How to Use WiFi Marketing to Grow Your Venue

How To Capture Marketing Data Using Your WiFi

Academy 4 minute read 28th September 2021

How To Use WiFi Marketing To Grow Your Venue

This episode is part of our course on How To Use WiFi Marketing To Grow Your Venue. We’ve bundled together all of the most important parts of WiFi-powered marketing in a 4-part video course.

📽 In Episode 1 you’ll learn how to:

  • ✅ Create a WiFi login that pops up when your guests connect to your network.
  • ✅ Brand your WiFi login page with your logo and colour scheme
  • ✅ Customise which data you wish to capture (Email, phone number etc)
  • ✅ Prompt your guests to follow you on social media before they are connected to the internet.
  • ✅ Create a custom welcome page for your guests once they have logged in or send them to a custom URL of your choice such as your TripAdvisor “Leave a review” link.
  • ✅ Set up bandwidth, time and access limits to take control of your WiFi.
⬇️ Episodes in this Series ⬇️
1. How To Capture Marketing Data Using Your WiFi (you are here 📌)
2. Using Segments To Take Control Of Your Marketing Database
3. Grow Guest Loyalty With Marketing Automation
4. Using Review Automator To Get More 5-star Reviews

Levelling up your WiFi marketing

Letting your guests connect to the internet is just the start of the journey. Collecting customer data will allow you to build your email lists and social following, as well as driving customers to leave valuable online reviews.

Collecting customer emails through WiFi marketing is a GDPR compliant way to build your email list. When logging onto the network, customers will have the option to sign up to your updates. They are likely jumping online to check emails or social accounts so may not want to be interrupted from that process for more than a moment.

Collecting an email or gaining a social follow is a great opportunity to engage with them at a later time when they’ll have more time to absorb your messaging. Build-in some timely behavioural marketing such as follow-up emails asking for a review and you’ve got a very powerful tool that can run in the background of your business, quietly building up a very valuable following that you can remarket to.

WiFi marketing as a tool to increase social media Facebook

There are, of course, a huge number of marketing applications for WiFi marketing. Once a customer is online they can be redirected or presented with almost anything on their device. Whether you are looking to gain valuable insight from a survey, show special offers, or even just display a social post or image that helps to build brand awareness.

WiFi marketing is the first step to creating loyal returning customers, fans, and even micro-influencers for your brand.

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