Hospitality Trends To Keep An Eye On in 2023

Trends 12 minute read 5th October 2020

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, and the year 2023 is no exception. The last few years, namely the COVID pandemic and its aftermath, have reshaped hospitality trends. We even argue for the better.

A few other factors are likely to impact the hospitality industry in 2023. These include the economic climate and the rise of new technologies, among others.

However, the hospitality industry is a dynamic and ever-changing industry. As a business, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve. If you’re wondering how we have you covered.

Most importantly, hospitality businesses need to understand the trends that are shaping the industry. By gaining an understanding, you can be sure you are providing guests with the experiences they want and need.

Here are the 2023 hospitality trends to keep an eye on and incorporate into your business strategy.


The UK government recently announced a forthcoming ban on plastic straws. Additionally, California’s Assembly Bill 161 also proposed forcing stores to ask customers if they wanted printed receipts. This indicates a growing move towards sustainability and waste reduction over the years. This trend has no sign of slowing down. Environmental and social issues top as overall biggest trends.

Guests are more aware of the environmental impact of their travel. As a result, they are looking for accommodations that are committed to sustainability. Specifically, guests are looking for the utilization of recycled materials and a reduction in energy consumption within the hospitality industry.

Go above and beyond by offering sustainable food options and focusing on reducing food waste. It’s no wonder why sustainability tops hospitality trends 2023.


Another one of the trends in hospitality on the rise in 2023 is technology-driven experiences. It’s safe to say that technology is woven into the fabric of our everyday lives. There’s no denying we live in a digital environment. It’s no wonder that guests are looking for hotels and resorts on the cutting edge of technology.

The best part is these technological experiences can be minor. Guests seek innovative and personalized experiences like mobile check-in or contactless payments. Voice-activated controls or a central control hub in rooms are also convenient. For more significant properties, invest in interactive tourist information maps to ensure your customers always know where they are.

For mealtimes, utilize pre-order apps and the ability to order from smartphones at the table. Thankfully, such technology is becoming more commoditized and affordable for independents. It’s one of the hospitality trends you shouldn’t overlook.

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Everyone wants to feel like individuals; your guests are no exception. They are looking for hotels and resorts that offer a personalized customer experience.

We’re talking about tailored recommendations, customized amenities, and remembering guests’ preferences. Simply ask if they are celebrating a special occasion, then acknowledge it. It goes a long way in the hospitality industry. Offering a personalized experience is the gateway to guest loyalty.

Use personalization to your benefit as part of your hospitality trends marketing strategy. Utilize tools such as Mailchimp and Zoho. They offer the ability to send personalized email marketing campaigns to highly targeted audiences.

This doesn’t simply refer to sending a birthday wish every twelve months. Personalized marketing is all about digging into your data and using past buying habits to make a difference. Use your data to direct relevant offers and promotions to people who are most likely to use them.


Okay, so this isn’t exactly one of the new hospitality industry trends. But, after years of dominance in online travel agency (OTA), independent hotels and hospitality companies will shift their focus. Wondering how? They are driving more bookings via their own channels.

Hospitality trends show it’s vital for hoteliers to sell directly to their guests without third-party booking sites. Luckily, there are so many other channels through which you can achieve this.

OTAs have long been a consistent source of new customers for hotels. However, encouraging those guests to return via the hotel’s website or social media channels is better. Showcase all the amenities your hotel or resort has to offer.

You should also note anything that sets your brand apart from traditional hotels. The more your potential customers can envision themselves at your resort or hotel, the more likely they are to book.


Research shows that a moderate percentage of high-income travelers value activities. These clients would put activities above a nice hotel room when spending their money.

These activities, pioneered by niche properties, have increased in popularity over the last couple of years. Adventurous holidays, relaxation breaks, and retreats are just some of the experiences added to run-of-the-mill hotel stays.

The key lies in creating local experiences that offer a global perspective. Food, sightseeing, and local attractions play a significant role here. More than ever, these cultural experiences are likely to take precedence. Hospitality trends rooted in cultural experiences have more value over room upgrades and standard bed and breakfast packages. Customers have a desire to connect with local communities. Use it to your advantage.


You might have heard the phrase ‘Instaworthy’ tossed around a time or two. Does it pique your interest? It should. It hints at hospitality trends sweeping through every corner of the industry. These days are all about doing it “for the gram” or making Tik Tok content worthy.

Place your hotel guests’ meal in front of them, and a few seconds later, that meal ends up on Instagram. Likewise, when someone enters their hotel room for the first time. They’re likely to snap away and add to their social media feed.

Hospitality operators need to ensure those snaps are Instaworthy for the right reasons. Be sure to offer visually satisfying food, decor, and touches. A social media post paired with the right tagging has a far-reaching effect. Plus, it offers free advertisement for your brand.


The truth is, for most people, vacation means taking much-needed time out from daily life. They want to feel refreshed and renewed post-vacation. After all, a relaxing vacation or wellness travel does wonders for positive mental health.

Needless to say, many guests are looking for hotels and resorts that offer healthy and wellness-focused experiences. This includes amenities like healthy food options, fitness facilities, and spa treatments.

While spas and gyms are a dime a dozen in the hospitality industry, look for ways to stand out. Take on this hospitality trends favorite and offer an additional health and wellness retreat. Perhaps a scheduled day of relaxation and centering oneself. Or, a daily massage package addition option to your customer’s stay at an additional cost.

We’re not suggesting that these hospitality trends will proliferate your brand overnight. Nor are they necessarily suited to every kind of independent hospitality business. However, the hospitality industry is constantly evolving. While we can’t predict future trends, staying ahead of the curve is important.

Understanding and incorporating these latest trends into hospitality jobs ensure you are accommodating your guests. You are providing them with experiences that they want and need. By investing in these trends, you’re sure to see the return ten-fold.

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