Hotel Digital Signage: Use Cases, Benefits, and Solutions

Marketing 18 minute read 22nd June 2023

Do you want to bring life to your hotel? We’re talking vibrant displays, captivating visuals, and personalized experiences at every turn. Then, you should consider investing in hotel digital signage.

Getting your guests’ attention is hard. But with carefully planned digital signage, you can captivate them and get them curious to try other offerings.

So, are you ready to revolutionize your hospitality game? Then continue reading this article to learn about hotel digital signage and how it can enhance guest experiences.

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What Is Digital Signage for Hotels and What Are Its Types?

Let’s start by defining digital signage for hotels. It means using digital displays to provide guests with information, services, and captivating content within the hotel premises. People also call them digital signs.

Digital displays include LCD screens, LED panels, and interactive kiosks. In the realm of hotels, you’ll typically come across several types of digital signage with their purpose. However, these devices help create a customer engagement strategy that enhances communication and improves the overall experience.

Let’s discuss them.

First, there are the wayfinding stations. These digital signs help hotel guests find their way around. They provide detailed maps, directions, and information.

Then there is a virtual concierge, which helps you offer valuable services and particular information. These are helpful for local attractions, event schedules, restaurant recommendations, and hotel policies. Think of these as a tour guide. Some even let guests make reservations or bookings.

Amongst hotel digital signage, you can also find payment and registry kiosks. These enable guests to conveniently handle payments, update personal information, and obtain printed receipts.

Another common type of hotel and restaurant digital signage is digital menu boards. They help you tickle your guests’ taste buds with enticing menu items, daily specials, and dietary information.

And lastly, there are digital directories to familiarize your guests with everything your hotel offers. These can help you simplify the entire experience, ensuring guests make the most of their stay.

5 Effective Tips To Pick the Right Hotel Digital Signage Solutions

After defining what hotel digital signage is, let’s see how to choose the best digital signage software for your venue.

Your needs and budget might be the opposite of your competitors. So, doing some research before investing in a hotel digital signage solution is vital.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  1. Define your objectives: First, you must have clear goals. Start by identifying what you hope to achieve with digital signs in your hotel. You might want to enhance your guests’ experiences or improve communication. Or maybe you want to boost your revenue. Whatever the case, you need to be crystal clear about your objectives.

  2. Evaluate features and functionality: Look for solutions that offer features and functionalities that support your objectives. You don’t want to be stuck with a solution that doesn’t fulfill your needs, right? Consider interactive wayfinding, social media integration, customization, and easy content management.

  3. Scalability and flexibility: Consider whether the solution can scale and adapt to your hotel’s future needs. Your hotel won’t always be at the size and level that it is now. So, evaluate if it allows for easy expansion, the addition of new displays, or integration with other systems.

  4. Ease of use and management: Look for a solution with a convenient interface and an intuitive Content Management System (CMS.) This will save time and effort in maintaining and updating the signage.

  5. Integration capabilities: Assess whether the solution can integrate with your existing systems.

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5 Hotel Lobby Digital Signage Use Cases to Spark Up Your Hospitality Journey

According to the OAAA, 70% of consumers find digital signage more appealing than online ads. Why? Because if it stands out more, it has a higher chance of conversion.

However, with so many ways to utilize this valuable asset, it can get overwhelming. But fret not! Next, you’ll find the best use cases for hotel lobby digital signage. So, buckle up and continue reading.

Use Case #1 for Hotel Digital Signage: A Warm Welcome Makes All the Difference

Let’s roll into the list of the best hotel digital signage use cases with a warm welcome message. This is one of the most impactful uses. A carefully crafted welcome message sets the tone for their stay and creates a positive first impression. So, what should you do?

When guests step into your hotel’s lobby, a large digital signage display greets them. Now, you have placed it strategically in the reception area. This makes it the first thing your guests see when they enter.

The display showcases a visually appealing welcome message to capture the guests’ attention and make them feel special.

Personalizing the welcome message makes digital signage genuinely remarkable. For example, you can display the guest’s name or loyalty program status to add warmth. Additionally, it makes guests feel recognized and valued right from arrival.

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Use Case #2 for Hotel Digital Signage: Show Them Discounts and Promotions as Soon as They Enter

Another fantastic way to utilize hotel digital signage and lobby technology is by showcasing discounts and promotions. These are evergreen marketing strategies, so why not use them?

Here are a few ideas to implement this. Highlight the latest discounts, promotions, and special offers in your hotel through digital signage. As guests enter the hotel lobby, it will grab their attention due to the appealing visuals and enticing offers. This will give you a chance to boost your sales. Moreover, you can tie them to a loyalty program to make it more effective.

But that is not all. Digital signage is dynamic. This means you can update it with the current information at any time. This gives you more flexibility depending on what marketing campaign you are running.

Use Case #3 for Hotel Digital Signage: Arm Guests and Employees With Important Information

After the welcome message and promotions, providing clear, useful information is possibly the best way to use hotel digital signage. This use case is not just for your guests but employees as well. It’s all about delivering information in a timely and accessible way. How? Keep reading to discover.

Imagine your hotel packs digital displays at every turn. These displays carry essential information about amenities and nearby attractions that guests can’t miss.

How satisfied will your guests feel when they don’t have to visit the reception desk for each speck of information?

And it’s not just the guests who benefit! Employees also receive important messages about training sessions, safety protocols, and even opportunities. This will help you improve operations and save time and effort.

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Use Case #4 for Hotel Digital Signage: Help Your Guests Easily Find Their Way

Feeling lost is not a great feeling.

As a hotel owner, you probably know how crucial it is to provide guests with a seamless experience. This is especially true for hotel navigation. That’s where hotel digital signage comes in. Let’s see how.

These interactive screens display maps, nearby attractions, and local events. They act as personal guides, allowing guests to input their desired destinations, whether a restaurant, meeting room, or spa.

The digital signage then gives them directions, ensuring they never get lost and saving them from potential confusion. It’s like they have a friendly concierge by their side.

But it doesn’t stop there. It can also display floor maps and directories, offering guests a clear visual representation of your hotel’s layout. They can quickly locate amenities with video walls, elevators, restrooms, and other areas within your property.

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Use Case #5 for Hotel Digital Signage: Show off the Positive Whispers From the Masses

To end this list of hotel digital signage use cases, you can show the best customer reviews about your hotel. Make these displays your advocate, instantly building trust and credibility in the minds of the prospective guests.

As they read the positive experiences of others, a sense of excitement and confidence will wash over them.

But it doesn’t stop there because you can ignite a chain reaction of positive word of mouth. Satisfied guests can’t help but share their exceptional experiences with others in person and across social media.

Their heartfelt recommendations become a powerful magnet, attracting new guests who eagerly want to partake in the same delightful moments.

However, don’t forget to display only genuine comments on your digital signage. These must be real and coming from local review sites that people know. If possible, write the name and picture of the reviewer to make it more authentic. Remember, screenshots are the best witness.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Hotels: Make Hospitality a Visual Voyage of Delight

Earlier, we mentioned how hotel digital signage can help you enhance your guests’ experience. But that’s not the only perk it offers. It has the potential to transform hospitality into a captivating visual voyage. Let’s look at the benefits of digital signage in hotels.

First things first, digital signage provides an aesthetically pleasing way to engage and inform guests. The captivating nature effectively captures guests’ attention compared to static signs or brochures.

Now, things get exciting because digital signage helps you personalize experiences. You can make your customers feel like the chief guest, and who doesn’t want to feel like a VIP, right?

Moreover, digital signage helps you reinforce your brand identity and create a unique atmosphere. And let’s not forget about entertainment and relaxation. You can display captivating videos, slideshows, or events, fostering a soothing atmosphere for guests to unwind.

Lastly, it gives you upselling opportunities. You can generate more revenue with engaging images or videos of premium services like spa treatments or room upgrades.

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What is the Best Way To Put up Hotel Digital Signage and Make the Most Out of It?

Understanding the benefits of hotel digital signage is essential. But you must follow some best practices to make the most out of it. So, here are a few procedures on how to optimize their use.

  1. Location and placement: Strategically consider where to place your digital signage. It would only be of use if it’s in plain sight.

  2. Clear and concise messaging: People will only read short paragraphs on digital signage. So keep your message short and use legible fonts. Remember, it’s all about catching the eye.

  3. Tailored content: Customize your content based on location and target audience. For example, promote breakfast options in dining areas or spa treatments in wellness areas.

  4. Interactive elements: Implement touch screens or motion sensors. These will allow guests to access additional information, explore incentives, or interact with the content.

  5. Regular content updates: Keep your content fresh and up to date. You don’t want to show your guests last year’s policies, right? It can hurt the guest’s perception.

Hotel Digital Signage: Elevating Experiences While Igniting Engagement

To recap, hotel digital signage is the use of interactive displays around your hotel to display various content. These can engage your customers in multiple ways, fitting your overall strategy.

However, you need to define your digital signage goals and carefully plan your budget according to those goals. Moreover, you need to place these displays with proper analysis. As a rule of thumb, consider high-traffic areas. This will help you make the most out of your hotel digital signage.

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