What Is WIFI? The Ultimate Business Tool

Marketing 14 minute read 27th April 2023

What is WiFi? Wi-Fi is the ultimate business tool. It allows you internet access and the ability to connect with people worldwide. Whether you use it to launch an online presence or for customer use, it has the potential to achieve amazing things. You can use Wi-Fi in thousands of ways to boost your business’s success.

The best thing about Wi-Fi is that it grows your business outside the non-digital world. Without Wi-Fi, you can harness organic growth - through word of mouth. You can also pay for newspaper ads and other physical advertisement techniques. However, in our current age (as of 2023), 5.16 billion people use the internet. So if you don’t include the internet in your marketing technique, you are only conning yourself and your profit margins.

In this guide, we’ll catch you up to speed on everything you need to know about WiFi. It’s an exciting topic, and the more you know and the quicker you act, the better - let’s begin.

what is wifi

What Is WIFI? Understanding Radio Waves and Frequencies

First things first, what is WiFi? It is best to start with a literal explanation. Wi-Fi stands for “wireless fidelity” and is a wireless networking technology that provides internet access.

Wi-Fi operates using radio waves - a type of electromagnetic radiation with the longest wavelengths of all electromagnetic waves. Radio waves are also relied on for radio broadcasting, radar detecting, and Bluetooth. Radio waves cover anything that involves communication and detection.

Radio waves have two frequencies: 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz. 2.4 gigahertz travels further at low speed, whereas 5 gigahertz travels faster at short range. It will depend on where you plan to use your Wi-Fi and which option is best for you. For instance, faster speeds are optimal in a workplace with many people reliant on internet access.

Wireless technology is by far the backbone of 21st-century society. Wi-Fi will be in use whether you’re at the doctor’s, in school, or purchasing at a retail store. It’s easily one of a business’s most valuable and commonplace assets. It’s wise to have backup measures if all your processes rely on them. For instance, an internet crash could be catastrophic if you run a retail store and your till relies on Wi-Fi. But it’s time to responsibly hop on board the Wi-Fi movement if you haven’t already.

Ready to learn more? With the answer to “What is WiFi” firmly under your belt, it’s time for you to progress to more complex information.

What Is WiFi Most Beneficial for in Your Business?

In short, thousands of things. Wi-Fi can automate and amplify tons of strategies and everyday processes. For restaurant staff, simple things like an automatic booking system can be a God send on a busy shift. Forget answering calls and manually assessing whether you can squeeze a table in; a system has it covered. Wi-Fi also improves customer experience and boosts your marketing prospects.

Customer satisfaction is a huge bonus when calculating what WiFi is good for businesses. Much like a happy wife, happy life - happy customers make the world go round. With internet access, customers can merrily enjoy your business while browsing until their hearts’ content. Instead of sitting bored waiting for someone to try on clothes or for appetizers to arrive, your guests have entertainment. To improve your retail or restaurant customer experience, Wi-Fi is a sure fire tactic for success.

As per social media culture, it’s a commonplace for people to share their activities and location. You provide guests with the tools for organic social media marketing by providing internet access. Organic social media marketing is like fairy dust. Businesses fork out small fortunes for influencers and paid social media content. Get your Wi-Fi up and running and make the most of all the free coverage. To be savvy, set up a photogenic area to encourage customers to snap and share.

Providing internet access is also fabulous for controlled forms of marketing. The primary way to monetize offering Wi-Fi is to use a captive portal. A captive portal login is a webpage that pops up when customers try joining your wireless network. This strategy collects demographic information, phone numbers, and email addresses. With these, you can funnel the details to other marketing campaigns - like email and SMS marketing.

What Is SSID for WI-FI?

what is wifi

Now that you’re a Wi-Fi network expert, forget asking “What is WiFi” - you’ve got more complex things to think about. What is SSID for Wi-Fi? SSID for Wi-Fi is another acronym, this time standing for a ‘service set identifier.’

A service set identifier is just a sequence of characters. However, these characters do an essential job. Each Wi-Fi network has its unique service sequence identifier, meaning stations can identify individual networks from each other. Your Wi-Fi network’s SSID can also be known as your network name.

What Is Wi-Fi Network Name, and How To Change It

Where can you find your SSID number, aka your network name? Just head to your settings on your mobile device or laptop. If you select Wi-Fi, you can see the wireless router that you connect to and check what network name it lists. And, for long-term use, it’s worth considering if you’d like to change it.

For example, as a cafe business called Daisy’s, you could change one Wi-Fi network to “Daisy’s Customers Wi-Fi.” This is a brilliant idea if you want to direct customers to the correct Wi-Fi network quickly. Coffee shop Wi-Fi is particularly suited to this technique. Having separate Wi-Fi networks for staff and customers is brilliant for security.

You can get more creative, of course. Some people even take things one step further for network security, creating an off-putting name. Examples include Police Surveillance Van - which works a trick. Honestly, the sky is your limit with renaming SSIDs. And what is WiFi fun for without a bit of creativity up your sleeve?

What Is a Good Wi-Fi Speed?

Asking “what is a good Wi-Fi speed” is like asking “how long is a piece of string.” It massively depends on what you want to use it for and where you use it. As a general rule, internet speed should be at least 25Mbps. Whereas, in a large household, the internet speed that experts recommend more than doubles to 100Mbps. You can imagine how much faster you’d want for a cafe or shopping center.

When searching for business Wi-Fi, we suggest 100Mbps as a benchmark speed for 10 people using Wi-Fi simultaneously. This allows each person to use the Wi-Fi for ‘demanding’ activities, like streaming videos or downloading large content files. You can purchase two Wi-Fi networks if you have many staff and customers. A customer Wi-Fi network with a 100Mbps speed should combine nicely with a 100Mbps speed staff network. Plus, it’s healthier for network security to keep things separate. Wi-Fi for customers is a win-win.

This may sound simple. We hate to disappoint, but we will complicate things a little for you. Cast your mind back to the factors dictating Wi-Fi speed in our “what is WiFi” section above.

Lots of different factors impact Wi-Fi speed. For instance, the frequency of the radio waves can dramatically impact Wi-Fi speed. And these radio waves vary in speed depending on your surroundings. 2.4 gigahertz travels further at low speed. 5 gigahertz travels faster at short range, so it is best for small spaces with many internet users. If you need help with your Wi-Fi speed, even with a high-speed package, consider analyzing which Gigahertz you use.

So, 100Mbps is what you should aim for when setting up business Wi-Fi. And if you still struggle and need faster Wi-Fi still, evaluate Gigahurtz.

Final Thoughts: What Is WiFi and Why Your Business Needs It

what is wifi

What is WiFi? This is the golden question. But once you’ve cracked what Wi-Fi is and how it helps your business, it’s a waltz through paradise. A brilliant Wi-Fi network is one of your business’s most valuable assets. If you still need to utilize its potential, you must get the ball rolling - today. The sooner you start setting up Wi-Fi for your business, the sooner you’ll kick yourself for not starting earlier.

Whether it’s marketing or providing a better customer experience, Wi-Fi is something to consider. It is worth its weight in gold. The first place to start is to order a Wi-Fi router and buy a Wi-Fi package today. Then you can search for captive portal software and begin your marketing journey.

Many online software options allow you to automate email marketing from the same platform - even providing templates. Using Wi-Fi in your business is a massive strategy with many avenues to go down. However, there’s lots of software to make it a total breeze once up and running. After a few hours of initial investment, you will be ready to rake in the benefits passively.

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