, which, again, is just to make things a little more complicated.

If you cannot find any means of canceling, speak to your payment company. Your bank will be able to block transfers to the company, as will companies like PayPal.

What Are Some Alternative Forms of Free Internet Trials? Why To Consider Free Trial Mobile Internet

Mobile internet is slightly different from standard wifi. Mobile internet uses cellular data to provide internet access. With mobile internet, you rely on nearby towers while moving through a large area.

Whereas, with wifi, you rely on micro and radio waves in one place through different computing devices - like routers. Home internet and mobile internet are two very different things.

You may wish to choose free internet trials for mobile internet instead. Mobile internet is great if your restaurant is spread over a considerable distance, like an estate. It is more popular for people wanting to provide a connection over many acres than just average-sized restaurants. Similarly, business owners may choose a free mobile internet trial for personal use. It can be handy to stay in contact and online when managing your restaurant from afar.

What Are the Best Free Internet Trials?

Spectrum has a great free internet trial. This software constantly provides new and improved offers - so keep your eyes peeled. Kaspersky has another brilliant trial if you want internet security. We also love the 7-day reminder at the end of your trial period.

Can You Trust Free Internet Trials?

Yes, you can trust the vast majority of free trials. However, always research reputability beforehand - after all, you wouldn’t just hand out your credit card details to anyone, would you? Check previous reviews of the company before trialling. And only ever trial with a company that you consider professional enough to work with long-term. If you stick to this rule, you shouldn’t have any problems with free internet trials.

Of course, even if you do get scammed, you will be protected through your bank or payment company. Research the level of consumer protection you are entitled to through your payment method of choice. You will feel much more confident by entering free internet trials armed with your consumer rights.

Final Thoughts: Are Free Internet Trials Worth It?

free internet trials

Free internet trials are a great way to dip your toes in a new internet network. If you want to get started with wifi marketing for your restaurant, free internet trials are definitely.

Free trials are a massively popular sales technique amongst network providers.They are also ideal for you as a business owner. There aren’t many things that are win, win, but free trials are definitely one of them. Enjoy a detailed insight into the wifi service, totally risk-free.

Feeling ready to tackle the world of wifi marketing and free trials? Free internet trials are the first hurdle in your wifi marketing journey. Without a wifi network, there’s no chance of wifi marketing - so choose your trial as quickly as possible. The sooner you establish a network for your guests, the sooner you can optimize, leverage, and monetize your restaurant wifi.

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