Free WiFi Hotspot: How, Why, and Everything to Know

Marketing 14 minute read 14th February 2023

Internet marketing is a creative way to boost your marketing campaign. Part of the excitement of investing in internet marketing is how quickly this industry evolves. Chances are you are already familiar with the traditional concept of mobile wifi hotspots, free to lend a friend. With these conventional free wifi hotspots, mobile users could let others ‘hotspot’ their data to allow them to browse the internet. However, wifi hotspots have become much, much more.

There are dozens of new ways to utilize a free wifi hotspot for your business. You could create a public WiFi hotspot and even invest in specific hotspot software. Some software offers advanced tools like virtual wifi routers to let business owners set up a hotspot. And the rewards are impressive, including faster internet connection than cellular networks. Investing in a free wifi hotspot is a fantastic way to improve customer experience in your restaurant.

free wifi hotspot

This guide will cover everything you need to know about using free wifi hotspots in business. We’ll cover everything from the benefits to the best hotspots for specific demographics, like students. There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s dive straight in.

What Is a Free WiFi Hotspot?

free wifi hotspot

A free wifi hotspot is an internet access point. Unlike standard wifi, a hotspot typically allows network devices to connect and access the internet. Hotspots rely on physical locations and being within reach of a designated access point. There are two main types of free wifi hotspots: public and mobile.

You can create a free WiFi hotspot through a router or by tethering to another device, piggybacking their internet connection. Tethering wifi hotspots rely on cellular data and are typically mobile hotspots. Tethering connects via Bluetooth or a USB cable. This method of creating a hotspot is most common amongst private hotspot owners providing internet connection for a few people.

A Wireless Access Point is a more realistic solution for many people wanting a free wifi hotspot. Wireless Access Points (WAPs) create public hotspots. WAPs are the second method of creating a wifi hotspot and are also known as routers. WAPs are excellent at withstanding a large volume of users - perfect for restaurant owners who get many guests. WAP wifi hotspots are popular in large cities like New York, where governments provide areas with free WiFi connections.

Why Use a Free WiFi Hotspot Device?

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In a nutshell, using a free WiFi hotspot device allows you to invest in internet marketing. Internet marketing is the process of monetizing and utilizing when guests choose to connect to WiFi when visiting your restaurant. WiFi is a hugely overlooked aspect of a successful marketing campaign. And as a restaurant, it has enormous potential since guests love to browse the internet and social media while they dine.

This internet use is something to encourage - as guests will likely share pictures and information about your business. Providing your guests with WiFi keeps them happy and improves your customer experience. It also provides them with the means of supporting your social media campaign and boosting brand awareness. Word-of-mouth and customer reviews are among the most valuable forms of marketing; consider them worth their weight in gold.

With a hotspot, you can also utilize a captive WiFi portal to collect marketing details from your customers. A captive portal WiFi is a page that pops up when guests go to join your wifi. To access an internet connection, guests must fill in several information boxes or comply with a user agreement. You can add anything to this page - from an email address request to terms and conditions and a feedback form. Using a hotspot this way, you gain demographic details, contact details, and constructive criticism to improve your business.

Another way to utilize a WiFi hotspot is to charge guests for an internet connection. However, as a whole, we advise against this monetizing technique. Free WiFi has become expected at the majority of hospitality venues. Charging customers for a WiFi hotspot could attract negative feedback and attention and negatively impact the customer experience.

What Customers Does A Free Wifi Hotspot Attract

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Now that we discussed the benefits of using a free WiFi hotspot, let’s get into the important stuff. What customers does a free WiFi hotspot attract? In short, everyone. Most people appreciate a good internet connection and love to stay connected.

There are certain demographics that free WiFi will draw back more regularly, though. For instance, laptop users will likely appreciate a reliable, strong internet connection. Those working from laptops are usually completing work or studying. There’s a current trend of working remotely from cafes or restaurants, so a free hotspot lets you monetize this. As a business, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and consider how they interact with brand visions. If you can host remote workers with laptops, it can open you up to a large demographic of individuals. Of course, you may wish to introduce regulations to this, such as ‘laptop zones’ and time limits for remote workers. It’s all food for thought.

This section will take a closer look at the specific demographics a free WiFi hotspot attracts. You’ll already have improved customer experience and your marketing campaign. These are the additional groups of customers that you can expect to see growth. And why it’s important and beneficial to your business to cater to them.

Why Offer a Free WiFi Hotspot for Laptop Users

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Laptop users are a whole demographic of customers in cafes and restaurants. With the unprecedented rise in global nomads and remote workers, many people choose to work in cafes or restaurants. Laptop users tend to be professionals who are happy to spend money to get a change of scene.

Not only are laptop-using customers great sources of revenue, but they are also reliable sources of revenue. Routine is important for those working remotely; chances are, you’ll get a return customer by creating a pleasant atmosphere. If a guest knows that working remotely from your cafe or restaurant is enjoyable, it will likely become their routine ‘treat.’

Attracting and reattracting customer is an integral part of restaurant marketing. So laptop users are a fantastic demographic to target. It is also worth noting that this demographic tends to come in quieter hours - such as midday on weekdays. Offering a free WiFi hotspot for laptop users can be a great way to monetize what would typically be a quiet period of the day.

Why Offer a Free WiFi Hotspot for Students?

Students are another demographic that frequent areas with free WiFi hotspots. Students typically range from high school to university ages. The reasons for using a WiFi hotspot range from staying in touch with friends to completing university work, like a dissertation. Students are happy to spend money and socialize at your restaurant and cafe. And by using WiFi while visiting, students are more likely to spread awareness of your business through social media.

Like remote workers, students tend to visit at set hours as well. For instance, just outside school hours, especially if you are near a university or high school. Students can quickly become reliable guests and are an excellent demographic for spreading awareness of your business.

Things You Need to Know When Getting a Free WiFi Hotspot

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Got any questions about having a free WiFi hotspot? Now that you understand wifi hotspots let’s cover the extra details. This section will clear up any queries you have about free WiFi hotspots.

How Can I Get a Free WiFi Hotspot App?

You can get a free WiFi hotspot app by downloading an application from the app store. There are plenty of options, including Portable WiFi and WiFi Connection Mobile Hotspot.

Can I Get Unlimited Hotspot Data?

Yes, you can purchase a hotspot plan that provides unlimited hotspot data. You’ll have to check for specific hotspots or tethering data. Some companies treat tethering data differently than unlimited data.

Which App Gives You a WiFi Password?

There are lots of apps that give you wifi passwords. As a user, these are helpful when you urgently need WiFi while out and about. While as a business owner, it is a great idea to register on one (or a few) of these apps. You can browse some of the best apps below:

  • Instabridge

Instabridge is a special app that links hotspots to those needing hotspots rather than sneakily providing WiFi passwords. Instabridge users can share hotspot connections to access free WiFi.

  • Osmino WiFi

Osmino works slightly differently. The app scans around your location and finds the closest WiFihotspots. It is a vast database and a fantastic tool for finding a free WiFi hotspot.

  • WIFI Map

WIFI Map is a free app that connects you to free WiFi hotspots near you. It is one of the best free apps on the market and comes with smart search features.

Final Thoughts: What a Free WiFi Hotspot Can Do for You

free wifi hotspot

Who doesn’t love a free WiFi hotspot? We all know the consumer benefits of free internet connection, but hopefully, you now know the benefits for your business. A free WiFi hotspot is valuable for marketing and improving customer experience. It is also one of the cheapest yet most effective ways to invest in your business. Our answer to what a free WiFi hotspot can do for you is: “a lot.”

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