Fishbowl Email Marketing: A Software Introduction

Marketing 14 minute read 28th August 2023

Fishbowl Email Marketing is one solution when it comes to email marketing software. Email campaigns are vital for building customer loyalty and converting sales - for both large and small business marketing.

Marketing is one thing you can never do too much of; the more people you reach, the better. Restaurant digital marketing is a fantastic tool for restaurant growth.

Fishbowl covers many marketing types, including social media, email marketing, store marketing, and analytics. Whether you run an e-commerce business or a restaurant, investing in some marketing software is worthwhile. After all, who doesn’t want loyal customers and plenty of sales?

It’s an excellent idea to get to grips with the options in the marketing software market before making any commitments. In this guide, we’ll thoroughly introduce you to Fishbowl and what it looks like to use this software.

Don’t worry; we will tell you everything from cost to a feature breakdown. And we will also show how Fishbowl fits in amongst the marketing industry and its competitors. You’ll have all the information to make your decision in no time.

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What Is Fishbowl Email Marketing?

Fishbowl Email Marketing is a marketing software that helps restaurants in their marketing journey. Online software is a tool to grow and improve your business. And this software has tons of features, including a customer database. The positive about using software like Fishbowl is that they automate all the tricky parts.

You don’t need solid marketing knowledge; marketing software levels the playing field. You use automatic features and allow the software to guide you, just inputting email addresses. In just a little while, you soon have the cogs whirring.

With Fishbowl specifically, you have a collection of general marketing features. While the software caters to digital marketing, it has a few general qualities. These include an email marketing feature that helps to automate your email list and orchestrate email campaigns. It also has a social media marketing feature that allows you to target socials to connect with customers.

Finally, you also have a guest database management system and dashboard analytics. Getting assistance managing a customer database is super handy. Similarly, operating a marketing campaign without dashboard analytics is like driving without a steering wheel. Analytics break everything down and allow you to track progress and adjust your strategy if necessary.

As you can see, Fishbowl ticks tons of boxes. It is a popular choice as a standard marketing software for the restaurant industry.

What Is the Cost of Fishbowl Email Marketing?

So, what is the cost of Fishbowl Email Marketing? Well, pricing works in a few different ways. Firstly, you can book a free trial for Fishbowl and contact the company directly for demo information. If you decide to move past this stage, though, this is the information you’ll need as of 2023.

Fishbowl feedback occasionally comments on steeper prices, which is a consideration if you are on a low budget. But, on the other hand, reviews also state good value for money and return on investment. It is worth crunching your numbers and budget beforehand to see whether investing in marketing software is for you. Cost is an important consideration, so always do due budgeting and market research.

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Why Use Email Marketing Software Like Fishbowl Email Marketing?

So you know what Fishbowl Email Marketing actually is. But why should you use software like Fishbowl? What do you gain from email campaigns and other forms of digital marketing in the restaurant industry? Simple. You gain connection. Marketing is just a way to connect with people - be that existing customers or new customers. By connecting with existing customers, you encourage repeat visits and customer loyalty. By connecting with new customers, you encourage fresh faces and grow your circle of brand awareness. This growth means you get more profit and a more successful business overall.

That is why you should invest in marketing in terms of general benefits. Here are some reasons why you should invest in marketing software specifically:

  • Automation reduces your work hours

Everyone knows that the restaurant industry is demanding; demanding in terms of time, money, and head space. Anything you can do to reduce your work hours is a huge plus. And that is where automation comes in. Marketing software automates specific processes, which gives you more business flexibility.

  • Marketing software is beginner-friendly

Secondly, marketing can be daunting to approach. You might still need to learn about email campaigns and other particular aspects of marketing. However, when you use software, that experience doesn’t matter. Marketing software is beginner friendly and fills in many gaps to simplify marketing in the restaurant industry.

  • Marketing software is budget-friendly

Lastly, marketing software can be really budget-friendly. If you choose your software wisely, you’ll be able to find minimal risk and maximum reward options. Most software charges a flat-rate annual fee or a small monthly subscription. Remember that budget-friendly is subjective, though, and you’ll need to crunch your numbers before investing.

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How To Collect Email Addresses for Software Like Fishbowl Email Marketing

Picture this: you sit down after purchasing Fishbowl Email Marketing software and go to the email campaigns section. However, you are missing one detail that Fishbowl can’t give you; email addresses. You can collect email addresses to add to a marketing customer database in a few ways. Here are the top three:

  • Captive portal WiFi

Everyone expects WiFi when they arrive at a restaurant. Captive portal acts like a barricade, stopping people from entering your WiFi until they give their details. You can request people’s email addresses as a specific necessary detail - exchanging emails for WiFi connection.

  • Restaurant loyalty program

A restaurant loyalty program is a brilliant way of collecting email addresses. You just invite loyal customers to sign up to collect points and rewards for their interactions. Of course, they’ll need to provide an email address as a point of contact to join. You’ll soon build up an email list.

  • QR code feedback forms

Lastly, QR code feedback forms can fit onto menus or posters. You just scan the QR code, and it takes you to a form where you can input specific feedback. You must enter an email address to redeem a reward in exchange for filling out this form.

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Who Are the Fishbowl Email Marketing Competitors?

So, you are set on purchasing email marketing software for your business. You now know all about Fishbowl, but what about other marketing software for the restaurant industry? We will quickly introduce you to some significant names in the game. These are the top competitors for Fishbowl Email Marketing.

  • MailChimp

MailChimp is most famous for its free email marketing package. It is one of the top options for anyone new to marketing in the restaurant industry. This software handles all of the tricky details, like learning about the different types of emails in marketing. And better yet, it does it by providing a minimal-risk and high-reward software system.

  • Benchmark

Benchmark offers a free package if you only send under 250 emails a month. But as soon as you grow your email list, you’ll need to invest in a paid package. Luckily this is only $15 a month - a meager price comparatively in the industry. Benchmark has many valuable features, including an option to send out email surveys and polls.

  • AWeber

When running a restaurant, editor duties can be a bit tiresome, and that’s where AWeber comes in. AWeber has built-in email editing systems that help you send off a sparkly copy to entice your email list. There are even sample email templates and landing pages to use as inspiration. This software costs $29 monthly once you add over 500 email addresses.

As you can see, many alternatives for those wanting software like Fishbowl Email Marketing on a budget exist. Don’t commit to just one; instead, allow yourself a few hours to shop around.

Final Thoughts: Moving Forward With Marketing

Moving forward with email marketing for your restaurant is a necessary and exciting next step. There are many amazing pieces of software like Fishbowl Email Marketing on the market, so do thorough market research before purchasing. Fishbowl is excellent if you have a higher budget and covers all the major feature requirements.

If you have a lower budget – or just want a lower-risk software – look at the alternatives we covered. Finding marketing software that matches your company and requirements is absolutely vital.

In terms of a timeframe, we suggest spending approximately 1-3 hours researching restaurant marketing software. You should spend up to a couple of hours speaking directly with any software companies that pique your interest.

If you get a wriggle on, you can have your email marketing software ready in a day. Solid marketing software in the restaurant industry is advantageous, so it’s worth sticking to a strict schedule.

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