Guest WiFi Solutions: From Basic Setups To Customizing a WiFi Marketing Platform

Marketing 16 minute read 1st December 2022

“What’s the WiFi password?” Whether it’s a house guest or a customer at a business establishment, most people’s main concern these days — whenever they visit a “new” location — is staying connected to the internet. This now-ubiquitous question is likely a reason why guest WiFi solutions have become an industry in and of itself, albeit one that largely serves business needs. A good guest WiFi solution can be as simple as providing your WiFi password. However, for most business establishments, the logistics of providing access often require more bells and whistles. Here’s everything you need to know to connect your visitors to the internet and identify the best solution for your company’s needs.

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How to Set up a Basic Guest WiFi Network

Free guest WiFi solutions for businesses can be as simple as setting up your existing network for guest access. While it’s not the best solution for establishments that are open to the public, a basic setup can effectively meet your guests’ connectivity needs while ensuring rudimentary protection of your privacy.

Here’s how to set up a guest WiFi network:

  1. Open your browser and enter your router’s IP address. If you don’t know your IP address, here’s a guide on how to find it. If you are directed to a page that says “You’re connection is not private,” make sure you typed in the correct IP address and then click the option to proceed.
  2. Log into your router as admin. Your router’s password can be found in your browser’s settings page, or check out this guide to help you find your router’s password. You can also check your router’s user guide or the manufacturer’s support website.
  3. Find the “Wireless” settings for your router, then locate the “Enable Wireless” option and select it/toggle it on. Check the image below for reference enable-wifi-access
  4. Find the field labelled “SSID” and set your public network name. Click “Save” if this option is shown at the bottom.
  5. Go to the Wireless Security settings to set your public user password. Save your new settings. KB-How-to-Setup-a-Guest-WiFi-Connection

Depending on your router, you may also have the option to broadcast your network name so your guests can find it easily, set how many guests can access your connection, and/or set a guest access time limit.

Guest WiFi Marketing Solutions

Delivering a superior guest experience is one of the primary goals of every business, and this can be easily achieved by providing free guest WiFi solutions. In addition to keeping them connected to the internet, WiFi marketing can give them access to a variety of connected peripherals. Business establishments can also use a splash page or captive portal sign-in system to influence vistor behavior and market their products or services.

Here are five different ways you can take advantage of the full potential of your guest WiFi solutions:

  1. Use a captive portal to apply customer data for analytics. Give out promo codes for special offers to build cstomer loyalty. Or, prompt guests to sign up for your email or SMS subscriber list.
  2. Obtain customer insights. Automatically prompt guests for customer feedback on their mobile devices via an internal feedback and review system.
  3. Provide your menu, product catalog, or service portfolio, which your guests can browse through at their leisure while connected to your Wi-Fi.
  4. Redirect guests to your website home page when they login to your guest Wi-Fi on their computer.
  5. Give guests access to WiFi-enabled devices, such as printers and smart TVs. This option is ideal if you want to promote your establishment as the perfect venue for business meetings and events.

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Guest WiFi Solution for Hotels

Hotels are among those establishments where guests expect to always have excellent internet connection in terms of stability, speed, and security. A hotel that provides a consistently reliable wireless connection can, in return, expect to be a popular choice in its location. They can build customer loyalty and increase their positive guest satisfaction scores. A WiFi solution for hotels must be able to dispatch flawless connectivity; wherever a guest may be within the hotel premises.

Different hotels have unique budgetary considerations. Fortunately, there are different WiFi solutions available to meet visitor needs. A hotelier can choose the right WiFi system by evaluating their existing hardware, IT resources, and cabling demands. Many providers of guest WiFi solutions are willing to provide expert assessment and advice. They can help businesses choose a WiFi system that delivers great connectivity to their guests and supports smart hotel features and IoT technology.

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How to Choose the Best Guest WiFi Solution Provider

Wireless network technology has improved so much over the years in terms of speed and security. It has become the preferred mode of connection over wired tech. If offering an enhanced connected experience to your guests is a top priority for your businesses, make sure to find the right provider for guest WiFi solutions.

Here’s a checklist you can use when choosing a provider for your WiFi system:

  • Select a provider with experience in your industry.
  • Search for a provider that conducts an onsite survey of your location and existing network infrastructure.
  • Your provider should offer expert assistance on equipment requirements based on a property site map review. Thereby, designing a solution that meets your needs and specifications.
  • Seek out a guest WiFi solution provider that offers various options to set up your visitors’ networks. For example, a plug and play access point that can be easily connected to your router or through cloud integration and self-installation.
  • If you’re in the healthcare industry, make sure your provider understands and follows HIPAA WiFi compliance guidelines when it comes to the data collected.
  • Select a provider that guarantees bandwidth and data security.
  • Search for a provider that offers a complete suite of WiFi marketing tools and a fully customizable WiFi platform.

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Guest WiFi Security Best Practices

A wireless network has undeniably become a critical component of business processes. Guest WiFi solutions impact work efficiency, productivity, conversions, and, of course, guest experience. Having a robust network is not only about providing a reliable and speedy connection, it’s also about ensuring WiFi security.

Keep the following guest WiFi security best practices in mind to safeguard the integrity of your system:

  • Consider using a guest WiFi QR code so you can have better control and manage who has access.
  • Use your WiFi system’s customization features to limit how many devices per guest can access, how long they can stay connected, data download speeds and sizes, and even the types of sites they visit.
  • Change your WiFi password regularly, if you offer guest WiFi is password protected. You can limit access to paying customers by printing your WiFi QR or password on their receipts.
  • Make sure your router’s firmware is up-to-date with the latest security patches.
  • Make sure your router comes with anti-malware tools.
  • Enable the Quality of Service (QoS) or bandwidth prioritization feature on your router so you can assign high, medium, or low traffic priority to different types of network traffic.
  • Use Wireless Network Watcher (for Windows) or Who Is On My WiFi (for Mac) to perform a routine check of who is and what device is connected to your network.
  • Ask your providers of guest WiFi solutions about the type of security they use.

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Cisco Meraki Guest WI-FI: Why Is It the Most Preferred WiFi Security Solution?

The Cisco Meraki guest WiFi software refers to Cisco’s cloud-managed network, the Meraki cloud. The branded Meraki cloud network platform simplifies wireless network deployment and management. It also secures digital and physical assets and creates smarter and empowered workspaces. Meraki offers security and SD-WAN technologies, cellular gateways, smart cameras, and sensors.

Cisco Meraki networks and hardware are compatible with most WiFi marketing systems and are an ideal solution for a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Financial services
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Primary Education
  • Retail
  • Small Business
  • Physical Security

This cloud network platform is among the best options for managing both hybrid and remote workforces, as well as creating safe environments and smart spaces.

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Delivering the Best WiFi Experience to Clients Requires the Best WiFi System

Today’s guest WiFi solutions come in different shapes and sizes. Your business’ and guests’ connectivity needs will largely determine how you should customize your access points. Choosing a fully customizable WiFi solution will allow you to modify your WiFi marketing platform as needed without compromising the experience of your users.

Choose a WiFi system that gives you end-to-end customization capability. Focus on a WiFi solution like Beambox. With Beambox, you can customize your WiFi platform to provide your customers with the best connection possible and perform various marketing functionalities. Use Beambox for analytics and advertising. Digitize your loyalty program and make it more convenient. Create quick access to time-sensitive deals on each device. Encourage them to sign up for your email or SMS subscriber list for surveys. Automatically prompt them to leave reviews, and encourage them to actively engage with your social media pages. You can do all of these and more with Beambox. Accelerate your business growth — Start your Beambox free trial today.

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