Funny Guest WiFi Names: The Serious Stuff

Marketing 12 minute read 16th November 2023

Funny guest WiFi names are something you probably didn’t know that your business needs. However, funny WiFi guest network names could be the one thing that dramatically boosts your business. Your WiFi deserves a name, whether you have a retail store or restaurant. Cool WiFi names can give you the fun edge that helps you bond better with guests. They can also help improve your sense of brand image. The options are really endless, and - even better- the process can give you a laugh.

You could use silly names, like Abraham Linksys, Skele-Fi, or even Benjamin FrankLAN. What about really pushing the boat out with Wu-Tang LAN or Vladimir Computin? Or it could be something that tracks with your business, like Gadget Internet for a tool or tech store.

Having a funny WiFi name will certainly give everyone a giggle, and it’s a fun way to boost your business. In this guide, we’ll cover serious stuff: why you should bother and how to set a funny WiFi name. Get ready for some not-so-lighthearted inspiration that can transform your business.

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What Is the Purpose of a WiFi Name?

First things first, what is the purpose of a WiFi name? Why do you even need a name for your WiFi network? The primary purpose of a WiFi name is to make the network easily recognizable.

You want it recognizable so your guests can quickly find and join it. The vast majority of customers expect complimentary WiFi when you run a business. And when you offer WiFi, it’s more secure to provide a guest WiFi system than a singular business WiFi network. This is because you reduce the risk of malicious attacks. A clear WiFi network with an easy-to-spot name is vital for creating a successful guest network system. It should clearly flag the correct network to join for guests.

Of course, there are a few more purposes for a WiFi name:

  • WiFi names reduce the level of communication necessary between staff and guests. If guests can see the correct network to join, it’ll take less time away from staff’s dedication to other jobs.
  • WiFi names can be fun, which helps to reinforce business-guest relationships and your brand image. In this sense, naming your WiFi is a marketing move, not just a practicality.

As you can see, a specifically funny guest WiFi name has many benefits. It just makes WiFi name benefits even better - easier to spot, more memorable, and better for your brand image. And don’t even get us started on guest WiFi passwords. You might name your WiFi name something like Tell My WiFi Love Her and then find an equally witty password. In our next section, let’s take a closer look at the special WiFi names below.

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Why Use Special WiFi Names?

Special WiFi names are a subjective category. They can include anything that sparks interest and is relevant to your business. Guest WiFi is something you can get creative with, and you can take it beyond just practical. Using special WiFi names, you take guest WiFi beyond a helpful measure and customer expectation. It takes you into the marketing territory and can transform your customer relationship.

So, with all that in mind, why should you use unique WiFi names? Let’s break things down into a nice, simple list.

  • Special WiFi names are extra easy to spot.

As we mentioned above, the role of a WiFi name is to be easy to spot. This minimizes the assistance guests need when logging in and finding the network. With a special WiFi name, these become even more eye-catching and easy to spot.

  • Special WiFi names reinforce your brand image

Your brand image is precious, and you can use the theme of your WiFi name to reinforce this. For instance, you might link your vegan restaurant back to animal welfare. Or you could link your specialty coffee shop back to your coffee bean location - for instance, a village in Columbia. WiFi names can really enforce your sense of morals and vision.

  • Special WiFi names make people laugh.

Finally, WiFi names give people a laugh - and who doesn’t want that? You’ll get a giggle out of your customers and make them feel more pleasant towards your business.

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How To Set Up a Funny Guest WiFi Name

Setting up a funny guest WiFi name is actually super simple. Adjusting your WiFi network name is common, especially for those who want to strengthen their network security. So you won’t be on your own here. Have you got your funny WiFi name in mind? Then, let’s take the following steps together. These are the basic steps to setting up your perfect WiFi name.

1. Find Your Router IP Address and Google It

First, you must find your router’s IP address and Google it. Your router ID should be on your WiFi router, typically written on a sticker at the back. Then type it into Google, which should bring up a router configuration page you can log into. If you can’t find the login details or haven’t reset them yet, check the user manual for the default details.

2. Find the WiFi Setting Page

Next, you need to find the WiFi settings page. This is usually shown at the top of the settings page on the top menu bar. Click on it and look for the section that says WiFi or SSID name.

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3. Enter and Save Your New Name

This is the all-important step - type in your new name. This isn’t a permanent choice, so don’t worry too much if you change your mind. You can just repeat these steps to reset it. Once you type in your new network name, press save. Then, you can reboot your mobile or laptop device and see if it appears as it should.

As a final step, don’t forget to look into captive portal marketing. This is a great way to monetize and optimize your WiFi for marketing.

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Final Thoughts: What Are the Best Funny Guest WiFi Names

The best funny WiFi names are the ones that make your customers giggle. Only you know your customer demographic; the best WiFi names should feel like an inside joke. This way, you’ll reinforce the sense of connection between your business and customers. And you’ll strengthen your understanding of brand image in the process.

Funny names for guest WiFi are a brilliant way to boost your business. As you can see, even the serious stuff for this fun strategy is easy to organize. The whole process of setting up funny guest WiFi names is a walk in the park. Just harness the information in this guide, and you’ll have an easy time.

Of course, when setting up guest WiFi, don’t forget about the power of WiFi marketing. If you’re working on your WiFi network, now is the perfect time to invest appropriately with an in-depth strategy rethink. You can collect valuable customer contact details by simply adding a captive portal.

This simple strategy can help support a fabulous new marketing campaign. Collecting details like phone numbers and email addresses allows you to create marketing databases - automating SMS and email campaigns.

Here at Beambox, we can help you to do precisely this. Beambox has a brilliant all-in-one marketing platform that allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to utilize WiFi marketing. WiFi marketing goes far beyond just funny guest WiFi names. Start your Beambox free trial today. We can help you finish the job you’ve so impressively started.

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