Instagram Hashtag Generator for Restaurants

Marketing 2 minute read 25th August 2021

There are over 38 million pictures on Instagram tagged with #foodpic. Every time another picture is posted, the previous one gets pushed further and further down the list. Your amazing #foodpic is old news within seconds!

That’s not great if you’re looking to get your posts seen by a new audience. In fact, there are so many business owners jumping on the most popular hashtags that they’re completely missing the point and missing out on relevant engagement.

Hashtag Generator for Instagram

Access the restaurant hashtag generator

Find your hashtag groove

Be specific with your location and cuisine to appear to a more relevant audience. Combine your restaurant’s location with the type of cuisine you offer to start appearing in front of Instagram users that are more likely to engage with your content and are more likely to become customers.

With our generator, this is done automatically! Just add your business name, location, and cuisine type and you’ll have a set of over 50 to choose from.

We recommend about 11 hashtags per post (with the most important at the beginning) for maximum impact.

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