Reputation Management Google Reviews: The Ultimate Guide

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Reputation management of Google reviews is important because it has a direct impact on your business’s financial performance. People care about the reputation of a business when they have to purchase from it. Moreover, reviews are one of internet users’ most trusted sources of information. Therefore, you cannot overlook your online reputation, especially on Google.

This article will focus on the importance of reputation management for businesses, with a specific emphasis on Google. You will also find a few tips to improve your reputation management process and get more reviews.

Why Reputation Management Is Important

Are you wondering why reputation management is important?

In short, reputation management is important because it affects how your customers will perceive your business. As marketing is a matter of perception, your reputation will affect how much you can ask for your services and products. Moreover, it will affect the demand for your services and product.

Therefore, reputation management is a critical area that every business owner should take care of.

While reputation management was a matter of word of mouth a few decades ago, things are more complicated today.

Ideally, you want to manage the reputation of your business on any platform and social media. However, among all platforms, the first place people go when looking for information is Google. That’s why Reputation management in Google reviews are so important.

Business Reputation Management and Google: What Is the Relationship?

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When it comes to business reputation management, Google is by far one of the most important platforms to consider. Google is the most widely used search engine in the world and provides various applications that allow users to find anything they need.

Along with Google Search, the most important services provided by Google to users and businesses are:

  • Google Maps: The most popular mapping service that provides directions and information about businesses and points of interest.
  • Google My Business: A free service that allows a business owner to manage their online presence across Google.
  • Google Reviews: A service that allows users to leave reviews about businesses
  • Google Alerts: Another service that allows people and businesses to receive notifications whenever a specific keyword is mentioned online (e.g., their brand name)

Given the widespread use of Google and its various applications, this platform is the starting point of any online reputation management effort.

For businesses, however, reviews are one of the most important aspect to take care of. This explains why reputation management of Google reviews is critical for succeeding.

Example of Hotel Reputation Management on Google

The hospitality industry helps us show how the reputation management of Google reviews can affect the profitability of a business.

One of the reasons why reviews are critical is because people read them and act accordingly. Online reviews and ratings affect the purchasing choices of users, which, in turn, affect a business’s bottom line. According to SiteMinde, 81% of travelers frequently or always read reviews before booking a hotel. This number shows how hotel reputation management has a real impact on the financial performance of the venue.

Moreover, online reviews are among the main factors affecting a business’s ranking. Therefore, constant positive reviews can help a hotel appear at the top of Google’s response pages and attract more customers.

Reputation Management Google Reviews: How To Do It?

Reputation management of Google reviews requires you to regularly check what people say about your business online, specifically on Google.

The first step to managing your reputation on Google is by setting up your Google MyBusiness and providing all the necessary information. First, you have to claim your activity on Google. Then, you will receive permission to manage your online presence across Google platforms.

However, reputation management is not an activity you can do once in a while. It is an ongoing activity that you must carry on to protect and improve your online reputation.

As you will read later, there are multiple methods and services to manage your reputation on Google. However, it is important that you deal with it regularly and take care of it.

Reputation Management Google Reviews: 6 Tips To Improve Your Reputation

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When talking about reputation management Google reviews, there are various ways to do it successfully. The following is a list of tips to help you defend your online reputation and avoid common mistakes. You don’t need to follow all of them. However, the more tips you implement in your reputation management process, the better.

Reputation Management Google Reviews Tip #1: Answer to Reviews

Reputation management of Google reviews starts with answering those reviews. This will help you maintain a professional image, and users will perceive you better.

Responding professionally to customer reviews shows that you value your customers’ opinions and prioritize customer service. Acknowledging negative feedback shows potential customers that you care about their experience. Instead, responding to positive reviews is an opportunity to show off your excellent customer service skills. Answering all types of reviews will help build trust with clients.

Reputation Management Google Reviews Tip #2: Flag Misleading Reviews

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Unfortunately, fake reviews are common on review sites like Google. Fake reviews often aim to boost someone’s reputation. However, sometimes people buy them to attack someone else reputation.

When it comes to reputation management of Google reviews for your business, it is your duty to report misleading reviews. Google has strict Terms of Service policies that prohibit misleading reviews. Therefore, you have all the interest to report them.

Getting reviews removed from Google is simpler than you think. However, you must ensure that the reviews you report are breaching the terms of service.

Reputation Management Google Reviews Tip #3: Update Your Mybusiness Page

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Reputation management of Google reviews should also include updating your MyBusiness profile.

As mentioned before, Google MyBusiness is a service for businesses that help them create a correct listing on Google. Your Google MyBusiness contains important information. For example:

  • contact details
  • opening hours
  • photos
  • products and services offered

Keeping all of this updated ensures that customers have access to the most relevant information about your business. Moreover, it does not take long. With a few simple steps, you are set. However, every now and then, you should check that all information is still valid.

Reputation Management Google Reviews Tip #4: Do Not Buy Fake Reviews

Regarding reputation management and Google reviews, you should never consider buying fake reviews. Business owners too often consider this shortcut. However, it is a recipe for disaster.

First, by purchasing fake reviews, you violate Google’s terms of service. This might result in penalties that can hinder your capacity to do business through Google.

Moreover, you might destroy your reputation. If users realize that you are using fake reviews to boost your reputation, they will not trust you anymore. Therefore, avoid buying fake reviews.

Reputation Management Google Reviews Tip #5: Use Google Alerts

Google Alert is a powerful tool that can help your reputation management Google reviews procedure.

Google Alert works simply. You will get a notification when someone uses the keyword you are targeting throughout the web. As a business owner, the keyword you have to look after is your brand.

With this service, you will discover for free if your brand is mentioned on websites, social media, or news sites. Therefore, you can act promptly and manage the situation.

To use Google Alerts, you only need to set up your account and enter the keywords you want to monitor. After that, you can set up the frequency of the alert (such as daily or weekly). You can also choose the sources you want to monitor.

With Google Alerts, reputation management is way easier. Plus, it’s free.

Reputation Management Google Reviews Tip #6: Earn More Reviews

Reputation management of Google reviews should also aim at increasing your rating. The best way to do so is by earning more reviews. There are many methods to get more reviews on Google. However, the most important thing to remember is to ask directly to your customers.

An alternative is to set up a system automatically asking your customers for reviews. A few WiFi marketing software offer this feature. The advantage is that you won’t need to do it manually. Plus, your users will receive a review prompt while navigating online through your WiFi connection. Therefore, they are more receptive to leaving a review.

Reputation Management Google Reviews: Can You Do It Manually?

Can you do reputation management of Google reviews manually? You definitely can. You only have to create a process that works for you. For example, you can dedicate a few hours during a specific day of the week. This will help you be more consistent with your reputation management.

The downside is that you have to do everything manually. Moreover, if you have to check more than one website, it can cost you a lot of time.

For example, if your business receives reviews from Yelp, Facebook, Google, and Tripadvisor, you must check all the platforms. This will take some time.

Moreover, answering all reviews might take a while. Therefore, it is a good practice to set up a template and speed up the work.

Luckily, if you don’t like the idea of doing reputation management of Google reviews manually, you can use the software.

Reputation Management Google Reviews: Should You Use Software?

You can simplify your reputation management of Google reviews with dedicated software. These solutions help you gather all the information under one dashboard. Plus, you can manage multiple review sites with the same software.

These solutions offer a variety of features that help you speed up the work. You can create templates, gather insights, and look broadly at what people say about your business.

However, this software can be expensive. Moreover, they rarely offer other features.

An alternative to reputation management software is to use guest WiFi management solutions. These solutions are imperfect because they integrate only with the most popular reviews platform. However, in most cases, that is enough.

Google Review Management Services

Reputation management of Google reviews does not necessarily need to take your attention. You can outsource this activity. That’s what Google review management services are about.

Google review management services are an alternative to the methods mentioned above. With these services, you delegate your reputation management to a third party that will do all the work for you.

This can help you save time and spare the effort to take care of this part of your business. Moreover, if you find a good agency, they will do a better job than you.

However, this solution is not perfect. Outsourcing your reputation management is not a cheap solution because you will have to hire someone. Moreover, you will miss the opportunity to receive direct feedback about your business and use them to improve your services.

Reputation Management Google Reviews: Other Platforms To Consider

If you are a small business owner, your customers likely look for information on platforms different than Google. Depending on your industry, many local review sites might be more important than Google.

For example, your most important platform is Tripadvisor if you own a restaurant. Therefore, reputation management of Google reviews is critical but might not be enough.

Depending on your business and industry, you want to be sure to know which platforms that your users check the most. Then, you can set up your profiles and manage your reputation accordingly.

However, the above tips work on any platform and can help boost and protect your reputation.

Reputation Management Google Reviews: The Bottom Line

In conclusion, reputation management is a critical aspect of any business strategy. Even if you decide not to care about your online reputation, your customers will.

Reputation management of Google reviews is critical because Google dominates online searches. Therefore, you have to devote some attention to this platform. However, depending on your industry, there might be other review sites to look after.

However, managing your reputation properly can bring benefits in terms of brand awareness, sales, and loyalty. Do you want to boost your online rating and manage your reputation with the help of a WiFi marketing solution?

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