WiFi Email Capture: Why It’s Essential for Your Business

Marketing 15 minute read 7th May 2023

Captive portals often come up in conversations, but what about specifically collecting email addresses? That’s where WiFi email capture comes in. Email capture only dedicates its efforts to collecting emails - typically using a webpage solely designed for this purpose. When a customer goes to click on your internet, a form pops up with guest registration options for WiFi login. And voila! You get email addresses to add to your growing customer database. . Email capture is fabulous for investing in marketing and is a more straightforward version of a captive portal. After all, if you want to collect email addresses, why waste time on other features? We’ll closely examine all the benefits of email capture in your business. There is much to cover, from how email capture grows your email list to the best software.

It’s essential to thoroughly understand everything before progressing, especially as you will likely invest in paid email capture software. So pay attention, and let’s get started.

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What Is WiFi Email Capture?

WiFi email capture is a specialist tool that targets customers using your WiFi. It is usually triggered when a customer clicks to join your WiFi network. Using software to run this process automatically, a page pops up when a customer clicks to join. This page contains a form requesting that guests input a valid email address before continuing. It may also ask for basic details like first, second, and primary interests. All these details help you to target the customers with email marketing later. Once the customer inputs their valid information, they can access your internet.

If this sounds familiar, fantastic. You’ve probably already heard of captive portals - a more general version of email capture. A captive portal login collects any details the WiFi owner requests, which differs from the email capture. However, it is similar in that email captures and captive portals block the user from joining initially. They both have a web page to collect details for guests to progress. You can think of an email capture as a more specialist captive portal. WiFi email captures are purpose-made and designed for collecting emails and emails alone.

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It’s worth noting that some people may prefer a tick box for consent to marketing email addresses communications. This is just a tiny box at the bottom of the web page. Customers can check the box or leave it blank to show that they do or don’t mind you contacting them. If you want to play strictly by the rules, adding this to your email capture is worth adding. It gives an element of choice and rapport if customers tick yes to marketing communications.

Why Use WiFi Email Capture To Scale Your Business

Why you should use WiFi email capture to scale your business is quite an easy question to answer. In short, a great email list is the backbone of email marketing. And because email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing for your business. Choosing emails as one of your WiFi marketing solutions is a brilliant move. Let’s look at our top few reasons why email capture is perfect for scaling a business.

You can use email lists for customer loyalty programs.

Email lists are ideal for loyalty programs because they allow you to establish rapport. You can send out regular newsletters, offers, and exclusive deals. All of these things are brilliant parts of a customer loyalty program. And by using customer emails to give them access to exclusive things, you build a sense of positivity towards your business. It isn’t spammy; instead, it’s rewarding and appreciating the customer’s business.

- Email addresses are helpful for large-scale marketing.

Email addresses are absolutely ideal for large-scale marketing. Rather than individually sending messages via SMS or leaving voice messages, you can send thousands off with a click. Emails are one of the easiest forms of marketing to automate and replicate amongst thousands of people. When deciding why to use WiFi email capture, the ease of is a huge plus.

- Email addresses are less personal than mobile phone numbers.

Another massive benefit of using email capture is that collecting email addresses feels less personal. Read: way less invasive than asking for someone’s phone number. An email address is a symbol of formality and professionalism. So collecting someone’s email address is much more socially acceptable and makes customers feel at ease.

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The Best Paid WiFi Email Capture Software

So, you are convinced by now that WiFi email capture software is the way to go. Email capture boosts your business by collecting email addresses to add to your marketing strategy. It is honestly perfect. And say that software automates the process once they are set up. They provide excellent rewards for minimum effort. Low effort and maximum reward might just be our business mantra.

Investing in email capture software is a wise move. You are setting up something self-sufficient despite the initial upfront fee or monthly payment commitment. This means it runs whether you are actively involved or not.

Ready to look at the best email capture software on the market? These are our top three software to consider.

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StayFi is a WiFi-based email capture software that targets guests with splash pages when they try to join your network. Guests input their email addresses through these splash pages, and StayFi creates a vast email list. Of course, this allows you to build up your email marketing campaign. It also has extra features like automated customer profiles - letting you keep tabs on customer loyalty and behavior.

StayFi is super easy to set up. Once you sign up, the company sends you a tiny access point that plugs into your router.

MyPlace’s WiFi Email Capture Feature

MyPlace is a WiFi marketing software with a special WiFi email capture feature. Immediately automating a splash page when guests try to sign in creates an opportunity to collect email addresses. Each email address is entirely verified before guests are allowed to join successfully.

MyPlace is more specific when it comes to requirements. You’ll need to check that you have at least one UniFi access point before you purchase the software. And your router must be modern enough to be compatible with this software.


Supafi is an email capture software that belongs to Performance Networks. The software collects email addresses by blocking immediate internet access with a web page and form. The software then verifies the email address the guest inputs only after a successful verification allowing them to join. It creates an email list and customer profiles to track your customer relations.

Supafi offers both trials and demos. And if you choose to continue with the software after this stage, you will continue to access customer and technical support.

How To Find Free WiFi Email Capture Software

Wondering how to find free WiFi email capture software? Aren’t we all? Purchasing software can be costly and taxing on your business budget. Investments can be necessary to get the most out of your business. However, if you can get email capture software for free, why wouldn’t you?

Certain features aren’t as advanced on free software, but you can find plenty of choices on free download sites. You’ll probably have to pick a general captive portal software rather than a specialist email capture software. However, finding free email capture software is a breeze if you compromise on a few factors.

These are our top choices when it comes to free email capture software:

- Zeroshell

Zeroshell is free and a gem when creating a splash page to collect emails. You get a customizable splash page to add email-specific data collection prompts. You also get bonus features like VPN.

- WiFiDog

WiFiDog is technically free if you have the Open Wrt Software package. You’ll have to check what router you have - Open Wrt and DD-Wrt WiFi routers are perfect and provide access. So if you do have either of these routers, downloading WiFiDog is a significant next step. The software gives you a customizable captive portal that you can use to collect email addresses specifically.

- Pfsense

Pfsense comes into its own if you want to provide an email capture for smartphones and desktops. Again, Pfsense is a captive portal software rather than a specialist email capture software. However, thanks to its customizable portal, you can easily target it specifically toward email collection. It’s free to download and a great starting point if you’re happy to get your hands dirty designing the portal.

Final Thoughts: How Valuable Is WiFi Email Capture?

WiFi email capture is ultra-valuable. Honestly, you will love using this piece of technology to drive your business growth. It is specialist and only focused on collecting emails, and this is perfect for goal-orientated business owners. Why waste your time on a product that utilizes unnecessary features? Collecting email addresses is important and essential if you plan on email marketing. It also gives you plenty of room to create loyalty programs and send out exclusive newsletters.

Email addresses are essential, and WiFi email capture is how best to get them. We suggest choosing email capture software today to start your journey. The sooner you start, the more email addresses you’ll collect. Picking software is the most challenging part (especially if you are naturally indecisive). Aim to choose your software in an hour or two at a maximum and get on with the important stuff. It helps to set a deadline when you are focusing on getting started. Get your software chosen and get set up; aiming to finish this process today. Why wait and delay the benefits?

Are you daunted at taking the next steps in setting up email capture? Setting up any Wi-Fi-related task for your business can seem overwhelming - so that’s completely understandable. Reach out to us at Beambox if you need help.

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