Free Hotspot WiFi: From a Business Perspective

Marketing 12 minute read 31st January 2024

There are millions of WiFi hotspots around the world. In fact, there’s nothing the public loves more than free hotspot WiFi. You’ll find it at supermarkets, shopping centers, schools, and restaurants. You can even find it on buses.

A free WiFi hotspot is worth its weight in gold. It keeps customers and guests happy and often extends their stay. Another coffee seems like a no-brainer when you’re inside a comfortable and warm café scanning through Instagram. We all know the benefits of using free social WiFi. The vast majority of us have done it. So, what is the benefit for business owners?

In this guide, we’ll unpack the nature of free WiFi hotspots from a business perspective. We’ll cover everything from how to buy a hotspot app to why you should bother with offering free WiFi. Use this guide and consider doing a free trial for WiFi hotspots.

In short, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know to set up a killer hotspot strategy. WiFi can totally transform your business, so this is an exciting step. And in less than 10 minutes, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to make your first moves. Ready for a successful WiFi hotspot strategy? Here you come.

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Defining Hotspots and Their Benefits to Business Owners

Hotspots are a dual term. They can refer to connections like mobile hotspots, which rely on data rather than WiFi networks. Most individuals have a hotspot plan with their internet service provider, dictating how much mobile data usage they get. Or it can be a casual term to refer to businesses offering places where customers can “jump on” their WiFi. The latter is what we’ll be focusing on in this guide.

Chances are you’ve already heard of guest WiFi. Places like hotels and restaurants tend to offer guests WiFi. It is a secure way to offer WiFi separate from your staff network. Keeping customers happy and your business safe.

There are tons of benefits to offering hotspots to guests. These are just a few:

  • Increases customer loyalty.
  • Gives you the chance to use captive portals to collect marketing details.
  • Customers stay longer and spend more money at your business.
  • You’ll attract more solo diners, providing them with a crutch to boost confidence by browsing.
  • Customers are happier and enjoy the perk.
  • Encourages customers to leave reviews in real-time before they leave and forget.
  • Promotes social media engagement.

How To Get Free WiFi Hotspot Systems Set Up

Free access to WiFi hotspots is fast becoming an expectation amongst consumers and customers. So, from a business perspective, owners are asking how to get free WiFi hotspot software. We’ll break it down into simple steps.

1. Establish a WiFi Network

First things first, you’ll need business WiFi. You can only provide something to guests after you get your WiFi up and running. Shop around for the best deals and make sure to maximize coverage. You may need to invest in WiFi extenders if your business is in a specific building layout.

2. Open Your Web Browser to Change Your Settings

Every router has an online login system where you can manage your settings. You can find this by searching your router’s IP address. Login in and select the guest network tab.

3. Create Your Guest Network

Here, you get the chance to name your guest network. Pick something funny or helpful, or try to disguise your WIFi name. For instance, calling it a “police surveillance van.” Your tactic is up to you.

4. Test Out Your New Hotspot WiFi

Next, you need to test out your new hotspot. To log in, test your free WiFi hotspot device using an unfamiliar mobile device. At this point, you can also connect a captive portal if you wish. This acts like a sieve, creating a form to collect valuable marketing details before guests join.

This entire process is free besides the initial cost of purchasing a WiFi. You can easily create a free WiFi hotspot to attract guests and securely facilitate WiFi use. But what about if you don’t have a constant physical location? Do you move around a lot? You may offer a food truck business or pop-up stores. If so, check out our next section.

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Buying a Free Portable WiFi Hotspot

Another popular option is to buy a free portable WiFi hotspot. This is most suitable for business owners with mobile businesses, such as food trucks. So, what are portable WiFi hotspots? They allow you to enjoy connection through cellular data, like a permanent WiFi router that doesn’t need plugging in. This type of “WiFi-free” hotspot is ideal for businesses on the go.

The business owner can enjoy the benefits of a router-like device providing internet from cellular data. You can also then offer it to guests, a convenient hotspot for free. It is a great way to still provide guests with hotspot connections without a constant physical location.

How A Free WiFi Hotspot App Works

Another thing to be aware of as a business owner offering a hotspot is hotspot apps. A free WiFi hotspot app is a standard tool for customers and the general public. There are a few different apps on the market.

One is a simple mobile device converter, switching your mobile into a mini router using cellular data. If you have an unlimited data package, this is brilliant for providing a hotspot on the go. The app turns your device into a portable hotspot, like the abovementioned devices. You won’t need WiFi to provide an internet connection to guests, which is brilliant for businesses like food trucks.

Plus, you don’t get the upfront cost of buying a brand-new portable device (you just use your existing mobile).

Another form of app is hotspot maps. These apps show users where they can find hotspots in a specific location. So, list your business on such apps to grow your customer base and attract more people to your business. It is an easy way to market the fact you offer a hotspot to guests.

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How Free Government WiFi Hotspot Systems Work

Finally, let’s look at one of the most popular forms of hotspots, the free government WiFi hotspot. It isn’t just other business owners offering free WiFi. The government provides plenty of WiFi hotspots. For instance, you can find public hotspots in large parks and city centers.

It is good to understand the difference between business and government-provided hotspots. This way, you know what you can offer guests differently.

Government hotspots provide network access to thousands of people at once. They create a login page through a captive portal, and the public can access their internet network. Handy, right? It is a similar software, just on a larger scale.

The main difference to note is in security. Government hotspot WiFi is notoriously insecure. Because it is available to many people, it leaves users more vulnerable to malicious attacks and malware. As such, your business hotspot stands out mainly because it is on a smaller scale. You offer it to your select guests, keeping a smaller circle of users.

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Free Hotspot WiFi: Elevate Customer Experience and Boost Your Marketing Today!

Connectivity is key, and with Beambox, you’re not just providing free hotspot WiFi — you’re elevating customer experience.

There are thousands of ways to provide your guests with an internet connection. You can set up a guest network off your original WiFi network, which is free. You don’t need a constant physical location as a business owner. By investing in unlimited data, you could use portable hotspots or apps to convert your phone to a router. Get creative with Beambox because we go beyond traditional setups.

Are you ready to get all the benefits of providing your guests with internet connections? At Beambox, we provide captive portal software for strategic WiFi marketing.

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