WiFi CRM: How To Use It To Grow Your Business

Marketing 14 minute read 18th January 2023

A WiFi CRM is a solution that is growing in popularity as it allows business owners to grow their profitability, scale up their business, and efficiently secure their network without being IT geeks. Moreover, the only requirement to implement a WiFi CRM solution is a WiFi connection, which most businesses are already offering to their customers for free.

This article will show you what a WiFi CRM is and how it can be used to increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Let’s jump in.

WiFi CRM: What Is It

wifi crm

A WiFi CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software solution that allows businesses to use their WiFi network to implement marketing strategies, collect valuable user data, and simplify the management of their network.

WiFi CRM solutions are typically offered by companies different from internet connection providers and can be implemented through a third-party software integration or a specific hardware device.

A CRM marketing solution can be implemented by any business that is constantly in touch with users. For example:

  • Hospitality and lodging businesses
  • Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Pubs
  • Gyms
  • Tattoos and Piercing studios
  • Universities, Theaters, Malls

Let’s now see which are the main benefits of a WiFi marketing CRM solution are.

Benefits of WiFi Marketing for Business Owners

In a world with ubiquitous internet access, a WiFi CRM solution offers several opportunities for businesses to scale up revenues and create a better customer experience. At its core, a CRM WiFi allows a business to extend the impact of its marketing initiatives. However, other interesting features involve network management, cybersecurity, and reputation management.

If you are already offering your customers free WiFi, then a WiFi marketing CRM solution can be interesting for your business. These are a few benefits and possibilities that it offers to savvy business owners:

  • Create a better customer experience
  • Understanding of customers’ needs and preference
  • WiFi monetization through Ads
  • Improve business rates on local review sites
  • Build up a list of contacts
  • Branded WiFi experience
  • Secure WiFi access
  • Grow your social media pages
  • Automate repetitive marketing tasks
  • Manage Passwords and bandwidth allocation

Let’s now see how you can use a WiFi marketing CRM to grow your business.

How To Use a WiFi CRM Solution To Grow Your Business

As you read so far, the benefits of using a WiFi CRM solution to grow a business are diverse. However, to give a more precise and actual representation of what a social WiFi hotspot offers to business owners, the coming sections will dive deeper into a few of the most important use cases for a WiFi marketing implementation.

While these are not the only features and ways to use a WiFi marketing solution, these are the most appreciated use cases across multiple industries.

Use Case #1 - Using WiFi CRM To Learn About Your Customers

wifi crm

With growing competition in every market, having a solid understanding of customers’ preferences and needs is a necessity for every business that intends to stand out from the crowd.

There are many ways to collect data, such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, and observations. However, these methods can be time-consuming and not practical.

Instead, collecting data with a WiFi CRM is the simplest and most effective way to understand your customers and create a data-driven decision process.

A CRM marketing WiFi hotspot automatically gathers data from customers who are connected to your WiFi. You can learn what website they visit, which subject involves them the most, and other useful hints about your customers’ preferences.

WiFi marketing hotspots are also compliant with privacy laws, as data are collected anonymously and users need to accept terms and conditions before logging into their WiFi.

If you pick a good WiFi CRM solution, you will get reports with useful and actionable information on how to improve your customers’ experience and increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Use Case #2 - Using WiFi CRM To Secure Your Network

wifi crm

As the world increasingly moves online, cyber-attacks are becoming more and more common. In 2022, there have been approximately 15 million data breaches, and this trend is only expected to continue, as more devices are connected to the internet and more data is shared online.

What makes these attacks so difficult to defend against is that they’re constantly evolving. Cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities, whether it’s through social engineering or technical means.

One of the most interesting aspects of WiFi CRMs is that they allow you to effectively secure your network and prevent easy exploitation, without being an IT expert.

All you need to do is to follow some simplified procedures, set your requirements, and let the software do the hard work for you.

For example, most businesses use a weak predictable password to give access to their network. While this makes things easier for them and for users to log in, it is also a naive mistake in terms of cybersecurity.

Instead of setting a simple password that anyone can guess, a good WiFi CRM rotates your password daily, preventing hackers from easily intruding into your network and abusive users to log into your WiFi and clog the connection.

While a WiFi CRM cannot prevent you from being attacked, it makes your WiFi connection more secure, making it much harder for cyberattacks to succeed.

Use Case #3 - Using WiFi CRM To Get More Reviews

wifi crm

WiFi marketing CRM can help a business grow its rate on local review sites and increase its popularity.

One of the most appreciated features of a proper WiFi CRM is the automation of the process of getting more reviews from customers. Review automation applications are managed by the CRM and run along with your WiFi. They can be set to send prompts to users to write a review about your business, while they are connected to your WiFi. This is the moment your customers are the most receptive so you want to take advantage of it and ask for feedback about their experience with your business.

You can set up the triggers for a prompt to appear. For example, you might send it to any user who has been connected for more than 15 minutes.

With this simple automation, you might get more reviews on Google and other review portals. However, the best part of review automation is that it can prevent bad reviews from being published.

After the prompt is sent, if the user leaves a positive review, your customers might be led to publish the review online. However, if the review is negative, the Automator will divert it to an internal form that you can manage and address.

All in all, a review Automator is a perfect feature for getting more online reviews without complicating your busy life.

Use Case #4 - Using WiFi CRM To Grow Your Social Media Pages

In today’s business world, social media is an essential tool for promoting your business. Through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, businesses can reach a larger audience more efficiently than ever before. However, growing organically on these platforms is not simple. Moreover, asking people systematically to follow you on your social media of choice is just ineffective and time-consuming

As for automating reviews, a WiFi CRM allows you to grow your social media pages without much hassle. While it is necessary for your business to set up a proper social media strategy, you can take advantage of your free WiFi to support your marketing strategy on social media.

For example, you might customize your WiFi login page (captive portal) to show your latest social media post. This little trick might bring you tons of followers, as your post gets straight in front of your real customers, and not random online users.

As social media are a critical component to promoting your business online and winning new customers, your strategy will be more successful if you bring it to your customers through your WiFi.

Best WiFi Management Software

Most people wonder which is the best WiFi management software for their business. However, the reality is that there is no universal answer that applies to any business.

Therefore, you need to think of what features your business needs, how large your customer base is, and what is a reasonable budget to spend on such a CRM solution.

On average, the monthly price for WiFi management software spans from $40 to $200. Moreover, most WiFi CRMs providers offer a trial period that you can use to understand if their software suit your needs, goals, and abilities.

If you are interested in growing your business with WiFi CRMs that embed all the features listed in this article, you will love Beambox.

Beambox is an all-in-one WiFi marketing solution that is currently helping over 12,000 venues to grow their business and profitability in multiple customized ways.

You can run Beambox on your WiFi with our free Plug & Play hardware, or integrate it with your existing hardware. Beambox’s most appreciated features allow any you to:

  • Customize your WiFi experience to match your brand
  • Expand your social media followers with prompts
  • Secure your network with smart usage and time limits
  • Gather useful and actionable data on the value of Beambox with solid analytics and insights
  • Stay compliant and protected with session tracking and user identification
  • Build a list of contacts for email marketing and SMS marketing
  • Use Interactions to automate behavioral emails
  • Import your database and unify your marketing under one platform
  • Use Review Automator to grow your positive online reviews on autopilot
  • Proactively manage your reputation with a dashboard of your historical ratings and reviews

Do you want to give Beambox WiFi marketing solution a try? Check out our 30-day free trial and start growing your business.

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