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Growing your Instagram with Guest WiFi

Marketing 3 minute read 08 December 2018

Instagram has become one of the most potent social channels for acquiring new guests and shows no signs of slowing down. Its visual nature allows small businesses to convey their venues value and gives consumers confidence in what they are getting.

The statistics

Statistic sources: SmallBizTrends and Adespresso

Growing your Instagram with Social WiFi

Beambox provides plug and play social WiFi solutions for 1,000s of small businesses internationally.

When a guest connects to your guest network, they are prompted with your branded login page and provided Facebook, Twitter and an email form as login options. While we would love to add Instagram as a login method, unfortunately, they don't provide guest email addresses, which prevents us from providing public network compliance by identifying users of your network ☹️

With that being said, there are powerful ways to promote your Instagram using Beambox. Using our WiFi login redirect and smart email automation tools, you can 10x your Instagram growth and achieve local exposure that will pay dividends and grow your venue.

🎥Watch the video at the top of the page to see how you can use Beambox to grow your Instagram page.

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