Yelp WIFI: What Is It and What Can It Do for You

Marketing 15 minute read 30th January 2023

Wifi marketing is one of the most essential strategy avenues.It is fantastic that you are looking to invest in your business through wifi marketing. Yelp wifi is a sure way to help you meet those goals. It acts a lot like a captive wifi portal. The plug-in connects to your existing wifi router. It opens up a login page when customers connect to your wifi network. This login page allows you to request details like an email address, demographic information, or even social media accounts. These customer details are gold dust.

With this customer insight, you can create email lists, send text messages, and easily personalize marketing. You can also keep track of your customer demographics to provide a better service, more tailored to the crowd you attract. Any restaurant will benefit from wifi marketing.

You might best know Yelp as the directory. However, its wifi marketing tool is equally famous. Yelp wifi is used everywhere, from cafes to hotels and public places. This guide will cover everything you need to know about investing in Yelp wifi for your business. Let’s get started.

What Is Yelp WIFI?

yelp wifi

Yelp wifi is a purpose-designed wifi marketing tool and a plug-in that connects to your existing wifi router. Yelp wifi enables a captive portal wifi network. This network blocks customers from joining your wifi network with a login page requesting personal details. These details include anything from an email address to a request to link a social media account.

The idea is that collecting these details provides the ability for business owners to reuse the information for marketing purposes. And once the potential customers input the requested details, they are granted access to your wifi network. A win, win for business owners and customers.

Yelp wifi is also a professional way to welcome your customers to your wifi network. Yelp users can customize their login screen. You can add aesthetic details such as a business logo and design the look of that all-important first digital impression.

It helps you to create a wifi experience that is beneficial for both you and your customer. And how long-lasting the customer-business relationship is after a customer uses your wifi network is a crucial marker of success. Yelp wifi aims to encourage customer loyalty and gives you the tools to tempt customers back.

What Is Yelp WiFi Mostly Used For?

yelp wifi

Yelp wifi is mainly used for wifi marketing and is an effective tool for collecting customer data. It uses the login screen to encourage customers to interact with a business for an extended period. Yelp wifi opens a line of ongoing communication by providing the business with their personal details.

For example, customers could be contacted by SMS messaging or email. Business owners can also use demographic information to better understand their customer base, predict trends, and improve their service.

A really effective method of utilizing data from wifi marketing is to reward customer loyalty. You can digitally track consumer product purchases and provide ‘gifts’ at certain milestones. You could also offer a free breakfast for every three evening meals. Or perhaps a free coffee after you’ve purchased five coffees.

We know that wifi marketing is great for increasing customer engagement. But Yelp wifi is especially fantastic and claims to provide an ‘80% increase in customer loyalty and engagement’.

Yelp wifi creates a professional and secure wifi network. This security is a fantastic extra benefit of investing in your wifi marketing. Having that login barrier means that, as a restaurant owner, you have more control over your wifi network. You can even implement a terms and conditions agreement on the login page.

Yelp wifi is primarily used for wifi marketing and collecting valuable information. However, as you can see, there are many other benefits to using this software.

Yelp WiFi Pricing: Is Yelp Free or Paid?

yelp wifi

The Yelp directory is famously popular for being free to create listings, and its wifi marketing is also good value for money. You can set up your Yelp business account and start your Yelp wifi strategy for $50 per month. Business owners simply register their businesses and then download the Yelp app.

Of course, not everything can be low-cost forever. Yelp has paid features that you purchase in-app. These features include paid ads, removing competitor ads, and adding a call to action button. Yelp wifi marketing is cheap to get a taste of but will cost more to use as a long-term part of your strategy. The bonus is that you get that cheaper experience of the platform beforehand.

Another massive bonus of using Yelp is that it’s easy to manage from your mobile device using the app. You can manage your business remotely, connecting to the app anywhere in the world. Picture yourself lying on a beach in the sun while working. With Yelp, you manage your wifi marketing and reap the rewards at a very low cost to you and your business.

Why Invest in WiFi Marketing

yelp wifi

Yelp wifi marketing is a massively beneficial investment. The marketing strategy boils down to the use of a captive portal. A captive portal is when guest wifi users are blocked from immediately joining your wifi network. A page pops up automatically asking for personal details in exchange for wifi access.

With Yelp wifi, business owners can enjoy automated tools to utilize their captive portal to gain marketing information. This is the real selling point, as you get marketing information without the hard work of collecting it manually.

Yelp wifi is a prime example of how a wifi marketing software can reduce a business owner’s working hours. With valuable automated tools, you can relax and take care of the jobs you feel most confident and happy completing. You aren’t entirely detached from the process either, as you can easily access data from your dashboard.

With Yelp wifi, you can also target your customers more effectively with a better idea of your customer demographics. Whereas, if you choose to collect contact details, you can target past customers and encourage them to return. With personal details like email addresses, you can create email marketing campaigns and send out special deals.

Investing in wifi marketing software will provide you with the information to develop a well-rounded and effective campaign. And Yelp wifi can definitely help you achieve an effective marketing strategy.

Yelp WIFI: Common FAQs

yelp wifi

Now you know what Yelp wifi is and how it can help your business. Why not opt in and get a taste of the platform? Of course, since there’s much to discuss Yelp wifi, you probably still have some burning questions.

This section will cover the most common FAQs about Yelp wifi. With these answers under your belt, you’ll be well and truly ready to tackle your wifi marketing strategy.

What Is a Good Yelp Alternative?

Yelp has its positives and negatives. But the good news is that if you are looking for a Yelp wifi alternative, there are many different options. These are a few of the best:

  • Beambox

Here at Beambox, we have an all-in-one wifi marketing service offering a multitude of valuable tools. You can enjoy automated review handling, demographic analysis, and feedback prompt. Like Yelp wifi, Beambox utilizes a captive wifi portal to boost your business’ marketing strategy.

  • Social WIFI

Social WIFI is a wifi marketing service that aims to help connect with your guests and reconnect with them after they walk out your doors. It provides numerous tools like data collection, demographic analysis, and a branded captive portal.

  • GoZone Wifi

GoZone Wifi’s primary aim is to leverage guest wifi through a captive portal login. This software collects email addresses, encourages social media engagement, and displays ads. It is one of the most popular wifi marketing solutions on the market.

What Do Yelp WiFi Reviews Say?

Yelp wifi reviews generally found the service good value for money. The main concerns were over ownership of customer data, which some businesses found that Yelp removed.

Being unable to access the customer data is a significant flaw in the service. Demographics are one of the company’s major selling points. Further concerns say that Yelp wifi fails to bring anything innovative in an already saturated market.

As one of the lesser popular wifi marketing solutions, Yelp wifi also has a notably low amount of reviews. This means that the software cannot be either strongly recommended or discouraged.

What Does Yelp Stand For?

Yelp is a shortened version of the phrase yellow pages. The yellow pages are any directory of contacts for services and consumer products. While the yellow pages were once a physical book people searched through, most directories are now online.

Yelp combines the ‘yel’ of the yellow pages with the word ‘help.’ It uses a play on words to create a short and memorable business name.

Final Thoughts: What Yelp WiFi Can Do for You

yelp wifi

Yelp wifi is one of many wifi marketing services offering software for businesses to monetize their guest wifi. The product is purpose-designed to capture valuable marketing data - making it a worthy, good-value investment for your restaurant. Users can customize their login screen, collect demographic details and contact details, and begin to build long-lasting client relationships. Expert-designed and led, Yelp wifi is an excellent software to increase revenue through wifi marketing.

Now that you understand Yelp wifi, setting up wifi marketing software will be a breeze. You’ll only need an hour to download and set up your new marketing system. Get started and see the benefits immediately.

Does setting up your wifi marketing software still feel overwhelming? Perhaps Yelp wifi is out of budget, or you still can’t spare an hour? At Beambox, we are happy to help. Outsource your wifi marketing to use, and we can get the ball rolling today. Beambox offers the best all-in-one wifi marketing platform. We leverage a dynamic approach to connect, capture, and keep more customers. Start your Beambox free trial today, and let us help you maximize your wifi marketing potential.

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