How to Capture Guest Emails with Your UniFi networks

Academy 6 minute read 5th October 2020

Providing free guest WiFi has become a necessity in any modern hospitality venue.

With over 93% of venues offering free WiFi, a free connection is no longer a selling point but is expected of your venue.

What does UniFi provide out of the box?

For venues that already have Ubiquiti hardware in place, you’ll know that while the UniFi guest WiFi options are great, they are basic and lack the powerful WiFi marketing features that a modern venue needs.

We don’t blame them - There’s a lot of data compliance and ongoing maintenance requirements when it comes to capturing data and storing it.

If you’re just looking to achieve the following, UniFi can handle it…

  • Password authentication (a little pointless)
  • Facebook WiFi (You don’t get any data 👎)
  • Branded captive portal (Again, no data 👎)

If you’re looking to use your guest WiFi to grow your marketing database, keep on reading.

How to level up your UniFi networks

Beambox provides a straightforward UniFi integration to help you level up your free WiFi network and start building your guest database. Out of the box, you will:

  • 👤 Capture guest emails and grow your marketing database
  • 📈 Increase your social media followers with WiFi prompts
  • 🎨 Send branded email blasts that bring in business
  • ⭐️ 10x your positive TripAdvisor reviews on autopilot
  • 🤑 Automate behavioural emailing that increases loyalty

Customising your WiFi portal

Our 5-step WiFi setup enables you to manage, brand and customise your guest WiFi experience at any time. When you make a change, your UniFi networks will instantly update without delay. Need to add a new promotion to your WiFi login? No problem, you can update it from anywhere, instantly.

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When guests connect to your WiFi login, they’ll have the option to login using your email form or through social logins. Social logins enable the guest to quickly connect using their existing social media accounts, plus you’ll still be able to capture data such as email address, full name, gender, date of birth and age.

The email form can be completely customised to capture the data that matters most to you. Select from our standard fields or add custom fields to collect bespoke guest data.

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Gender
  • Country
  • Date of birth
  • + Add any custom fields

Organising your form fields

When guests enter their information, it is validated to ensure that your database is filled with quality data only. For example, the email form will verify that the mailbox exists and will prompt the guest to re-enter their email if it fails verification.

When it comes to capturing data, staying legally compliant in both data protection and marketing regulations is critical. All of our WiFi logins are pro-actively compliant in all markets that we operate within (Primarily the 🇺🇸US and 🇪🇺Europe).

Integrating with your existing UniFi controller

The Beambox + UniFi integration is super simple to set up and takes just a few minutes. Simply enter your controller URL, and our integrator will set up your guest network for you.

From there on, you can manage all aspects of your WiFi login directly from your Beambox account. Here’s our full guide on integrating Beambox with UniFi.

Level up your UniFi networks with WiFi Marketing

Beambox helps businesses like yours grow with data capture, marketing automation and reputation management.

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