Free Wireless WiFi: How To Connect Freely to The Internet

Marketing 16 minute read 1st February 2024

Finding free wireless WiFi everywhere you go might seem too good to be true. However, it is possible. What you need are the right tools and being in the right place.

While the first idea that comes to mind is using guest WiFi in public places, that’s not the only way. Plus, its security risks might concern you.

Then what other options do you have? Well, this article will answer all these questions while also covering ways to keep yourself safe. If you’re ready for that, let’s dive right in.

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Is It Possible To Get Free WiFi Anywhere You Go?

Due to the pandemic, much of our normal life has shifted online. However, the routine hasn’t changed even now that the danger has settled down.

Whenever people can, they try to do everything online due to its ease and convenience. But for that, they need high-speed Internet. Of course, mobile hotspots are an option but not the only one.

It’s in human nature to save money wherever they can. Then why should things be different in the case of Internet connectivity? Getting free WiFi anywhere you go is possible and will depend mostly on your circumstances. Let’s have a look at the main ways to get it.

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Start By Learning How To Get a Free Hotspot

You’ve probably heard the saying, “There’s a solution to every problem.” With the innovations of current times, a more appropriate version would be, “There’s an app for every task.” Yes, even for getting free WiFi!

These apps allow you to turn your device into a hotspot. For example, for free WiFi at home, turn your tablet into a free WiFi hotspot and connect other devices to it. But if you’re constantly moving, turn your smartphone into a hotspot and share the connection with other devices.

“But don’t most modern devices have their hotspot function?” That’s quite a popular question in this situation. The problem is that these functions are basic and often lack the features you need for a reliable connection.

So, here are the best apps to use for this purpose.

  1. FoxFi: It doesn’t require booting and is quite easy to set up. Plus, you don’t even have to buy an additional plan from your Internet provider to connect devices.
  2. Connectify: This app is a popular answer to the question, “How to get a free hotspot?” All you need to do is download it, turn on mobile data on your phone, and launch this app. Enter the name and password you wish to have for the hotspot and start the connection.
  3. However, this solution requires an internet connection in the first place. That can be a free hotspot trial or a connection nearby that you can use. Then, the hotspot will transfer the free internet data to all devices connected.

Where To Get Free WiFi? Public Networks Are Your Friends

Since the start of this discussion, we’ve mentioned the use of public WiFi. You will learn how to stay safe on these networks later in the article. But where can you get free WiFi in public places to put that knowledge to use? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this section.

Firstly, almost all businesses offer WiFi for customers at their venues to collect data and provide a better service. That and the marketing perks it provides make guest WiFi a blessing for both the business and its customers.

You’ll rarely ever find a restaurant without this facility. The same is true for cafes, coffee shops, and hotels. Businesses have all the interest to make WiFi free and engage with customers. You can just take advantage of the situation.

Even retail stores don’t stay behind in this regard. Plus, there are shopping malls, libraries, airports, and bus services that offer free WiFi.

But sometimes, it can be hard for you to locate these places near you. In this case, just head over to a WiFi map and enter your location. It will reveal the places where you can go to enjoy Internet connectivity.

Even with the open availability and safety precautions, some people hesitate to join these networks. If you’re one of them, you can ask your Internet service provider if they offer free public WiFi hotspots.

Lastly, you have the option to use a free WiFi hotspot offered by your municipality. These are networks that the local government provides for the whole city or a large area.

However, it depends on the government whether it reduces the cost or keeps it completely free. For example, Philadelphia provides this at a cheaper rate for low-income families.

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How To Get Free WiFi on Your Phone

While you can use the previous two methods on any device, including your mobile, there’s still another option to discuss.

When you’re wondering how to get free WiFi on your phone, ask for a mobile hotspot from a friend. Since you both already know each other, this is probably the safest option. You won’t have to worry about them stealing your data. And they won’t have to worry about you misusing their Internet.

Moreover, some Internet providers give free WiFi in specific locations to their subscribers. So keep an eye out for such offers from yours. Besides, if an old phone has a data plan, turn its hotspot on and connect your new phone to it.

Additionally, Verizon Lifeline is a government assistance program that provides free WiFi for low-income households.

Lastly, you can take advantage of free trials like Comcast, which provides free WiFi for 60 days.

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How To Get Free WiFi at Home With a Router

Now that we’ve discussed ways to get free WiFi through wireless means, let’s shift the flow a bit.

Imagine you’re at home, attending a video conference with an overseas client. They’re explaining something, and your Internet chooses that exact moment to start acting up. A solution would be to use your phone as a hotspot and connect your computer. However, it can be useful to have a backup so you can get free WiFi at home with a router.

One way is to ask your neighbor if they’ll let you use a WiFi extender and share their network. It’s a device that you’ll attach to their router and place it in your home. In return, it will extend the signals, and you’ll be able to use the network.

But remember to never steal from your neighbors, or you could end up facing legal issues.

Alternatively, you can check if there are open public WiFi networks in your area and connect your router to it. This can make the signal more stable and powerful. However, it might be tricky to operate this way, and it might be simpler to connect directly with your device. Moreover, public WiFi poses risks that you need to consider.

How To Get Free WiFi as a Student

Just like everything else, the education system is also slowly but surely shifting online. Students need it to do their assignments, do research, attend online classes, and even take exams sometimes!

Therefore, if you are a student, you might have more options than a normal person. The most obvious option is to use your institution’s WiFi. Most educational institutions provide this service across the campus for students to access the Internet freely.

However, some of them may restrict access to resources that aren’t strictly educational. If you want to use WiFi just for that, this option will be enough. But if you want full access, be on the lookout for any deals that companies might launch. Sometimes, internet providers run specific offers specifically for students.

How To Get a Free WiFi Box

Finding free Internet and getting a free WiFi box are two entirely different things. The first one concerns the Internet package that you get a monthly subscription to. The second one, on the other hand, is the hardware that lets you use that subscription.

Since we’re discussing free wireless WiFi, the package will obviously be free. But what about the router? Sure, it’s a one-time investment, and you’ll probably be using it for a long time.

But why spend money if you can find a way to get a free WiFi router?

An option is to search your home for an old router. It might not have the latest security features, but nothing comes without a cost. Or you could use a refurbished router, which will cost less than a new one.

These are the routers that faced some damage. Once the manufacturer or a third party repairs them, they become as good as new.

Alternatively, you could borrow one from your friends or family. Whether you’ll get this option completely for free or at a low cost is for the lender to decide. But in any case, you’ll be able to save money.

Lastly, some Internet service providers give a free router when you subscribe to their service. That router will be brand new, but the Internet package won’t be free.

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Things To Remember Before Using Free Wireless WiFi in Public Places

Even if you’ve never used public WiFi, you probably know about the security risks it poses. So before learning ways to get free Wireless WiFi, it’s better to see how you can keep yourself safe.

As a first step, start using a VPN when you want to connect to public WiFi. This way, you’ll access that network through a private, secure tunnel. Neither the network administrator nor any hackers and intruders will be able to see your activity or data.

Next, look at the names of these WiFi networks. Authentic places like restaurants and hotels usually use their business’s name for the network.

But people who want to steal your data can create fake hotspots that look harmless. If you connect to these networks, you’ll put your data at risk.

Moreover, businesses use a captive portal to authenticate users before providing access. It’s a web page where you might have to accept some terms of usage. Or it may ask you to enter your credentials, like name and email.

However, if you come across one asking for sensitive data, it’s better to stay away.

The same is the case for businesses that don’t explicitly mention how they’ll use your data. You never know; they might be selling your information to the wrong people!

Lastly, keep a close eye on your device’s configuration. Don’t let it automatically connect when it detects a public WiFi network. Plus, turn off the file-sharing option to keep your folders secure. This way, you’ll have full control over the connection, and your data will be safe.

Free WiFi Is Possible, but Stay Away From Unethical Ways

So, as you can see, finding free wireless WiFi isn’t exactly rocket science. You just have to look in the right places and spend some time to make things work. All you have to do is stay away from illegal ways, such as hacking an ISP, and you’re good to go.

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