Benefits of WiFi: What WiFi Can Do for Your Business

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Most businesses know about the benefits of WiFi. Internet access is like a magic wand that you can wave and multiply your profits. It encourages organic social media marketing, facilitates captive portal data collection, and gives you access to millions of potential customers. Setting up a wireless network is essential if you prioritize business success and growth. WiFi is a tool that it’s best to harness quickly.

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In this guide, we’ll look at what WiFi does for your business. There are the basics - the general benefits that WiFi gifts businesses - as well as more nitty-gritty details. For instance, what about the specific benefits of WiFi 6? Or the benefits of 5ghz WiFi? Save your time and access all the information about utilizing an internet connection for your business in one place. Here’s everything you need to know before embarking on your WiFi journey.

Top 5 Benefits of WiFi: Reasons to Immediately Get WiFi

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The best place to start learning about the benefits of WiFi is with the general benefits of using standard WiFi. WiFi is one of those things that has branched out over the years. You’ll find hundreds of wireless technology items with different pros and cons. So it’s best to stay general at first to avoid falling into a rabbit hole of endless gadgets and software types. These top 5 WiFi benefits are the most notable reasons to invest in WiFi for your business. If you are still on the fence about immediately getting WiFi, you’ll be ready to invest after this section.

1. Benefits of WiFi: Boosting Customer Experience

First up is the benefit of WiFi to the customer experience at your business. When people visit your business, providing excellent WiFi is a way to win them over. WiFi makes a big difference. For instance, imagine you are dining at a restaurant alone while traveling. You are a little nervous about being alone but starving and ready to relax after sightseeing all day.

You get out your phone and begin to occupy yourself, finding public transport back to your hotel when - the nightmare hits. No WiFi. Now you have to eat with zero entertainment. And (since you didn’t purchase a SIM) you now have to find a hotspot after eating to return to your hotel. Your restaurant experience? Not positive.

Now envision the opposite. The solo traveler found their transport while dining at your restaurant with your complimentary internet access. And reassured, they spent the rest of the time enjoying themselves - leaving a huge tip at the end. They even snapped a picture for Instagram, and the next day, you got five guests who had seen their story. Customer experience makes a huge difference. A positive customer experience is what you want.

2. Benefits of WiFi: WiFi Facilitates Using Captive Portals

One of the significant benefits of WiFi is that it allows you to set up a captive portal. For those unaware, a captive portal is the backbone of data collection for marketing. It acts as a barricade to customers joining your WiFi - refusing to let them access it until they provide set details. This method allows you to collect email addresses for email marketing campaigns. Or numbers for SMS marketing campaigns.

Captive portals encourage customers to submit valuable personal details they would otherwise never volunteer.

3. WiFi Allows Organic Social Media Marketing

Earlier, we mentioned that those with a positive customer experience might share it on social media. This is called organic social media marketing. It is when customers post to social media of their own accord, giving your business publicity online. The fact it is organic (e.g., the customers decide for themselves) is vital as it makes others perceive it as more trustworthy.

Without internet access, these customers are much less likely to share on social media. Providing an internet connection allows customers to add posts to social media without relying on data. Uploading using data may or may not charge them extra money depending on their mobile phone package. So, why not provide internet access and give guests no reason not to.

4. Benefits of WiFi: Collecting Reviews in Real Time

Another similar positive of using WiFi in your business is that it allows customers to add reviews in real time. Instead of waiting (and probably forgetting) until they get home, you can prompt customers to review your business immediately. This way, you are more guaranteed to get decent reviews. And if customers write reviews while still in your business, they are more likely to report positively. After all, keyboard warriors hide behind being at a distance. It’s harder to write nasty things while sitting in front of a smiling waiter or waitress, or checkout clerk.

Encouraging and facilitating customers to write reviews immediately after interacting with your business is a surefire strategy for success.

5. Staff Benefits of WiFi

WiFi doesn’t just benefit your customers. It also helps your staff and your overall marketing strategy. By providing general-use WiFi, you can film things like live streams, Tik Toks, and reels for Instagram. Providing WiFi opens up a whole world of marketing prospects. And getting your staff involved with these is a beautiful way to boost morale, build rapport, and have a laugh. Staff benefits of WiFi are just as crucial as customer benefits - so consider that when weighing up getting WiFi.

What Are the Benefits of 5ghz WiFi?

When discussing the benefits of WiFi, it is natural to consider the different WiFi types on the market. And the benefits of 5ghz WiFi are well worth a conversation. 5 ghz stands for 5 billion Hertz and is a frequency type that you can choose when picking WiFi. Most WiFi providers offer 5ghz or 2ghz - so you can take your pick. Ready to learn about the benefits? What exactly should sway you towards choosing 5ghz over 2ghz? There are two main reasons:

  • 5ghz is faster

The major benefit of 5ghz WiFi is that it is faster, meaning your WiFi works quicker. However, this does come with a caveat; 5ghz is faster at shorter ranges. If you have a small business with thin walls, 5ghz is perfect. If you have a sprawling, multi-floor restaurant - maybe not.

  • 5ghz reduces lag

Another 5ghz benefit is that its ability to cut through network interference means less lag. If you are streaming lots of videos or content, then this can be a huge benefit. This is particularly the case if your business incorporates videos, provides co-working spaces, or even games machines.

What Are the Benefits of WiFi 6?

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If you are wondering what on Earth is WiFi 6, don’t worry. The best way to describe it is by saying it is a different WiFi generation - the latest, top-of-the-range form of internet connection. It is formally known as 802.11ax, but you’ll agree that WiFi 6 has more of a ring. So, now you are up to speed, what are the benefits of WiFi 6? These are the top considerations to sway you towards investing in this specific WiFi type:

- WiFi 6 has increased power efficiency. __- WiFi 6 has higher data rates which means quicker service - WiFi 6 is better suited to wireless networks with lots of devices - WiFi 6 has increased capacity compared to earlier WiFi models - WiFi 6 not only works in the standard 2 GHz and 5 GHz but also 1 GHz and 6 GHz - which will be more prevalent in future businesses__

Still on the fence? WiFi 6 is a cutting-edge adaptation of the WiFi 5 generation. If you’ve found yourself researching the benefits of 5ghz WiFi, you’ll be blown away by WiFi 6. It is faster and more potent than earlier WiFi versions. These traits mean it’s ideal for businesses where many customers want to join simultaneously. If you’re investing in a memorable customer WiFi experience, consider WiFi 6.

Top Considerations When Purchasing WiFi for Your Business

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If you’ve read our guide so far, you now know lots about the benefits of WiFi. But what about moving forward? You must understand how to harness these benefits and feel confident taking your first steps. You should consider some top considerations when purchasing WiFi for your business. These are top tips on things you should consider and keep an eye out for when WiFi shopping.

1. How Many People Will Be Getting the Benefits of Wifi?

Considering scale is essential - especially in your business’s early stages of WiFi shopping. Establishing how many people will use (and benefit from) your WiFi is vital. If you offer WiFi to many customers, invest in more powerful WiFi, like WiFi 6. Considering how many people will be using your WiFi will prompt you to consider what strength of WiFi you’ll need. There is no point in purchasing WiFi 5 and letting 500 people stream from your WiFi simultaneously.

2. What Is Your Business Location Set Up Like?

This question is essential when WiFi shopping. Shortly after you decide which generation to choose, you must pick routers. This part is the real kicker if you don’t evaluate your business location. If your business covers a large area or has thick walls, you might need help with an internet connection. WiFi signal struggles to transmit through walls, doors, and even furniture.

So to overcome this, many people opt for purchasing multiple routers - which help ensure connection all over the property. Analyzing what your business location set up at the beginning means that you can buy numerous routers immediately if necessary.

3. Making the Most of the Benefits of WiFi With a Captive Portal

Using a captive portal is one of the main benefits of WiFi - so we suggest answering yes to this section. A captive portal lets you collect valuable customer details, creating a barrier and demanding details in exchange for an internet connection. You can further your marketing strategy and grow your business with these details. It also creates a more secure network for you and your customers. You can avoid scammers by requesting valid email addresses before guests access your internet. Just having that extra gateway acts as a deterrent for malicious users.

So, now that you probably will be using a captive portal, why must you decide now? You create captive portals using software, so you need to ensure your WiFi and software are compatible. You may even find a deal to buy captive portal software and WiFi simultaneously. It pays to consider a captive portal from the get-go when WiFi shopping.

Final Thoughts: What Are the Best Benefits of Wifi?

The best benefits of WiFi are the opportunity to create a captive portal and boost customer experience. Creating a captive portal improves many areas of your business - making it one of the most valuable steps. With WiFi, you can use a captive portal like a fishing net to catch the valuable details of each user. And these valuable customer details are the backbone of marketing strategies and growing campaigns. Similarly, a positive customer experience can make or break your business. Investing in WiFi is an essential business strategy.

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