Digital Signage Advertising: 5 Examples To Inspire and Engage

Marketing 22 minute read 27th June 2023

Are you tired of investing in advertising campaigns that don’t yield the desired results? Or maybe you’re looking to create a sudden buzz around your business? If so, it’s time to explore digital signage advertising.

It helps you overcome dwindling attention spans, cutting through the noise and capturing your viewers’ imagination. So, bid farewell to obsolete campaigns and embrace the power of digital signage.

Here you will learn everything you need about digital signage advertising and how it can engage your audience. Find out its benefits and epic examples to get inspiration.

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What Is a Digital Signage Advertising Network, and What Do You Need To Create One?

Before exploring the epic examples, let’s define the concept of a digital signage advertising network. This fantastic system helps businesses and organizations showcase captivating digital content on screens in public and private spaces.

Its main goal is to advertise products, services or disseminate information to the target audience. So, it fits any marketing strategy. However, to make it work, you need to use both digital signage software and specific hardware. Let’s break that down.

  1. Content Management Solution (CMS). This acts as the central control hub of the digital signage network. It’s like the brain that manages everything. From here you can effortlessly create, manage, and schedule content for display. You can think of it as a software application that allows you to design and upload various media. But what does this media include? Appealing images, engaging videos, enticing text, and even interactive elements. However, the best use of digital signage will depend on your goals.

  2. Media Player. This clever device or software application receives instructions from the CMS and plays the content on the display screens. It’s like the talented actor that brings your content to life. When it gets the signal from the CMS, it downloads the media files and stores them locally.

  3. Digital Advertising Screens. These displays allow the digital signage content to shine and captivate the intended audience. Picture sleek LCD or LED screens, striking video walls, interactive kiosks, or projectors. With all three in place, you can create an advertising network that promotes your brand interactively and intriguingly.

5 Ways Restaurant Digital Signage Can Make a Difference

If you are a restaurant owner, buckle up. Because in this section, you will discover five epic ways that restaurant digital signage can change your advertising game. So, here they are:

  1. Engaging Advertisement Displays: Harness the power of digital signage strategy to show captivating advertising content that is visually stunning and dynamic. This type of engagement marketing leaves a lasting impression and entices customers to further explore your restaurant’s offerings.

  2. Interactive Promotion and Specials: Digital signage advertising opens up exciting possibilities for restaurants to promote daily specials, happy hour deals, etc. What’s more, if you add interactive elements like QR codes, you can boost customer engagement and inspire immediate action.

  3. Targeted Advertising: You can show customers exactly what they want to see. For example, you can promote lunch specials near office complexes or display happy hour deals near local colleges. This can amplify the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Digital signages can increase the effectiveness of your restaurant advertising.

  4. Current Updates and Flexibility: It instantly lets you update your advertising content and digital menu boards. This agility ensures that the content is always fresh, relevant and intrigues customers.

  5. Branding and Customer Experience: Digital signage plays a pivotal role in reinforcing your restaurant’s brand and enhancing overall customer loyalty.

5 Examples of Digital Signage Advertising To Inspire Your Creativity

Did you know surveys reveal that 90% of buyers make purchase decisions based on videos on a screen? Just imagine how much you’re missing out on if you still haven’t incorporated digital signage in your advertising.

But, with many advertising options to advertise your brand, creating the content becomes daunting.

If that’s the case with your advertising, don’t worry. In the following sections, you will discover five epic examples of digital signage advertising to inspire creativity.

Digital Signage Advertising Example #1: British Airways Captures a Child’s Excitement

The classic British Airways digital sign board is starting our list of digital signage advertising examples. It was a true testament to the power of creativity in advertising. This ingenious ad caught people’s attention worldwide and left them in awe. Here’s how.

It showed a child standing beneath the open sky. He had his tiny finger eagerly pointing upwards as a magnificent plane passed above him. They called this campaign “#lookup.” The simple yet captivating image alone piqued curiosity and drew viewers in.

However, the brilliance didn’t stop there. The ad seamlessly incorporated flight data, displaying the flight number and destination of the plane for all to see. This was a remarkable fusion of digital signage design and the latest technology. It demonstrated how innovation could elevate marketing campaigns.

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Digital Signage Advertising Example #2: Pepsi Max Uses Augmented Reality

Another major brand on our list of digital signage advertising examples is Pepsi. In 2014, Pepsi took center stage with its extraordinary augmented reality bus shelter on New Oxford Street in London. The Pepsi Max team devised this innovative campaign, leaving a lasting impression on locals and visitors alike.

Utilizing vanguard 3D rendering and depth mapping techniques, Pepsi brought its powerful brand message, “Live For Now,” to life.

Passengers awaiting their buses found themselves in front of a regular, transparent piece of glass. Little did they know, they were about to embark on an extraordinary journey. Behind the scenes, cameras and the latest augmented reality technology created a series of magnificent events right before their eyes.

We’re talking about spectacular 3D animations to great virtual scenarios. These immerse viewers in a world where the impossible becomes possible.

Here’s the result of this innovative guerrilla marketing approach. Within five days, the bus shelter garnered a staggering 3 million online views. Moreover, it reached an astonishing 385 million people through media coverage.

This campaign demonstrated the immense power of AR technology in creating unforgettable and shareable experiences.

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Digital Signage Advertising Example #3: Land Rover Encourages Simplicity

Another digital signage advertising example is the British luxury vehicle manufacturer’s campaign. It earned them the prestigious Creative Out of Home Award and massive success on social media. It must be something, right? Well, let’s explore.

The campaign’s central theme revolved around challenging the conventional assumptions about different seasons. It set up digital billboards to urge viewers to break free from the notion that winter meant staying indoors. Instead, it encouraged them to explore moments of beauty and positivity even during the dreariest time.

This intriguing approach struck a chord with audiences, generating widespread engagement and sharing across social media. The campaign demonstrated that a carefully crafted and executed idea can leave a lasting impact.

It served as a reminder that traditional billboard signs can be just as effective and memorable as the latest technology. All you need to do is infuse a bit of creativity.

You can captivate viewers and foster meaningful connections by tapping into the power of reliability and offering a fresh perspective.

Digital Signage Advertising Example #4: Timberland Makes a Virtual Fitting Room

Now let’s delve into the captivating world of the renowned clothing label, Timberland. In 2014, it harnessed the power of augmented reality technology to revolutionize a challenging aspect of the store experience. Let’s see how.

Timberland employed digital technology to create a virtual fitting room using a screen of 80 inches. This breakthrough allowed customers to seamlessly navigate the brand’s entire collection and try on garments without entering a fitting room.

The effectiveness of this campaign stemmed from its ability to address a significant customer pain point. Customers could bypass the usual hassles while still achieving their primary objective: trying on clothes.

So, what did we learn from this digital signage campaign? The best digital signage is not just about temporary campaigns. Instead, unlock its full potential to enhance customer experience by integrating digital signage into the core fabric of your operations.

If you’re thinking, “How is that part of advertising?” here is the answer. Timberland solves its customers’ problems through this digital signage advertising, leading to customer satisfaction.

A satisfied customer is the best advertisement type because they will share their experience with others. Moreover, such an initiative is rare and creates a buzz around Timberland.

Special Entry: How SLS Las Vegas Deployed Hotel Digital Signage To Impress Its Customers

Let’s end with a hotel digital signage at The Center Bar within the vibrant SLS Resort in Las Vegas. Following an extensive renovation, the SLS Resort reopened its door in 2018.

This time, it unveiled a remarkable array of digital signage advertising displays that captivated visitors from near and far. Among these displays, one stood out: a breathtaking 3D display suspended from the ceiling above The Center Bar. The catch? You had to view it from the perfect angle.

The ingenious minds at Daktronics crafted it, transforming the bar’s ambiance into an immersive visual spectacle. It comprised 2.1 million multicolor LEDs meticulously arranged within a boxed structure.

This massive structure was 32 feet long, 18 feet wide, and 4 feet deep. Its presence became a fusion between captivating digital content and the dynamic world of dining and entertainment.

The result? An extraordinary product that left patrons enchanted, offering an unforgettable visual feast to complement their gastronomic experience.

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What Do Digital Signage Advertising Rates Depend On? Here’s a Detailed Overview

Let’s now talk about digital signage advertising rates. Online advertising typically starts with an average CPM of $3. In comparison, digital signage advertising can have a CPM of $9 to $32. Remember, these rates are not static and depend upon the following factors:

  1. Location and foot traffic: When you have prime spots in bustling shopping malls, busy streets, airports, etc., you naturally get higher rates. In other words, footfall is crucial. This is because of the increased exposure and the potential to reach a larger audience.
  2. Size and type: Bigger screens tend to catch more attention and provide better visibility. This makes them more valuable and commands higher rates. Additionally, vibrant LED displays or captivating video walls can offer more visually engaging advertising opportunities. This can influence the rates accordingly.
  3. Duration and frequency: Longer ad durations or frequent rotations increase the exposure and reach of the advertisement. Which increases exposure, resulting in higher rates.

  4. Content and design: Yes, the content has an impact as well. The clever design and strategic content have a better chance of capturing the attention and delivering impressive results.

  5. Demand and competition: Like everything else, digital signage is more expensive in areas with higher demand. Moreover, if there is more competition, the rates go even higher.

  6. Additional services and features: Some providers offer valuable extras like analytics and reporting capabilities, interactive touchscreens, etc. You need to pay extra for these perks.

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Benefits of Digital Signage Advertising: Amplify Your Brand’s Reach and Impact

Before we wrap up this article, let’s discuss the main benefits of digital signage advertising. While the main goal is to amplify the reach and impact of your brand, that is not all.

Firstly, you can captivate potential customers with a digital signage marketing strategy. Do this by displaying dynamic and appealing content in areas with high traffic. Its vibrant visuals, engaging motion graphics, and interactive elements make it stand out from traditional static signage. You will get attention for sure.

Moreover, features like touch screens create a more immersive and captivating experience for viewers. They encourage customers to actively engage with the content, explore your products or services, and make informed decisions. This, in turn, leads to deeper connections and higher engagement levels.

But that’s not all. Because digital signage advertising enables you to provide real-time updates. This feature lets you quickly adapt and respond to changing circumstances.

Additionally, you can segment and target specific audiences based on demographics, location, or other relevant factors. For example, suppose you own a hotel. You can show the ad for your terrace swimming pool to people on or around the terrace.

Your content will reach the right people to increase engagement and conversion rates.

Wait, the benefits don’t stop here. Because unlike traditional print advertising, digital signage eliminates the cost and logistical challenges of printing, distribution, etc.

Lastly, it allows you to display various content formats, including images, videos, animations, and social media feeds. This empowers you to effectively showcase your brand’s story, highlight product features, demonstrate usage scenarios, and create memorable experiences.

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Connect With Your Audience and Make a Lasting Impression With Captivating Digital Signage

To wrap up, digital signage advertising offers a captivating and engaging approach to showcasing your products and services. Its interactive and immersive nature effortlessly captures the attention of viewers, making it an effective marketing tool.

It gives you the flexibility to create campaigns you can display on billboards, LCD displays, LED screens, and more.

However, remember to strategically plan the placement when deploying your digital signage campaigns. This will help you maximize the impact and ensure it reaches the right audience.

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