Fastest Public WiFi: How To Stay Connected and on the Go

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Do you know about needs and wants? Needs are necessities of life; they are the things we can’t live without. Wants are desires; we can live without them, but we desire them to enhance our quality of life. WiFi used to be our want, but it has become a need. This is because of the attachment to the online world for the majority of the public. Whether for business, pleasure, or emergency internet access, most individuals demand connection to the fastest public WiFi.

You will probably hear people in restaurants and cafes say, I “need” WiFi. The government and various business industries have recognized the importance of providing public WiFi hotspots. They know that people are demanding WiFi wherever they go. This demand has increased the availability of free public WiFi services in places such as parks, shopping malls, and airports.

“Free” is not the important part anymore. People are willing to sign up for a subscription to get access to the fastest public WiFi. They are willing to do so to get a fast connection and to protect themselves from public WiFi security risks. As technology advances, our dependency on WiFi will grow, making it an essential part of our daily lives.

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How To Find the Fastest Public WiFi Near Me: A Step-By-Step Guide

When people type in the keywords “fastest public WiFi near me,” this proves that the internet has become a necessity. The keyword to focus on here is “fastest.” Many people are only willing to visit certain places if they have a fast internet connection. Luckily, a site called WiFi Map will help you locate the fastest public WiFi.

WiFi Map is a valuable tool that provides information about the speed and availability of WiFi networks. This site lets you easily find the fastest WiFi hotspots near you. Keep in mind that the application will not scan all private and free hotspots. WiFi Map is dependent on the WiFi community to add networks and share their speeds and other available information. As a result, community members contributed all of the hotspots and their information that you will see on the WiFi map.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use this application.

Fastest Public WiFi Step 1: Download the WiFi Map Application

You can view WiFi hotspots using the website. However, it will prompt you to download the app for iOS and Android to view the complete details. Once you have downloaded the application, open it, and the app will ask permission to view the device’s location. Allow WiFi Map access to the device’s location and proceed to the next step. This is a paid service, but you can use it for free with limited options.

The main screen, which is the app dashboard, will display four different information panels:

  1. WiFi Finder
  2. My Offline Maps
  3. Global eSim
  4. VPN

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Fastest Public WiFi Step 2: Find the Nearest WiFi Hotspots Using the WiFi Finder

Click on the “WiFi Finder” option and make sure your device’s location is on. The app will scan for nearby devices and list the WiFi available nearby. Click on any of the hotspots, and it will reveal the following information:

  1. The location on the map
  2. The name of the WiFi
  3. The signal strength
  4. The distance from your current location to the WiFi hotspot

With this tool, you can check for the fastest public WiFi in your area.

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Fastest Public WiFi Step 3: Connect to a WiFi Hotspot

After scanning the list of available WiFi nearby, select the one you want. Preferably closer to you so you don’t have to travel far, with the fastest public WiFi signal strength, and accessible. After finding the WiFi you like, click the “How to Connect” button. It will list the steps explaining how to connect:

  1. The first step is to go to where the WiFi is so that your device can pick up the network. Using “Get Route” will display the location of the hotspot and the direction to get there.
  2. Once there, scan for the network. If it is okay, connecting to it requires a password. If the user has shared their WiFi, they would have also provided the password.
  3. Copy and paste the password to join the network.

By following these steps, you can easily connect to any free or private network. Make sure to look at the download speed to ensure you connect to the fastest public WiFi available. The WiFi community’s users share all the information related to a hotspot. All the information added to the WiFi Map database undergoes no verification process. This means the shared hotspot can be 100% correct, incorrect, or outdated and may not offer any public WiFi security.

Where Is the Fastest Public WiFi in the World?

The quest to find the fastest public WiFi service may have sparked your curiosity about which countries have high-speed internet. You want to discover where is the fastest public WiFi in the world. It is no surprise that some of the first-world countries will be at the top of the list. However, not all of these countries can boast of having the fastest public WiFi.

5 Countries With Fast Public WiFi

Some nations heavily invest in their WiFi infrastructure and consistently rank at the top for having the fastest public WiFi. Here is a list of the countries providing the best public WiFi services.

  1. South Korea. South Korea has one of the most reliable and fastest public WiFi services in the world. South Korea’s internet connections are highly efficient. It has an average download speed of 52 MBPS and an upload speed of 51 MBPS. The country has also implemented a widespread network of free public WiFi hotspots. It makes it convenient for residents and tourists to stay connected on the go.
  2. Lithuania. Lithuania, known for its advanced technology sector, has consistently ranked among the best for having the fastest public WiFi since 2011. It has an estimated upload speed of 15 MBPS and a download speed of almost 14 MBPS.
  3. Croatia. Croatia also has the fastest public WiFi, and its internet download and upload speeds are close to Lithuania’s.
  4. Estonia. Estonia is another country providing fast public WiFi services. It has an average download speed of 13 MBPS and an upload speed of 11 MBPS.
  5. Ireland. Ireland focuses on free WiFi and has launched up to in 200 free WiFi hotspotspublic places. Ireland’s internet connections offer a good download speed of approximately 11.5 Mbps. Unfortunately, its download speed is not as fast as in some countries on the list. It comes to about 5 Mbps.

There are more countries that offer fast WiFi. However, these countries usually score high on the fastest public WiFi in the world list due to two factors:

  1. A high number of public WiFi hotspots provide reliable and high-speed internet access to their citizens and visitors.
  2. Continuing investment in advanced technologies such as fiber-optic networks or 5G connectivity

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What Public Place Has the Fastest WiFi?

If your country did not make the list, there is no need to worry. Even though your homeland does not offer the fastest public WiFi, you may still get access to fast guest WiFi. Guest WiFi is available in many public places. These networks may be slower than those in the top-ranked countries, but they still provide access to the internet.

If you are wondering what public place has the fastest WiFi, consider cafes and restaurants. Here are some popular eateries that provide the fastest public WiFi:

  1. Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin Donuts has the fastest download speed, overcoming Starbucks significantly. With an average download speed of 6.09 Mbps, Dunkin Donuts ensures a seamless browsing experience for its customers. So, whether you need to work or stream your favorite shows, Dunkin Donuts offers lightning-fast WiFi to keep you connected.
  2. Tim Hortons. The majority of Tim Hortons in the United States and Canada offer free WiFi to their customers. To find a restaurant that offers WiFi, check out the Tim Hortons store locator. Tim Hortons provides the fastest public WiFi, with a download speed of 22.7 Mbps. However, the speed varies at different branches, so don’t expect the same download speed at every outlet.
  3. Peet’s Coffee. The coffee they sell is as impressive as the free high-speed internet they offer to their guests. Unlike Tim Hortons, all of their locations offer complimentary WiFi. So there is no need to visit the store locator to search for an outlet. The download speed of 20.5 Mbps across all of their branches ensures a reliable internet connection for customers.

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How To Secure Your Public WiFi

Many businesses, especially restaurants, aim to provide the fastest public WiFi to gain a competitive edge over rivals. Unfortunately, providing public WiFi services puts businesses and consumers at risk of cyberattacks and security breaches.

Hackers are patiently waiting for unsuspecting users to connect to public WiFi services so they can steal their personal information. The only way users can protect themselves is to make sure that:

  • They connect to the right internet.
  • The WiFi they are using is password-protected.
  • WiFi access is only for customers.
  • The public WiFi does not ask for any personal information.
  • Avoid using a public WiFi service for sensitive work, such as online payments.

Businesses, on the other hand, need to ensure that they are using the services of a reliable provider. The network provider must offer all the security features necessary to protect the business and its customers from hacking attempts.

One reliable networking company is Beambox. Using Beambox, businesses can safely share their WiFi information with customers. Beambox manages the security of the network and provides the fastest public WiFi. If you’re a business owner, Beambox can boost your public WiFi services and needs.

Grow your business and customer loyalty with guest WiFi!

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