Best CRM Software for Hotels: 4 Options To Choose From

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Hotel owners and marketers always talk about the importance of collecting customer data. However, they often forget the role of CRM software in collecting, managing, and using this data effectively. The problem isn’t always negligence, though. Some people don’t know what the best CRM software for hotels is or how to choose one.

That’s the reason why we’ve created this guide. By the end, you will have complete knowledge of the best CRM software in the hotel industry.

You will also learn the benefits of this software, ways to use the data, and features to look for. So, let’s start!

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Hotel CRM System Definition: The Basics of Boosting Guest Relationships

Success in the hospitality industry is about building meaningful relationships with your guests. Customers won’t become loyal simply because your rooms are spacious and clean.

They’ll also judge your attitude towards them and your understanding and anticipation of their needs before investing time and money. That might seem like a lot of effort in theory, but with customer relationship management software, it’s nothing. If you’re unsure what this software does, here’s the hotel CRM system definition.

CRM software for hotels is a specialized tool that helps hotels manage guest interactions and relationships.

Some people believe the role of CRM doesn’t go beyond storing customer contact information. However, that’s not true. The data comes from various sources, such as the hotel’s website, reservation systems, feedback tools, etc. The more integrations a CRM supports, the more data you will have.

The CRM combines it to provide a centralized platform for managing the complete guest experience, from pre-booking to post-stay.

It also creates a profile for each guest, including details like contact information, stay history, preferences, and communications history.

You can even integrate your hotel’s WiFi and reservation system with the CRM. Doing so will allow you to manage reservations, track room availability, and send automated confirmation emails.

Besides, your customers expect you to be diligent in solving their problems. They don’t want to wait for days before getting a reply to their inquiry. This is another area where a CRM can help. It facilitates guest communication through various channels, including email, SMS, and social media.

Lastly, the software should have robust tracking features for operations, communications, and marketing.

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6 Benefits of CRM Software for Hospitality Industry

The primary role of CRM software is to manage guest relationships. That itself makes this software worth your while. However, good relationships with your guests automatically bring you other benefits worth knowing since they contribute to your hotel’s success.

  1. Customer satisfaction: Since all the data is in one place, proactive communications, personalized experiences, and anticipating needs become easy. This increases guest satisfaction.
  2. Streamlined communication: CRM software lets you access all communication channels easily, notifying you about every pending conversation and query. Plus, you have your customers’ communication history to rely on. As a result, your communication process becomes easier.
  3. Proactive problem-solving: With things like customer feedback, history, and preferences, you can quickly judge a problem and present its solutions. You won’t even have to use multiple tools, which will save time and increase guest satisfaction.
  4. Improved efficiency: CRM software for the hospitality industry also allows you to automate routine hotel tasks. Not only does this reduce the chances of human errors, but it also saves time and resources. Using this software, you can manage your teams, assign tasks and roles, and monitor performance. As a result, you receive improved operational efficiency.
  5. Data-driven decisions: The ability to analyze marketing campaigns and customer data gives you rich, actionable insights to drive your decisions. You don’t have to make guesses. In return, your decisions become more effective while saving time and resources.
  6. Increased revenue: Data from customer feedback and interactions uncovers opportunities for improvement. Acting on these will help you show that you care about your customers’ needs. That will increase customer loyalty to your hotel. Now, loyal customers are less likely to stay elsewhere, which means your revenue will also increase.

What To Look For in Hotel Customer Relationship Management Software?

The first step in choosing hotel customer relationship management software is to look for the basic features. Choose an option that can create guest profiles, centralize data and communications, track everything, and integrate with various platforms.

However, it will also depend on your needs. For example, if you own a small hotel business, even an option with fewer features will suffice. You might not need team management and task automation capabilities if you operate on a small scale. However, for large hotels, choosing an option with only the most basic functionalities will do more harm than good.

Secondly, bring your hotel’s goals into the picture. If your goal is to be available at every step in the customer journey, you’ll also need marketing automation capabilities. But if your goal is to increase overall efficiency, you’ll need task automation capabilities. So, it all boils down to your needs and goals.

Moreover, look for a company that provides constant customer support. Since this is a software system, you never know when you might need assistance.

Lastly, you’ll be collecting and using extensive customer data. So, the responsibility of keeping that data safe falls on your shoulders. For that, you must also judge the options based on data security.

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3 Ways To Use Data From Hotel CRM Software

CRM systems can potentially return $8.71 per dollar you invest. However, just because you’ve invested in hotel CRM doesn’t guarantee this ROI.

You have to use the data from your CRM to achieve these results. If you’re new to this software, it might be challenging to pinpoint where this data fits in your hotel operations. But don’t worry because the following sections will explore the three best ways to use data from hotel CRM.

1. For Effective Marketing Campaigns

A typical CRM software used in hotel industry stores customer information. This type of data can improve the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. The guest profiles that the system creates help with segmentation. It also allows you to analyze your customers’ past interactions and behavior. This way, you can attract customers based on what they like instead of making guesses.

You can also launch targeted marketing campaigns that appeal to a particular group. For example, offer kid-friendly activities to families or airport shuttle deals to business travelers.

Since your marketing campaigns will align with your customer’s needs and preferences, they’ll be more likely to act on them.

2. For Improving Your Products and Services

Another wise decision is to use the CRM database to improve your products and services. This will increase your bookings and revenue and enhance customer loyalty and engagement. Here’s how.

Customers willingly tell you what they like and dislike through surveys, communication, behavior, etc. Keeping things as they are wouldn’t make sense if your customers aren’t happy about them.

So, try to find areas for improvement in your hotel’s offerings. Are people satisfied with your room service? Do they want any extra activities that you can easily offer? Answer such questions and keep making continuous improvements.

Doing so will send a positive message to your guests. It will also build a deep connection with them by showing them your efforts to improve. They’ll feel like you listen to them, and in return, your hotel’s customer loyalty will increase.

Plus, they’ll be willing to give you even more information because they know you’ll use it for their benefit. The by-product of this will be your best customer engagement strategy.

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3. For Enhancing Guest Experience

Knowing your customers also allows you to enhance their experience. They always appreciate it when you go the extra mile for them. Remember, a positive experience makes customers stay loyal to your hotel, even encouraging others to choose you. But how do you do that?

Firstly, pay attention to personalization. Use past interactions and behaviors to personalize your customers’ stay. You can even surprise them with room upgrades based on preferences or pre-stock the mini-fridge with their favorite drinks. Secondly, the data should be used to anticipate customer needs. For example, if customers use the gym frequently, offer them a gym membership discount during their stay.

However, personalization goes beyond marketing (as mentioned earlier). You can even personalize communications. You can judge frequent customer problems by analyzing past interactions and providing personalized solutions.

4 Best CRM Software for Hotels With Features and Benefits

Now that you know the definition and benefits of CRM, let’s move on to the part you’ve been waiting for. Yes, we’re about the software options we promised to explore earlier.

However, the best approach to the following sections would be to go back to the features. Comparing the two side-by-side will give you a better idea of the software you should choose. With that said, here are the four best CRM software for hotels with features and benefits.

1. Choose Salesforce for Hotel Booking System CRM

Since hotel businesses work through bookings, that would be the first source of customer information. But for that, you have to combine your booking system with the CRM.

You can use a separate booking system and integrate it with the CRM or choose a CRM with booking features. If you choose the second option, Salesforce is the option for the hotel booking system CRM. It lets you create a branded app for check-ins, bookings, requests, etc.

This reinforces your branding, increases traffic, and gives guests an easy way to book rooms. Salesforce can get data from this app and other touchpoints, so you won’t have to use separate platforms.

Moreover, it’s one of the best options for aligning multiple teams. Such collaboration allows for more efficient operations and resource allocation.

A standout feature is the real-time access to social media listening tools. These tools let you learn what people say about your hotel on social media and how they interact with it.

However, this software has a steep learning curve, so you’ll need proper training. Moreover, the pricing plans can be too complicated for some people.

2. NetSuite Works Best for Large Hotel Enterprises

Large hotel enterprises need a comprehensive software system that can offer multiple tools in one place. That’s why you should choose NetSuite if you operate on a large scale.

Its best feature is the number of integrations it allows. These integrations work wonders for email loyalty programs, marketing, inventory management, etc. As a result, you can connect all your operations, making them more streamlined.

NetSuite even supports multiple locations worldwide! Another standout feature is its automation. NetSuite automation is flexible enough to handle complex B2B workflows while streamlining individual guest bookings and upsells in B2C.

However, if you operate on a smaller level, skip out on NetSuite. You’ll only end up paying for features you might not even need. Moreover, this is a complex software that requires extensive training before usage. There have also been complaints about its compatibility and advanced reporting features.

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3. Little Hotelier Works Best for Small Hotel Businesses

Little Hotelier is the NetSuite for small hotel businesses. In simpler terms, it’s an all-in-one solution for smaller hotels.

This software lets you easily manage guest bookings, payments, conversations, and complaints. You don’t even have to worry about investing in a booking system. Little Hotelier lets you take online bookings through social media or your website. You can even take bookings through Google Forms!

It’s also easy to use. This makes sense because small businesses rarely have the resources to facilitate extensive software training for themselves or their employees.

However, customers often complain about its limited features, especially related to reporting and analytics.

4. Use Revinate for Personalized Experiences

We’ve been discussing the importance of personalized experiences. If you want help with this aspect of a hotel business, use Revinate.

It can create exceptionally detailed guest profiles with proper segmentation to facilitate personalized experiences.

Moreover, it has hotel reputation management features that help you monitor reviews and reply to them promptly. As a result, you’ll be able to maintain a positive brand image. Plus, you can collect accurate customer feedback through surveys and forms.

It even helps with marketing and its automation. The only problem is its lack of proper lead nurturing features.

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Manage Guest Relationships With the Best Hotel CRM Software That Fits Your Needs

Managing guest relationships starts with choosing the best CRM software for hotels. Assess your business needs — you’ll need consistent customer support and data security. Don’t compromise on basic CRM features, including data collection, centralization, reporting and analytics, and integrations.

You can start now that you know why CRM systems are so great. Want some extra guidance?

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