Staycation Ideas: The Best Ways To Explore Your Own Backyard

Marketing 16 minute read 23rd February 2021

Holidaying at home is the new normal, according to many people in the hospitality industry. You may have felt the changes if you run a hotel business or property in a prominent vacation destination. A legacy from the recent pandemic is where your customer base is visiting from. They’re likely far more local to you than ever before. They may even be from the same town, county or state. It’s time to capitalize on ideas for a staycation.

The staycation is here to stay, but as a hotelier or venue owner, you might ask yourself one question. How do I make the most of this golden opportunity for more business? Here are a few staycation ideas to help your customers explore their own backyard in new, fun and exciting ways.

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What Is a Staycation?

Staycation is a term that gained popularity in 2007 during the financial crisis. The word ‘staycation’ refers to the preference someone has to vacation within their own country. They’ll still travel to get there, which might require a plane ticket. But they won’t leave the shores of the country in which they reside.

Forbes revealed the “surprising reason staycations are the new vacations” in America. They pointed out that the pandemic has undoubtedly significantly impacted the distance people are willing to travel. However, how people take a break from work has changed for many years.

This growing trend is here to stay, and something hoteliers should adapt to. Especially because it represents a brand-new, untapped market of guests. Many hoteliers focus their marketing efforts on obtaining new guests from further afield. Therefore, the marketing methods for enticing people closer to home differ. If you have staycation ideas for your hotel or resort, it’s time to act upon them.

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The aftermath of the recent pandemic has left people fearful of traveling abroad. While people have left 2020 in the rearview mirror, others aren’t quick to hop on a plane and travel. As noted earlier, it was a similar story during the worldwide financial crash between 2007 and 2010.

However, there are positive reasons why staycations top many people’s priorities. They’re usually a lot more cost-effective and, thanks to no need for long-haul flights, they’re less stressful, too. There’s also no need to adapt to foreign customs, languages or behavior. A staycation is a home away from home.

So, let’s consider the main benefits of a staycation:

  • They’re super-fast and convenient to arrange.
  • They’re much more affordable (usually) than overseas trips.
  • They can be hugely rewarding with next to no travel stresses.
  • They allow you to explore parts of your home base you’ve never seen before.

Sounds so tempting, right? If you want to explore staycation options, here are a few staycation ideas to consider.

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Best Staycation Ideas: Mini-Vacations Customers Love

Staycations are increasingly popular for people looking to save money and explore their backyards. There are endless possibilities when planning a staycation, from visiting local attractions to simply relaxing at home. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next trip, here are the best staycation ideas to get you started.

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Family Staycation Ideas

Not everyone has the opportunity to leave their kids behind for couple time. Additionally, most couples like to bring their kids along for family time. It’s beneficial to your brand to have family staycation ideas and offerings. Some of these ideas include local museum tours, zoo or aquarium outings, or a movie/game night. You will reap tenfold benefits if you offer kid-friendly activities for local staycation customers.

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Romantic Staycation Ideas For Couples

Your customers don’t have to go far to experience a romantic getaway. Add special, romantic staycation packages; your hotel will attract couples looking for a unique and memorable experience. Here are a few romantic staycation ideas for couples to add to your offerings. It’s all about special touches and an intimate ambiance, so consider welcome amenities such as flowers, chocolates, or wine. You can also offer upgraded room options or amorous dining experiences for romantic staycations. Last, a romantic getaway is all about one-on-one time. Go the extra mile by providing couple activity options such as spa packages, yoga classes or a couples massage.

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Summer Staycation Ideas

Summer staycation ideas are necessary to capitalize on the prime vacation season. The warm weather months are all about swimming, BBQs, and outdoor activities. You should add these amenities as packages for summer staycations. Think weekly poolside barbecues, outdoor movies or smores by the firepit. Adding these amenities to your resort or hotel gives clients the summer feel they yearn for during their staycation. Last, since most hotels’ summertime is a high season, drive traffic by offering staycation discounts.

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Winter Staycation Ideas

Your winter staycation ideas depend on the weather you have during the season. Is your location dusted with snow in a winter wonderland? If that’s your business, include a winter sports package or host a winter festival. You can offer a special winter spa package. Or, if you have the room and the funds, set up a small ice skating rink. For locations with warmer winter climates, opt for winter-themed activities. In the kitchen, opt for wintery comfort foods. There are many ways to bring winter to your business regardless of the weather.

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Local Staycation Ideas

Everyone loves supporting their local community—your business included. A fantastic local staycation idea is to provide customers with locally-made goods and foods. You can offer an evolving menu in your hotel restaurant with locally produced food items. Collaborate with a local bakery, butcher or coffee roasting company to supply your edible goods. Or, seek out someone who crafts locally made soaps to add to the toiletries you offer. Last, for staycation guests seeking adventure, suggest local activities. Perhaps your location is home to a serene lake or miles and miles of hiking. Showcase what makes your town or city unique.

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Staycation Ideas: Your Marketing To-do List

Now that your head is swirling with staycation ideas let’s talk about marketing. You must engage with your client base to entice them to choose your venue. Before you spend valuable hours on marketing activities, take time to consider these five strategic points.

  1. Get an understanding of your target market. Who are they? If you don’t know enough about the local customer base, you won’t know what marketing content they’ll respond to.
  2. Start thinking like a ‘local business’. Get involved in the community, increase your local knowledge and strike up partnerships with other businesses in your area.
  3. Review your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Local SEO is something you’ll need to rely on to attract as much staycation traffic as possible.
  4. Get ready to respond quickly. Staycationers differ from far-flung guests in that they’re not quite as tightly bound by dates. Therefore the more flexible you are, the more likely they are to book with you rather than head elsewhere.
  5. Spread yourself wide on as many social media channels as possible. Look for local hashtags you can use to get into the right conversations.

Prior planning makes a massive difference with any type of marketing, and the staycation market is no different. Go above and beyond, and your hotel will be ready to welcome a wave of stay-at-home guests.

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How to Market Your Staycation Ideas

Now you know what a staycation is and why they will stick around for the long run. It’s good news for you as it allows you to market your hotel or resort to an untapped client base. Let’s look at marketing staycation ideas to get you started.

  • Use local photography on social media. Use Instagram stories, tweets and Facebook posts to show how in tune you are with the local area. Photos of local events, attractions and happenings will put you in the right conversations. Just make sure you pick the most appropriate hashtags.
  • Create themed staycations for each season. Staycations aren’t going anywhere, so consider the themes you can create for each season. For instance, a local summer getaway or weekend winter escape with a local twist will work wonders.
  • Work with local ambassadors and influencers. You never know who’s in your area. Do some research on the local ambassadors and influencers you could work with. You’ll find them on social media, which means you can start by sharing their stories and interacting with them. As you gain their attention, you can work together. Develop locally themed campaigns that draw on their audience–the collaboration possibilities are endless.
  • Look at your destination in a new light. To you, it’s the home of your business, but try to look at it from an outsider’s perspective. What elements are likely to catch the eye? Why should someone travel to your local area rather than head abroad? Look for the things which define your town, city or village. Then start making a big play on them in all of your marketing.

If you’re totally out of ideas, you can run a competition to win a package. The most straightforward tactics often work wonders.

Improve Your Staycation With Great WiFi

The staycation trend continues growing, and it looks like a vacation concept here to stay. Hoteliers can take advantage of this by offering staycation packages that appeal to residents. By offering discounts, amenities, and activities tailored to the needs of staycationers, you can attract new guests and boost business. Give these ideas for a staycation a try and see the new directions they take your company.

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