Restaurant Marketing Solution: Attract and Retain Customers

Marketing 20 minute read 28th August 2023

The restaurant industry is extremely competitive, with an establishment around each corner. To beat the competition, you need effective restaurant marketing solutions.

The world is progressing with the latest marketing and advertising trends, and online channels are the best medium for restaurant marketing. However, traditional marketing is still alive and kicking.

So do you want a restaurant marketing solution to stop customers in their scrolls and get them to your venue? Then, here are the answers to your restaurant marketing queries.

Starting With the Basics: What Does a Restaurant Marketing Solution Include?

Fast food, sandwich, steak, soup, salad; you name it! There are billions of restaurant menus with various options. And your restaurant might have it all too. But with such fierce competition, you need skyrocketing restaurant marketing ideas for its success.

Therefore, you should plan a restaurant marketing strategy to attract new customers, generate revenue and profit. There’s no such thing as the best restaurant marketing solution. Your ideal solution will be the one with the tools, tactics, and strategies that best fit your brand and audience.

How can you create a marketing plan for your restaurant? The logical option is to use both online and offline mediums. Let’s dig deeper.

Offline marketing channels include the traditional marketing method. Restaurant marketers always avail TV, radio, print media, and postcards to advertise their services.

Besides, loyalty programs, such as incentivizing customers to bring in new people, do wonders for your marketing. Such programs will encourage communities to be involved in your restaurant business.

Nonetheless, digital marketing for small businesses is the most effective solution. Hence, you should get a website and invest in digital marketing. Digital marketing includes email marketing for restaurants, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and other minor techniques to get customers.

This article will focus on these traditional and digital marketing techniques. So, make sure to stick by the end.

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How To Come Up With a Promising Restaurant Marketing Strategy?

Wait a minute before you plan out your marketing strategy. Do you know whom you will target to market your restaurant? What does your consumer profile look like? Here’s where to start!

Your customers are the backbone of your restaurant business. You must understand their desires, habits, and expectations. Then, your marketing strategy must reflect your findings and keep your customer’s needs in mind.

Once you know your ideal customer base, design a buyer persona. It is a descriptive model of how you idealize your target customer. There can be more than one model of your ideal customers. You create a buyer persona based on age, gender, generation, demography, and behavior. Notice their visiting times, likes, dislikes, and time they spend in your restaurant.

Once you know your buyer persona, you can plan your marketing activities. If you opt for restaurant digital marketing, start by creating a website. A website with brand colors, logos, and taglines will help you emerge. You can hire a website developer for this. But if you’re just starting, opt for free website builders.

Next, create content for your marketing campaigns. If you use social WiFi hotspots, you can easily build an email list. Then, you can target your contact with email marketing campaigns.

Don’t forget reviews, though. The reputation of your restaurant is critical to success. Therefore, Google My Business (and everything related to it) is the best restaurant marketing solution. Create Add your business to Google Maps and ensure to get reviews.

Let’s now dive deeper into some marketing solutions for your restaurants.

Understanding the 6 Types of Restaurant Marketing for a Combined Effect

You need to bundle everything together before finding a thriving restaurant marketing solution. Make sure to take notes on every kind of marketing medium you can use. So, for your ease, here are 6 types of restaurant marketing techniques to implement in your marketing strategy.

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Old Techniques Aren’t Dead Yet: Understanding the Traditional Restaurant Marketing Solution

Digital techniques are flourishing these days. But that shouldn’t make you abandon traditional restaurant advertising. This type of restaurant marketing solution is an offline approach to catch the target audience. One example is direct mails. It involves printing postcards, letters, flyers, brochures, and other promotional prints to send them through direct mail. You need to target your audience in a demographic region and spread direct mail among them.

Moreover, you can publish ads in newspapers, magazines, or yellow pages. People still use newspapers to learn the latest news. Others play crosswords on them when they’re bored. Whatever the case, your customers can come across your print ads and crave your food.

However, print ads are expensive, and most restaurant owners avoid them after reaching a certain stage.

Also, think for a moment. Your ideal customers rush on the roads and start craving your food. You can make that happen through billboards. You can catch people’s eyes on the streets with your catchy tagline and graphics. You can also create TV ads which usually need a storyline and enticing visuals to stimulate cravings.

The downside of these techniques is that they can be expensive and not reach your ideal customer.

Enter the New Era to Figure Out Digital Restaurant Marketing Solutions

While traditional marketing costs you a lot, the digital world has much more to offer at a lesser cost. Social media marketing includes creating content and posting it across social media accounts. You can promote your services and food through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

Moreover, you can pay social media networks to promote your content. But social media requires a pragmatic marketing strategy and proper implementation.

Digital marketing also focuses on Search Engine marketing. Such marketing includes two basic factors, SEO and PPC. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about optimizing your website to rank on search engine algorithms. Instead, Pay Per Click comprises a variety of techniques to get customer attention by buying advertising space online.

However, when it comes to online marketing, content is king. This means you can use content marketing as your restaurant marketing solution. It focuses on creating compelling content keeping your target audience in mind. Through content marketing, you can market a new restaurant from scratch or promote an existing one. However, your content should always focus on your customers and their needs.

When you have successfully reached your audience, it’s time to take their reviews. Google reviews make your business scannable and stand out. Moreover, these online reviews will speak for your service and show that you’re trustworthy. In this context, it is important to manage your reputation. It includes monitoring reviews, updating your content with trends, and optimizing your profile pages. While you can do this yourself, hiring restaurant marketing agencies is also a good idea.

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Restaurant Marketing Solution With a Twist: Bring People Together With Events

After traditional and digital marketing, lean on events. Humans crave connections as much as they crave food. So, when you mark your restaurant marketing solution planner, include parties and events.

Some of the ideas for events include food tasting, launching parties, cooking classes, themed parties, or holiday parties. And if you’re feeling extra, go for some collaboration or special events.

For example, tasting events fit perfectly a winery marketing strategy. Or else, inviting chefs to conduct a workshop or cooking class in your venue can work well. Holiday parties like Christmas, Halloween, etc., are evergreen marketing.

Because what’s better than uniting all people together?

Become Part of a Community for an Effective Restaurant Marketing Solution

Being a part of a community or sponsorships is another effective restaurant marketing solution.

When there are a lot of customers coming into your restaurant, nonprofit organizations come to knock on your door. These organizations have a motive of collecting donations or need sponsorship for their social work.

Such organizations collect donations from local businesses, and in exchange, they market your services. Collaborating with these organizations for fundraising events or other local events can help you reach more customers.

Moreover, when you show the spirit of goodwill, people start trusting you more. However, this is a fragile technique, and you need to tread carefully when working as a community.

It may have the opposite effect if people think you’re helping others only for your own good. They will promote you, but not in the way you want!

Loyalty Programs Are the Holy Grail of Restaurant Marketing Solutions

A loyalty program is a fantastic restaurant marketing solution for revenue generation. Loyalty programs for restaurants include various repeat diner and referral programs. Here’s how to start.

You can create a point system where the more customers dine, the more points they earn. Once they have accumulated a certain number of points, incentivize them accordingly.

Earning points will encourage customers to keep coming back. And a small complimentary dessert isn’t too bad if the situation turns out to be mutually beneficial.

Moreover, you can introduce promotional rewards or subscription rewards, such as rewards on your opening, etc.

For these referral programs, you can also give gift cards and holiday rewards. For example, if it’s the holiday season, you can give gifts to the first 10 customers. Or, during Halloween, you can give a discount on the best costume if the customer is in the loyalty program.

Take Restaurant Marketing Solutions Up a Notch With WiFi Marketing

There are around 5.19B internet users around the world. They seek WiFi everywhere. For this reason, WiFi marketing is a gold mine for restaurant marketing solutions. But what exactly is WiFi marketing?

It is providing free WiFi to all your customers and taking advantage of the related data. You can display the password to your WiFi on tables, walls, or your menu card. Nowadays, customers expect WiFi, so it’s very important to provide it. However, don’t think of it as a mere cost. It can help you improve your marketing effectiveness in many ways.

For example, using WiFi marketing software, you can collect customers’ data and run marketing campaigns more effectively. For example, if you get their email address, you can send personalized emails to advertise your new services.

WiFi marketing solutions can also help raise brand awareness and secure your network from cybercrime.

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How To Use Restaurant Marketing Solutions for the Best Results?

After learning the various restaurant marketing solutions, let’s learn their best practices. Your customers blow a soul into your profit generation. So you must prioritize your customers and keep a check and balance on their behavior.

  1. Segment your customers: As mentioned earlier, you can use WiFi marketing solutions to gain customer data. Once you have the essential details such as contact, likes, preferences, etc., proceed to divide them into groups.
  2. Create relevant content. The most important thing to keep in mind when creating content is your customer’s needs. Make content that provides value to your customers, and you will grow your audience.
  3. Track and improve: You need to keep an eye on important metrics such as customer churn, marketing attribution, etc. These metrics help you see how many customers are leaving your business and how good your marketing efforts are. Hence, tracking them will guide you on what you’re missing out on and how you can provide better services.
  4. Incorporate technology: Neglecting technology would be a devastating step for your marketing. For example, QR code marketing can help you save money and get more reviews.

However, don’t forget the basics. The whole restaurant business’s success depends on how many customers walk in. So always make sure to keep your customers first and provide an exceptional experience.

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What Else Can You Do To Spread the Word About Your Restaurant?

Your ultimate restaurant marketing solution secret lies in understanding your customers’ needs. After it, you can create the right message and show it to your customers.

No matter the channel, the point is to get in front of the right customers with the right message. If you want to gather data and automate your marketing campaigns, try out Beambox. Beambox is a WiFi marketing platform that can help you scale your business. You can use Beambox to:

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  • Boost foot traffic and drive more sales to your restaurant.

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