How To Make Your Restaurant Famous: Claims to Fame

Marketing 15 minute read 29th April 2024

Restaurant fame is one way to guarantee success. Learning how to make your restaurant famous is a clever way to increase your profits. After all, the more people know about your restaurant, the more you can make. Isn’t that a win?

Of course, you can’t just wave a magic wand and get restaurant fame overnight. You’ve got to have a few different restaurant marketing ideas and tools under your belt. You can take significant steps towards building that high level of brand awareness and customer traffic. It builds quickly, too, once you understand the basics.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to how to make your restaurant famous. Regardless of your niche, we’ll show you how to utilize everything from social media platforms to online reviews. The world is your oyster when it comes to building fame, and we are here to help you through every step of that process.

With all that said, are you ready to take your restaurant to new heights? Get ready for simple steps towards success and examples of restaurants that have already done it. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll be ready to launch your business into stardom.

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Why Bother With Restaurant Fame?

Restaurant fame is excellent for one main reason: it brings in extra profit. When you have super high brand awareness and recognition levels, you dominate your target customer’s headspace.

Think about it; it is like the classic case of getting a McDonald’s breakfast when you’re hungover.

The quicker your brand comes to mind, the more it becomes associated with key events and traditions. And the quicker that happens, the more likely you’ll get the business over other restaurants in the industry. That level of familiarity is just a bunch of blaring gold-dollar signs.

It works at the higher end, like Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. Your restaurant can become famous for quality rather than familiarity, justifying higher menu prices. Building fame doesn’t just create more chances for customers to build traditions with your restaurant. It also gives you permission to up your rate.

These are the main benefits to consider when aiming for restaurant stardom:

  • Building a quality brand image to justify higher prices.
  • Building a sought-after appeal to justify higher prices.
  • It gives you the edge of familiarity, making you a more popular choice over competitors.
  • Your business becomes a place for events and traditions, giving you loyal customers.

In short, getting that restaurant fame can be a real game changer. You’ll be hugely impressed by the benefits of fame and brand awareness for your business.

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Top 3 Most Famous Restaurants in the World

As you can see, fame is a fantastic thing for restaurant owners. Whether you want loyal customers to choose your brand for special occasions or just more potential customers, fame is a ticket. If you want to totally transform your business and its profit, dramatically increasing brand awareness is the way to go.

Don’t just take our word for it, though; look at the evidence. So many famous restaurants worldwide are raking in mega-money thanks to their international names and reputations. In this section, we’ll introduce you to some of the absolute best—the most famed restaurants in the world.

1. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is a real contender on the global stage, primarily because of Ramsay’s fame. He built such a persona that his restaurant sails on steadily famous waters because of his solid brand image.

His venue, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, holds three Michelin stars and is an esteemed place to dine in London.

2. Grand Central Oyster Bar and Restaurant, NYC

This oyster bar and restaurant is over 100 years old and situated inside Grand Central Station — which is amazing in itself. With a wonderful location and long history, it’s no wonder that Grand Central Oyster Bar and Restaurant is so famous.

It is an absolute seafood hotspot and famous in its own right. The location undoubtedly helped, as Grand Central Station is one of New York’s most well-known attractions.

3. Le Train Bleu, Paris

Le Train Bleu was an easy addition to this guide. The iconic, gold-gilded restaurant is fit for royalty and sits in Gare du Lyon. It oozes history and elegance. Chances are, you’ve already seen it online; it has a large social media presence. There’s nowhere better to dine in Paris.

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How To Make Your Restaurant Famous: Top 3 Ways

By now, you’ll have some serious inspiration. If you’re anything like us, you really value practical steps towards success. And for that reason, we’ve got a few simple ways that you can help make your restaurant famous. What better way to tackle restaurant brand awareness than with practical, conscious steps?

This is how to make your restaurant famous in just three ways.

1. Establish a Niche

Establishing a niche or novelty is enormous, as this is your selling point. Are you super historical? Do you have an amazing location? Or is your menu out of this world?

As a quick side note, this niche must be a particular reason. For example, it is the only place in London to sell egg coffee or the largest Yorkshire puddings in the UK.

2. Embrace Social Media

In this day and age, social media is your best friend. You can use it to collect positive reviews and launch upcoming events. Social media platforms are wonderful ways to connect with potential customers and take your brand seriously. They are also free if you use them independently, making them a hugely valuable marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

The very best thing about using social media, though, is its reach. You could literally reach over a million people with a viral Reel. That’s huge. If you want fame, social media is the way to go.

3. Cough Up and Provide a Great Experience

Excuse the phrasing, but actions speak louder than words at the end of the day. The best way to make your restaurant famous is by “coughing up” and providing the goods and services you promise.

By ensuring that your restaurant lives up to expectations, you ensure you get positive online reviews and loyal customers. Don’t skimp on refurbishments, menu items, and staff hiring.

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How To Make Your Restaurant Instagram Famous

Before we reach our final tip on fame, though (hint: your WiFi is your most golden asset), what about Instagram? Instagram is a wonderful marketing tool because it has a broad reach and millions of users.

It isn’t just like restaurant websites, which only target people through certain online searches, instead targeting millions. It’s a ridiculously effective way to grow awareness of your brand. Tackled the right way, you’ll radically increase profits in no time.

So, are you ready to learn how to make your restaurant’s Instagram famous? Here are the four tips that you should know.

1. IG Reels Are Your Best Friend

Reels are easily every business’ best friend. Short videos rose to market trends before 2023 and have yet to shake. You can easily go viral with these Reels, which have a strong CTA, trending audio, and good-quality content.

The real key is to direct people to a lengthy caption with an engaging hook. This strategy keeps users reading and the views stacking up. It’s one of the best ways to trigger the algorithm to propel your content to more users.

2. Clear Branding

Get really clear on your branding. When visiting your social media, people should instantly know your brand and what you stand for. This way, they can make a snap decision to side with you.

Branding includes everything from your profile picture to your voice in captions and your actual content. Really brainstorm and establish a clear sense of your brand so you can keep things consistent. While we are on the branding topic,

3. Use Keywords

Keywords are huge. Think of them as SEO for social media. You should use keywords (e.g., authentic London Thai restaurant) in your bio, post captions, and content. This helps social media platforms promote your restaurant to the right people.

It is like putting a stamp on a parcel and then handing it to a mailman.

4. Capture Your Menu and Selling Point

The worst thing you can have is a restaurant’s social media with no personality. Make sure its personality shines through, spotlighting a specific menu item or showcasing interior design. Whatever your novelty feature, use it and ensure social media users know about it.

Remember, this is your unique selling point. Sell with it!

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Beambox: Fame Through Guest WiFi

Have you ever considered launching your restaurant to fame through the power of guest WiFi? Your WiFi is very likely your best yet least used asset. Investing in captive portal software lets you use your WiFi exactly how you’d pan for gold.

When customers go to use your complimentary WiFi (brownie points already for customer experience), it triggers a webpage pop-up. This pop-up contains a form that business owners design, asking for certain details. You could ask for an email address, online review, feedback form, or social media interaction. Half of the power in this is the freedom for the business owner to collect the most useful information.

Building fame for a restaurant all starts with customer loyalty. You can’t have a successful business without repeat customers, so ensure you stay in contact. Using captive portal systems is a great way to keep in contact with one-off customers, transforming them into loyal visitors. You could add them to an email marketing list or send them enticing SMS marketing content. It’s up to you.

Here at Beambox, building a foundation of loyal customers is our bread and butter. Our all-in-one WiFi marketing software provides a custom captive portal to get started. Start your Beambox free trial today and build restaurant fame through customer loyalty. Learning how to make your restaurant famous starts with fantastic WiFi.

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