How To Leave a Google Review: Simple Steps To Review

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Knowing how to leave a Google review is vital for supporting and giving businesses feedback. Positive reviews help businesses understand where they are going right, and negative reviews help them to improve.

Leaving Google reviews is also a meaningful way to signal the standard of experience to other potential customers. Potential customers will likely check reviews before using businesses, so your thoughts can shape the customers a company gets.

And as a business owner, it is excellent to understand the process so you can proactively manage your business reputation.

In short, understanding how to leave Google reviews is massively essential. These reviews come up alongside a business profile after a quick Google search. For consumers, Google reviews are akin to the Holy Grail. Business owners need to understand the review process to analyze their reviews in Google My Business.

Whether you are a consumer needing practical steps for how to leave a review on Google or businesses wanting deeper understanding, this guide has your back.

How Do Google Reviews Work

Understanding what Google reviews are and how they work is vital before learning how to leave a Google review. Put simply; Google reviews are one element of the Google initiative Google My Business. Before learning about how to leave a Google review, you need to have some basic knowledge of Google My Business.

Google My Business is something that businesses can sign up to for free so that they show up on Google Maps. This way, when customers conduct a Google search or search for businesses in their area, Google shows businesses in this program. A Google business profile offers massive business benefits - heightening visibility and customer engagement. It makes businesses easier to find and brings more foot traffic.

Now to the review element. When customers visit or interact with a business on Google, they can leave reviews. Google totals up customer reviews to give the company a satisfaction star rating on a five-star system. Reviews can be positive or negative; customers can attach photos to their feedback.

The rating system means that customers also benefit from having businesses on Google. Potential customers use Google as a screening system, choosing to interact with high-rating restaurants with many glowing reviews. Businesses strive to collect high volumes of positive reviews and often prompt or ask customers for reviews.

Why Should Consumers Leave a Google Review

Before we jump into how to leave a Google review, let’s cover precisely why consumers and customers should leave reviews.

Consumers should leave reviews because it supports businesses and guides other potential consumers. Leaving a positive review can help a business grow and succeed. Giving constructive criticism can help a company develop. And, when necessary, negative reviews can dissuade other people from entering an unpleasant situation.

Knowing how to leave Google reviews is an important skill, helps your community, and helps you feel heard.

Everyone should want the economy to flourish with lots of successful businesses. And everyone should want to make informed decisions about which companies they use based on other people’s experiences. Online reviews are extremely valuable. Because of this, consumers must leave reviews that are:

  • Factual
  • Fair
  • Coherent
  • Specific

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How To Leave a Google Review for a Business?

Now, let’s get on to the practical stuff. Learning how to leave a Google review for a business is simple - just follow these four steps.

  1. Make sure that the business has a Google My Business account. The first step is to see whether the business has made an account with Google. This is easy; just quickly Google search the business name. When a company registers with Google, it will automatically appear in future search results. If the business doesn’t show up, you should try to look for it on Facebook or another social media platform. You may have to leave a review elsewhere.

  2. Click the reviews tab. Next, click the ‘Reviews’ tab under the business name. This tab should be the second tab in a horizontal line of tabs reading ‘Overview,’ ‘Reviews,’ ‘Photos,’ ‘Menu,’ and ‘About.’ Clicking this tab will open up a new page.

  3. Click a star on the rating system. Next, click the star on the rating system you feel most represents the service you received from the business. One star is the lowest score, and five is the highest. Pick the most representative star and tap on it to move to the next screen.

  4. Complete the review and post. Complete the review by filling out the other star rating scales for specific things - like service, dish recommendations, and atmosphere. You can also add a written description of your experience and photos. Click ‘post’, and your review will go live.

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How To Leave a Google Review on iPhone Devices

Leaving a Google review on an iPhone is different from leaving a Google review on an Android. This is because the easiest way to review businesses is through Google Maps on iPhone devices. However, the process of how to leave a Google review on iPhone devices still follows four simple steps:

  1. Search for the business on Google Maps. First, search for the business on Google Maps by opening the Google Maps app and using the search bar. You may get multiple results if the company has a popular or common name, but use the location to differentiate.

  2. Swipe up on the business to get a full screen, then click the ‘Reviews’ tab. Simply swipe up to bring the business profile from half a screen to a full screen. Once it is in full screen, you’ll see a horizontal menu bar reading ‘Overview,’ ‘Menu,’ ‘Reviews,’ ‘Photos,’ ‘Updates,’ and ‘About.’ Click ‘Reviews,’ which will open up a different page.

  3. Click the star you feel most correlates with your experience. From now on, the process is identical to leaving a review on any other device. Click the star you feel most correlates with your service experience, one being the worst and five being the best. Once you click the star, you’ll be taken to another full-screen page to input further details.

  4. Finish the review. At this stage, finalize the review by adding extra details as per the prompts. You can add optional information about specific food, service, or atmosphere ratings. You can also recommend dishes, give budget ranges, write descriptions, and add photos. Click ‘post’.

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How To Leave a Google Review Without a Gmail Account

Leaving a Google review without a Gmail account is no issue, so don’t worry about lengthy processes. Learning how to leave a Google review without a Gmail account is super simple. The only difference is connecting a preferred email address at the end. Just follow these steps:

  1. Search for the business on Google Maps or Google. You can search for the business on Google Maps or Google. Just enter the business name into the search bar and click on the right company when it pops up.

  2. Click the ‘Review’ tab and then choose a star. Click the ‘Review’ tab in the horizontal menu under the business name. This will open up a separate screen with a five-star rating bar across the top. Click the star you most feel resonates with and represents your experience. One is the worst, and five is the best. Clicking the star will take you to another page.

  3. Connect a preferred email address. This is the slightly different stage we mentioned, involving you adding an email address instead. Just click ‘Create account.’ Then click the cop-out option of ‘use my current email address’ - letting you proceed without making a Gmail account.

  4. Finalize and publish your review. Add any extra details as per the prompts, and then click publish. Voila. You’ve left a Google review without a Gmail account.

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How To Leave a Google Review Anonymously

Technically, you cannot write a Google review anonymously. Why? Because the system wants to foster transparent and fair reviews and business insights. Which anonymous reviews generally don’t create.

But, if you are desperate to know how to leave a Google review anonymously, there is a loophole. Despite all reviews being public on Google, you can get creative to create some sense of anonymity.

  1. Change your name on Google. You could use the phrase ‘anonymous’ in place of a name. However, we don’t advise this as Google will likely just remove it as a spam review. Instead, we suggest entering a nickname. Make it believable; otherwise the business can flag it to Google. Adding a different name doesn’t overtly scream, ‘I am reviewing anonymously.’ But it does allow you a bit of extra privacy when done sensibly.

  2. Add a review using a temporary or non-identifiable email address. Adding reviews with a temporary or non-identifiable email address (e.g., not including names) is one way of offering some anonymity. Your IP address is traceable by Google. But since you don’t use this email address regularly, it adds a privacy buffer.

The best way to add a review using this technique is as if you don’t have a Gmail account. You can scroll up to see the exact steps in our section above. But essentially, just like a ‘create a Gmail’ account when prompted to sign in to Gmail. Then, click ‘use my current email address’ to use your temporary email address and opt out of signing in.

How to Leave a Google Review: A Word of Warning on Anonymous Reviews.

When learning how to leave Google reviews anonymously, there are some important details to note. As a disclaimer, you should know that while other Google users won’t be able to see your identity, Google will. You will still have given Google your email address, and it automatically receives your IP address. Therefore, this method is just a way to ensure you remain anonymous to the general public.

Furthermore, Google is highly likely to remove anonymous reviews. And this is one possible way for businesses to remove bad reviews. If a business reports your review and Google finds it breaks regulations - such as no anonymity - it will disappear quickly. Google typically deletes regulation-breaking reviews within several days to a couple of weeks.

If you are interested in learning more about Google’s review policies, you can find them online. Google is strict in keeping the review system as valid and useful as possible.

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How Long Does It Take To Leave a Google Review?

Once you know how to leave a Google review, the process takes 5-10 minutes. Sometimes even less if you just leave a star rating.

While it is a quick process, we suggest taking your time. Don’t write unfair reviews while emotional. Remember, honesty and fairness is key.

Similarly, a vague positive review does little to provide specific details for potential customers or feedback for a business. Take your time to ensure that you are making a useful and valuable contribution to a permanent collection of reviews.

Of course, the same goes for business owners. As a business, make sure you take time to respond well to all reviews - especially the bad ones. Your responses must be professional and prove that your business is reputable.

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