Celebrating National Food Days in 2023

Marketing 15 minute read 28th December 2022

Along with “revenge travels” and post-pandemic holiday celebrations, special events are bringing people to gather with loved ones and friends to rejoice in life anew. One great way to do this is by celebrating national food days in 2023.

All year long, specific dates to celebrate certain foods are marked to become a festival of sorts for some communities. Each date is an opportunity to raise awareness and showcase local specialties for consumers to enjoy. Businesses, especially restaurants, would be remiss if they ignore the opportunity to showcase their brand on every national food day. But what are national food days exactly?

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Why Celebrate National Food Days in 2023?

People want clean, high-quality fuel for their vehicles. Should we expect any less from our food? After all, it is with food that we fuel our bodies, supply our families with the nutrients that energize them for activities, and food is what also fuels interaction among people. It drives the economy–bringing people to restaurants, food trucks, and dinner tables. National food days in 2023 celebrate food’s power over people.

Started 50 years ago by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, October 24th was first dedicated as National Food Day with the intent of celebrating it in the same way that Earth Day is observed. The goal then is “improving the food system to support healthy eating” by encouraging people to eat well with natural foods. Also, it aims to promote better food policies that will bring safety, sustainability, and quality to our dinner tables.

As the years went by, food holidays became an opportunity to organize awareness events on food-related issues like animal welfare, nutrition labels, and ending hunger. Later, it turned to a celebration of certain food products and healthier ways of serving these to the public. Some food days were declared by national states, many were adopted by local communities.

Of course, each national food day is also an occasion to indulge in special offerings and for businesses to market their products. During such events, the rates of popular meals are usually discounted, product samplings are done, and even food truck marketing is employed to bring products closer to the public. We even enjoy National Food Truck Day in June!

Consider some of the popular national food days in 2023.

  1. January 4 – National Spaghetti Day
  2. January 15 – National Bagel Day
  3. January 19 – National Popcorn Day
  4. January 23 – National Pie Day
  5. February 9 – National Pizza Day
  6. April 26 – National Pretzel Day
  7. May 13 – National Apple Pie Day
  8. May 28 – National Hamburger Day
  9. June 22 – National Chocolate Eclair Day
  10. July 7 – National Strawberry Sundae Day
  11. July 16 – National Ice Cream Day (every third Sunday of July)
  12. July 19 – National Hot Dog Day (every third Wednesday of July)
  13. July 24 – National Tequila Day
  14. July 29 – National Lasagna Day
  15. July 31 – National Raspberry Cake Day
  16. August 24 – National Waffle Day
  17. September 26 – National Pancake Day
  18. September 29 – National Coffee Day
  19. October 4 – National Taco Day
  20. October 28 – National Chocolate Day
  21. October 30 – National Candy Corn Day
  22. November 5 – National Doughnut Day

Some enterprising groups have designed a calendar of national food days in 2023 to keep track of and celebrate the events.

It’s easy to see from the list how the inclusion of certain foods and meals has added to the charm of celebrating national food days. Without turning away from the original intent of advocating for healthy eating habits and lifestyles, the apparent commercial appeal of certain foods is also considered. But not without causing some confusion.

For example, some may frown on how having a chocolate day would promote health, and wonder even more once they learn that International Chocolate Day is on September 13 (the national counterpart is on October 28). The differing dates of the celebration can add to the mix-up.

Likewise, National Pancake Day is September 26, but a special National Blueberry Pancake Day is also set for January 28.

Even National Pie Day is more popularly celebrated on March 14 (easier to remember as “pi” equals 3.14) rather than the official January 23 date.

And to confound us some more, there are also national food weeks and food months to remember!

That’s when the calendar of national food days in 2023 would come in handy.

How to Celebrate National Food Days in 2023

Still, it is possible to celebrate national food days in 2023 while adhering to the ideals set forth in its inception. There are a variety of ways businesses and private individuals can participate in these events meaningfully. These are mainly by 1) being mindful of what we eat, 2) spreading awareness about the events, and 3) increasing our understanding of national food days.

Promote Healthy Foods Awareness

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As an Individual – The best way to celebrate national food days in 2023 is to live according to the ideals of healthy eating habits and lifestyles. Get the family to prepare and enjoy a meal together. Go for diversity with fresh ingredients that are in season so you can enjoy a hearty meal together. Opt for real foods in every meal and discover food products that are being celebrated on that day. This means cutting down on processed fast foods and avoiding sugary foods and drinks.

The pandemic has taught us that a healthy diet consisting of whole vegetables and fruits, complemented by a balanced meal of lean meat improves everyone’s resistance to viruses and increases our chance of surviving serious illnesses.

As Businesses – Being aware of the above efforts by individuals, many food and beverage enterprises are exploring new food varieties that are fresh, sustainable, healthy, and profitable at the same time.

Even just by providing honest nutrition labels on food products, companies raise the overall quality of their product in the market. This benefits the industry too as it caters to a growing demand for healthy food products. Never before have people been as careful in reading through labels on their food purchases as consumers become more mindful of what they eat.

Such has been the effect of national food days in the way people interact with their food.

Spread Awareness About National Food Days in 2023

As an Individual – You can contribute to raising awareness about national food days in 2023. Start by encouraging your family to appreciate the value of having healthy eating habits. Set an example by practicing what you preach with your personal dietary choices.

Today, social media is the most powerful tool one can use to quickly and effectively spread the word around. Use the hashtag #NationalFoodDay. Involve your family and friends by encouraging them to share the same on their social media pages. Time it on the national food day events that are celebrated in your community such as festivals, food truck parks, and nutrition-related events in schools.

As Businesses – If you own a business, build up interest in upcoming national food days by announcing fairs and special offers. Take advantage of these events to promote your business.

Despite the number of national food days in a year, there are still those who don’t know the importance of these events. Publishing an article online outlining the significance of a proper diet and sharing this on your business’ social media page is a good way of spreading the word and attracting customers as well. Underline the importance of the day by using the hashtag #NationalFoodDay.

Increasing Your Knowledge of National Food Days in 2023

As an Individual – Learning more about national food days will grow your appreciation for these events and fortify your resolve to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Take in more knowledge on nutrition, sustainability, organic farming, and solutions to food shortages.

You can do this by taking advantage of seminars and barnyard meetings and events in your area. There is also an abundance of online resources on the subject of food.

As Businesses – You can leverage on your stature as a business in the community by getting involved in national food day celebrations, formulating policies on food-related issues, and advocating for better health and food security.

Participate in organizing national food day events. Get in touch with government representatives to push for policy changes such as nutrition labeling, steady access to healthy food from local farms, and funding for programs that offer solutions to food shortages.

This will solidify your stature as a staunch food and health advocate which is good for your branding. People will notice and patronize your business naturally.

Some Food Facts To Think About While Celebrating National Food Day

  • We’ve heard the terms ‘empty calories’ tossed around freely when discussing food and nutrition. These come from foods high in energy but short on vitamins and minerals needed for better health and longevity. Empty calories are found in foods heavy on sugar, salt, and fats.

  • While nutrients and calories are both present in all foods, the ratio of nutrients to calories in the food we eat is what counts for good health. Eating well is about getting more nutrients than calories.

  • According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, an average American consumes too much sugar, sodium, and fatty proteins (from beef and pork).

  • The number of fast-food restaurants more than doubled in the last fifty years.

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Celebrate National Food Days in 2023 and Beyond

We love to celebrate national food days mainly because of three reasons: 1. It reminds us of the importance of eating healthy food. 2. It reminds us of the importance of securing our food supply. 3. It brings families and communities together for a worthy cause.

So celebrate national food days every year and enjoy real nourishing food!

If you own a business, celebrating national food days in 2023 will also open opportunities for you to participate and discover real food products that promote healthy lifestyles. National food days also remind us to think about those in need and find ways to get involved in providing food for everyone. Use national food day celebrations as an opportunity to get in touch with your customer base and get better and timely reviews for your food business.

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