Find WiFi: From Passwords to Hotspots

Marketing 9 minute read 28th February 2024

A brilliant WiFi network is worth its way in gold. So, if there’s one thing you should know, it’s how to find WiFi. There are tons of things to consider when accessing WiFi. You’ll need the WiFi password for personal network use, while if you’re out and about, you’ll need to understand hotspots.

In our modern lives, we use WiFi in all avenues of life. You should consider using a public network to check potential outfits with friends if you’re out shopping. Or, at home, you may need WiFi for remote working or to stream movies for a chill night in.

Alternatively, you may be a business owner looking to enter the world of WiFi marketing.

This guide will help you manage WiFi at home, in your business, or in public. We’ll cover everything you need to know about finding great-quality WiFi. Here’s how you can access amazing WiFi wherever you are.

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How To Find WiFi in Public Places

The best way to find WiFi in public places is through WiFi hotspots. These places offer WiFi to members of the public, usually in exchange for marketing details through captive portal logins. If you are wondering how to find WiFi in public places, you must know how to spot these hotspots.

There are a few ways to find these hotspots and get free WiFi access. You should learn what types of places typically offer free WiFi, like chain restaurants and coffee shops. These types of places are reliable spots to find free WiFi hotspots.

You only need to memorize a few WiFi-providing chains, like Starbucks or McDonald’s, and locate them in public.

You should also learn what safety precautions to take when finding WiFi in public areas. For example, joining open networks using a VPN for additional security.

Who doesn’t want to get free WiFi wherever they go? Learning a few tips and tricks to find WiFi in public places is worth it.

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Places Offering Free WiFi

Generally, you should look for chain restaurants and cafes first. These are the most reliable places to find WiFi, as they have a general WiFi policy. You can also sit down and enjoy food and drink while using their internet, which is a definite plus. Good bets include:

  • McDonald’s
  • Starbucks
  • KFC
  • Wendy’s
  • Costa Coffee

In all of these chains, you can expect pretty fast WiFi. Most don’t even require WiFi passwords, using captive portals instead. You can also ask independent restaurants and cafes; for the last decade, it’s become the norm to offer guests WiFi. Just be more mindful of spending proportionately and avoid taking up a table at peak hours.

There are other options if you choose something other than a chain restaurant or cafe. Here are a few other places you can visit for free WiFi:

  • Libraries
  • Public transport and stations
  • Public parks
  • Historic city centers and main squares
  • Co-working spaces

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How To Stay Safe on Public WiFi

Staying safe is just as crucial as finding public WiFi. The last thing you want is to find public WiFi and become a target for session hijacking. In this scenario, beggars can be choosers. So, get picky.

The first thing you should consider is what networks you are joining. Don’t just join any old WiFi network. As a general rule, WiFi that belongs to businesses like restaurants and cafes is safer. It endures less traffic than free city WiFi or transport WiFi, making it less of a target for hackers.

You can massively reduce the risk of public WiFi by choosing low-risk networks. You can also invest in software like VPN apps, many of which are free on an Apple or Android device. These apps encrypt your data and make public WiFi safer.

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How Do I Find My WiFi Password for Home WiFi?

Finding your WiFi password for your home network is simple; it’s on the back of your router. If you turn over your router, you’ll see a default network name and password on the back. The password should be around eight digits and a mixture of letters and numbers.

The question, “How do I find my WiFi password?” is easy to answer. If you’re using a Mac, you may also find your WiFi password through Keychain Access. It is an automatically running password manager app on your Mac device that stores your passwords.

Once you have your default password, consider changing it. It might sound counterintuitive, but default passwords are a security risk. Changing your home WiFi password to something more secure as soon as possible is a good idea.

Use a mixture of letters and numbers, choosing something difficult to guess and not something obvious, like a birthday.

How Businesses Benefit From Offering WiFi

You might know all about finding WiFi, but it’s good to understand how businesses benefit from guest WiFi. You should always understand the motive behind guest WiFi to ensure ethical use for yourself.

Businesses aren’t just offering free WiFi out of the goodness of their hearts; it’s a brilliant marketing technique. You should also listen to this section if you’re a business owner.

Guest WiFi keeps customers happy. When customers are happy, they stay longer, spend more, and return quicker. This magic three is enough justification and really helps develop business growth and customer loyalty.

However, guest WiFi also allows you to introduce a captive portal marketing system.

A captive portal stops immediate WiFi access and requests details via a form. These details could be your email address for future email marketing campaign use or a terms and conditions agreement.

It is an excellent way to secure your WiFi and build a handy marketing recipient contacts database.

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Beambox: A Captive WiFi Solution

At Beambox, we offer captive portal solutions as part of fantastic guest WiFi packages. Our all-in-one WiFi marketing software lets you provide guests with mutually beneficial, speedy WiFi.

Your customers are happy and receive safe WiFi to enjoy. You’re happy with a growing list of marketing contacts and a WiFi service that grows your business.

Trying to find WiFi doesn’t need to be difficult. Start your Beambox free trial today. We can provide the missing piece, making your guest WiFi network work for you.

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