Reputation Management Software: All That You Need To Know

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Here’s the truth: creating a stellar reputation requires more than just luck. It demands strategic planning, constant monitoring, and swift action. And that’s where reputation management software saves the day.

It’s like having a business partner focused on what people say about you online. Not only that, it lets you analyze feedback, reviews, and mentions across various platforms and efficiently respond to them.

This article will familiarize you with reputation management software and its benefits. You will also discover the best and free options.

What is Reputation Management Software, and Is It Better Than a Service?

Let’s first understand what is reputation management software. Reputation management software equips you with handy tools to streamline the monitoring and managing your online reputation. In other words, they do what reputation managers do. But it is software.

With it, you can perform tasks like collecting and analyzing customer feedback, responding to reviews, etc. You can also keep an eye on how your reputation is performing over time.

Moreover, it is practical. It allows you to access everything in one place and provide customization options. Therefore, you can tailor your approach to match your needs.

On the flip side, reputation management services are all about outsourcing. You will hand over your online reputation monitoring to specialized agencies or service providers. Part of these activities involves: Review monitoring

  • Response management
  • Review generation
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Social media monitoring

Furthermore, the biggest advantage they bring to the table is their expertise and experience. They know what they are doing, can craft professional responses, and implement effective strategies.

However, a reputation management service might not suit you if you have a smaller budget. But there’s no need to worry because you have reputation management platforms for that!

Later, as your business grows, you can consider hiring a service.

How To Perform Restaurant Reputation Management the Right Way?

As mentioned earlier, reputation management software can handle everything related to online reputation monitoring. Let’s make an example of restaurant reputation management. This is what the activities entail:

  1. Monitor online reviews and mentions: First, you need to keep an eye on what people say about your restaurant online. Check different platforms and stay in the loop. This will help you get customer insights and respond promptly.

  2. Respond promptly and professionally: It doesn’t matter if the reviews are good or bad. You need to respond to each one immediately and professionally. For restaurants, reputation management of Google reviews is essential. However, there are other restaurant review sites to look after.

  3. Encourage more reviews: Don’t rely on your customers’ conscience to grab your reviews. Ask them to leave reviews on platforms like Google or Yelp.

  4. Address negative feedback calmly: Do you want to throw something at the screen whenever you encounter a negative review? Well, that won’t do any good, and neither will launching a keyboard attack. So, take a deep breath, provide solutions, and deal with them.

  5. Maintain consistency in service and quality: Maintaining quality is the best thing you can do for reputation marketing. Customers who are satisfied with your restaurant will ultimately become your advocates.

  6. Engage on social media platforms: 63% of consumers use social media to find new restaurants. Therefore, it is vital to be proactive in responding to comments, messages and mentions in a friendly and timely manner. Moreover, keep updating them.

6 Benefits of a Reputation Management System To Outrun Your Competitors

As mentioned earlier, online reviews and social media significantly impact people’s purchase decisions. Without good reviews, your business would be hanging by a thread, even if you have the best products and services.

Therefore, managing your reputation and getting more reviews consistently is crucial. Here’s how reputation management software helps you achieve these results.

reputation management software 1

Reputation Management Software Benefit #1: Know Every time a Review Arrives

One of the great things about reputation management software is that it tells you whenever a new review pops up. It’s like having a personal assistant who alerts you right away.

You don’t have to spend time manually searching for reviews or relying on sporadic notifications.

But wait, a greater good comes from knowing each time you get online reviews. It puts you in a position to address any concerns or issues immediately.

Moreover, you can show your customers that you truly care about their experience. Imagine getting an angry, negative review that you could easily have solved. But you saw that review two days after its postage. There goes the chance to make things right just because you didn’t get an alert. That’s why you must bring a review management platform into the picture.

Reputation Management Software Benefit #2: Gather Everything in One Place

Another benefit of reputation management software is its ability to centralize everything. Customers don’t leave their thoughts on a single platform, do they? Some will use your website to leave reviews, while others will use social media profiles.

And then there are local review sites like Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor! Trying to manage reviews from each platform separately won’t be practical. But with this software, you don’t have to.

Imagine having a central hub where you can monitor your online reputation effortlessly. It allows you to access and track reviews, mentions, and ratings without jumping between different websites or apps.

Moreover, you can see the bigger picture this way. You will see every thought, every whisper, and every rumor in one place.

Reputation Management Software Benefit #3: Manage Reviews Like a Pro!

As mentioned earlier, reputation management software offers seamless handling of customer feedback. You can navigate the intricate landscape of online reviews with finesse.

One of its standout features is the ability to respond to reviews directly from the platform. Imagine logging on to multiple platforms to respond to a review. How much time and energy will it consume? Even thinking about it is daunting!

What’s more? Often, these software solutions provide assistance to craft professional and personalized responses that resonate with your customers. This ensures your responses are genuine, empathetic, and reflect your values.

reputation management software 2

Reputation Management Software Benefit #4: Know Your Customers Emotions

Sentiment analysis is another benefit of reputation management software. This allows you to delve into customers’ emotions and sentiments in the reviews.

The software employs sophisticated algorithms to make sentiment analysis. Afterward, it hands out a simple report for you to act on.

Multiple factors enter the picture. However, positive reviews indicate satisfaction, delight, and loyalty. Knowing this lets you identify what aspects of your business to use to promote your venue. No need to tell you that you must double down on them, right?

Alternatively, negative sentiments scream dissatisfied, frustrated, or disappointed users. Customers rarely leave negative reviews without ranting about what made them angry. This helps you identify areas of improvement. It is useful to mention that you have to deal with negative reviews. Don’t avoid them.

Reputation Management Software Benefit #5: Insights Are Power

We’ve all heard of “knowledge is power,” right? But in the case of reputation management software, the concept “insights are power” fits best. Let’s see how.

You gain access to performance analytics and reporting with online reputation management software. You can track review volume, average ratings, sentiment trends, and response times. With these analytics, you can gauge the effectiveness of your business reputation management efforts.

Are your review volumes increasing? Are your average ratings improving? These insights provide a clear picture of your progress.

Now, you won’t hang this picture in your office, right? You’ll use it to make improvements in areas that need attention. For example, if you notice a decline in sentiment, you can analyze the negative reviews to pinpoint the issue. Remember to solve that issue to take the graph up again.

reputation management software 3

Reputation Management Platform Benefit #6: Get an Eagle’s Eye View of Your Competitors

Let’s discuss competitor benchmarking to wrap up this list of reputation management software benefits. Imagine having a strategic telescope that allows you to peer into the vast digital landscape.

A reputation management platform helps you gauge your market position and recognize your strength. You can also pinpoint areas where you need improvement.

However, competitor benchmarking goes beyond tracking metrics. It unveils the strategies and tactics of your successful competitors. Moreover, you can reveal gaps in the industry where your competitors might fall short. By filling these gaps, you can position yourself as the best in the industry.

reputation management software 4

Here Are the Four Best Reputation Management Software To Help You Make a Decision

Now that you know the benefits of these platforms, let’s discuss some of the best reputation management software.

  1. BrandWatch: When it comes to social media listening and analytics, BrandWatch takes the lead. It specializes in providing deep insights into your brand’s online conversations. But you’ll have to contact them for the prices as they offer customized plans.

  2. ReviewTrackers: It excels at consolidating reviews from various platforms and offers robust reporting features. ReviewTrackers provides sentiment analysis, a straightforward interface, and automation capabilities. When it comes to pricing, it depends on how many venues you want to include.

  3. Yext: Yext offers a full suite of tools to monitor, analyze, and improve your brand’s online reputation. But wait, the best part is yet to come. It also has features like customer surveys and competitive benchmarking that help you gain valuable insights.

  4. BirdEye: This one specializes in review generation, monitoring, and customer experience management. BirdEye’s convenient interface and automation capabilities set it apart. You’ll have to contact them for pricing, as they offer customized pricing.

But remember, doing your research is crucial when choosing a platform. After all, your needs aren’t the same as your competitors, right?

Is There a Free Online Reputation Management Software?

After learning about the best ones, let’s see if free reputation management software solutions exist. The short answer is yes! However, they don’t offer the same extensive features and capabilities as paid solutions.

Still, the basic functionality of the following online reputation management software is ideal for businesses that are just starting.

  1. Google Alerts: There’s nothing that Google doesn’t have a free tool for! The same goes for reputation management software. This free tool allows you to monitor your brand’s mentions across the web.

  2. Social Mention: As the name suggests, it is a free social media monitoring tool. Its most robust features are real-time monitoring, sentiment, and analysis.

  3. Hootsuite Free: This one is primarily for social media monitoring and includes a free plan. So, if you’re a small business with a small presence on social media only, Hootsuite is your best fit.

Of course, as your business scales and grows, you will need extended capabilities and features. However, you can still use them at no cost once you decide to shift from the free options. How? With the free trials of the paid software solutions!

reputation management software 5

Why WiFi Marketing Software is a Big Cheese for Reputation Management?

Do you know you can blend reputation management software with WiFi marketing software? On one hand, you get the most out of reputation management. On the other, you can improve your marketing effectiveness.

For example, WiFi marketing software can prompt users to leave a review about their experience. People are more likely to leave a rating if prompted while connected to your guest network. So you will get more reviews.

While some of these will be negative, you can prevent them from appearing on review sites. The software will redirect them to an internal form. How cool is that? This diversion gives you a chance to address the issue before it gets publicly online.

Are you interested in such software? Beambox allows you to manage and grow your reputation through automation. You can use it to get reviews and gather customer data to improve the experience at your venue. Try out Beambox for free for thirty days.

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