Break Rooms: Everything Business Owners Should Know

Marketing 13 minute read 10th January 2023

Creating comfortable and inviting employee break rooms is integral to any positive workplace. However, creating the perfect employee break room doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, there are many simple ways to make the most of your space.

In this article, you will learn which benefits a break room provides to the workplace atmosphere. Additionally, you will get some ideas on how to create an ideal break room. These ideas can also be for small businesses with limited space.

What Are Break Rooms

A break room is a designated area where employees can take a break from their daily tasks. It is a place where they can socialize with co-workers and relax. A break room allows workers to re-energize and refresh. It can also be used as a space to collaborate, share ideas, and work on projects together.

In today’s corporate culture, break rooms have become increasingly popular. Employers strive to create more comfortable and engaging workspaces for their employees. Moreover, break rooms can boost morale and encourage productivity. However, it’s necessary to design the space well. The space should allow employees to make the most of their breaks without feeling bored or wasting time.

Break Rooms: Advantages and Benefits for Small Businesses

break rooms

Creating a break room for employees may seem like an unnecessary expense. But there are several advantages and benefits associated with doing so.

Firstly, having a break room allows employees to take regular breaks throughout the day, which can benefit concentration, focus, and productivity. Taking small breaks during work hours ensures staff remains motivated and alert while on shift. Moreover, it helps reduce tension during busy work hours.

Secondly, having an area where employees can chat with colleagues or grab something quick from the fridge is also necessary. This can build strong relationships and create a sense of team.

Thirdly, creating a designated area for staff to relax and unwind creates a positive perception of the workplace and the job itself. A well-crafted break room can make all the difference between a happy and productive workforce and one that feels overworked and undervalued.

Can Employers Put Cameras in Break Rooms?

Employers can put cameras in break rooms. There is nothing wrong with it. The downside is that your employees might feel like they need to be more trusted, or you want to spy on them. Generally, if you have cameras throughout your venue, it makes sense to have CCTV in the break room.

To make a proper choice, you should consider why you need a camera in your employee break room. If you are afraid of someone stealing or damaging things, you can find alternative methods to have things under control. For example, you can clarify with your employees that if such things happen, they might be fired.

Let’s now look at a few ideas to make a beautiful, relaxing, and effective break room.

6 Small Employee Break Room Ideas

break rooms

Contrary to what most employers think, break rooms can be cheap. You can make excellent staff rooms by taking care of little details. Providing your employees with enough opportunities to relax and socialize.

Here are six small employee break room ideas to create a wonderful atmosphere. You can pick the ideas that best fit your workplace and business identity to create a space your employees will love.

Keep Employees Inspired With Break Room Quotes

Quotes are perfect for break rooms. Quotes can reinforce the identity and value of your business, creating a coherent atmosphere for your employees.

When it comes to quotes for break rooms, you can go for serious quotes, funny quotes, or a mix of them.

break rooms

The great idea is to place a chalkboard inside the break room and let your employees write the “quote of the day.” From funny one-liners to wise sayings, break room quotes give employees something to look forward to during their breaks.

Make It Fun With Break Room Games and Free WiFi

break rooms

Break room games can be a great way to help employees relax, socialize, and have fun during their breaks at work. Games are not only entertaining, but they also allow people to bond with one another and form meaningful connections.

Depending on your budget and space, you can choose different games. These are a few ideas:

  • Table tennis table
  • Card games
  • Board games
  • Pool table
  • Trampoline
  • Play Station
  • Foosball (table soccer)
  • Puzzles
  • Chess

People love playing. If you provide engaging games to your employees, they will love the break room and the atmosphere you created.

Moreover, provide your employees with access to the venue’s WiFi. If you are using guest WiFi management software, it will take no time to create an exclusive network for your employees.

Let Employees Unwind Providing Great Break Room Books

Along with games, books should be part of your break rooms. In fact, only some people love to stay around people all the time. Books allow employees to take a step back, relax, and enjoy some time away from their work duties.

Breakroom books typically include novels, short stories, magazines, and comic books. Depending on your company culture, consider providing different types of materials in your break room library. For example, if your company cares about creativity and imagination, you may provide art supplies, or writing prompts along with traditional reading materials.

Get It Right With Delightful Snacks for Break Rooms

Having the right snacks on hand can make a big difference. Whether your employees need to relax, take a quick break, or need something to keep them energized during long workdays. Tea, coffee, and snacks like candies or chocolates can be beneficial for boosting morale and providing an energy boost.

When selecting snacks for the break room, you want to ensure that you’re offering options that will please everyone in the office. For example, if some of your employees are vegan, then ensure they have options. You can opt for a vending machine to avoid purchasing pre-packaged treats.

Offering complimentary food and drink is a great way to incentivize your teams. However, it can be expensive. Nonetheless, providing some type of complimentary snacks is necessary to create a positive atmosphere. Therefore, at least provide the appliances to let your employees help themselves.

Make It Cozy With Awesome Office Break Room Furniture

The break room is a place of ease and relaxation for employees between long days at work. Break room furniture should provide an inviting atmosphere where people can take a moment away from their work day. A great option is a plush couch or an armchair offering full support.

If you want to create a relaxing breakroom investing in quality furniture pieces is vital. Choose stylish and comfortable pieces - think cozy cushions for reclining chairs and sofas. Tables with plenty of legroom underneath or adjustable armchairs for extra lumbar support are great too. Remember the little details, too; adding pillows and blankets will help your staff feel more relaxed during their breaks.

The right furniture can make all the difference in providing employees with a comfortable space to pause, rest, and even take a powerful nap.

Create a Positive Atmosphere With Great Break Room Music

Upbeat music playing in the break room is a great way to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for employees. Music has been proven to positively affect mood and productivity, so it can do magic for your workplace.

A good rule of thumb is to select music that’s not too loud or distracting. Think light jazz or classical pieces, instrumental soundtracks from movies, or even folk songs. If you’re looking for something with lyrics, opt for songs with uplifting messages and an easy-going tempo. You want the breakroom to be where people feel simultaneously comfortable and energized. Make sure whatever music you choose reflects that purpose.

However, what music plays should always be under your control. Keep employees from playing their music and overriding the vibes.

Conclusion on Break Rooms

As you have read, the break room is essential to a positive workplace. It allows employees to take a few moments away from their work responsibilities. It allows them to create an atmosphere conducive to forming relationships among coworkers. In addition, the break room offers an opportunity to ease tension and have a bit of fun with colleagues.

By allowing everyone to relax, refresh and reconnect with co-workers, the conclusion is clear: having a well-designed breakroom can benefit any workplace environment.

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