Restaurant Marketing Trends 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Marketing 25 minute read 7th March 2023

If there is one lesson you need to learn, it is that it pays to stay on top of trends. And the restaurant marketing trends 2023 has to offer are no different. It is essential to know that a lot can change in a day - let alone a year. At a minimum, it’s vital to evaluate marketing trends specific to 2023. The best restaurant business is one that understands its customer base, so keep up as customers and their preferences change.

restaurant marketing trends 2023

In this guide, we’ll cover the marketing strategies you should adopt from the 2023 restaurant marketing trends. Marketing trends are simply patterns of effective marketing strategies that currently best target the customer base. Previously, we saw the rise of influencer marketing and the use of short videos like reels on social media platforms. So, which trends should you target from these restaurant marketing trends? 2023 is a fantastic year for marketing - let’s just say we have a lot to cover.

restaurant marketing trends 2023

2022 was the year of reels and social media platforms; 2023 continues to follow that social curve. Now more than ever, it is essential to branch out from a single platform on social media. As marketing trends show, consumer behavior reveals a preference for digestible digital content. This is no different when marketing food businesses in the restaurant industry.

It isn’t all the same, though. There are some critical shifts in restaurant marketing trends 2023 is introducing. This section will cover the top 8 marketing trends you need to understand.

1. Restaurant Marketing Trend 2023: Fear of Artificial Intelligence

Nobody can escape the buzz around artificial intelligence. ChatGPT took the world by storm and to an extreme mix of reactions. While some rush to praise the milestone in technological advancements, the most popular response has been fear. There is widespread distrust in anything with links to artificial intelligence - so steer clear in your marketing campaigns.

The best way to utilize this negative marketing trend is to swing the other way. Instead of tapping into the fear around artificial intelligence, provide a human brand image. On your restaurant website, sign off an ‘About Us’ section with a signature of your name. On your social media platforms, provide behind-the-scenes insights - showing your chefs and other staff on an average day. In short, keep it personal and human.

2. Restaurant Marketing Trend 2023: Authority

Building on this, authority is one of the best restaurant marketing trends 2023 has brought up. Artificial intelligence and fear of misinformation is storming the world, so prove that you are a solace. Your business should have absolute authority over your customer base. If you cook pizzas, you best believe you should advertise any Italian heritage. If you cook Parisian-style cuisine, you should promote your heritage or other links to Paris.

How? Try adding an ‘our story’ section to your menu or website. This way, your customer base will understand what gives you authority over your food business. Alternatively, you could traditionally decorate your restaurant with classy (not cheesy) links to your ‘authority’. This doesn’t just have to relate to your authority over a cuisine. You could display awards and reviews to prove your authority as a top-quality restaurant.

You must appear reliable to capitalize on the increasing need for business authority. Reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable in your niche.

3. Restaurant Marketing Trend 2023: Considered Purchases

Another trend of 2023 reflecting a massive chunk of customer behavior is a change in purchase types. Considering the boom in the cost of living worldwide, like in the UK, there’s more consideration around purchases. There is a trend towards practical purchases. There is also a trend towards low-cost purchases. Of course, this also comes with the balancing act of being an ethical consumer on a budget. The trend of climate change and fair trade awareness is still rising in 2023.

In the restaurant marketing trends 2023 brings, food businesses must tailor their experience to considered purchases. Consumers want to know where their products come from, why they are practical, and if they are ethical. You can cater to this trend with transparency about your food as a restaurant.

Where does each specific ingredient come from? Are these foods ethically sourced? Where does your wine come from? Is there a charitable initiative you can source from or donate a percentage of your profit? Cater to guests considering purchases by volunteering information about your products. Bonus points if you do so before your guests even have to ask.

4. Restaurant Marketing Trend 2023: Continued Video Focus

The restaurant marketing trends 2023 is bringing are in, and it’s official; videos are most definitely still in. Videos are going absolutely nowhere. The consumer trend of scrolling endlessly through videos has not yet peaked, and we doubt it will happen soon. So if you haven’t optimized your digital marketing with videos yet, there’s still time.

Short videos are the most effective from a digital marketing perspective. The actual length of the optimal video varies month by month. However, as a guideline, aim for less than 10 seconds. And, if you want to take your video marketing more seriously, research the optimum video length every few months.

5. Restaurant Marketing Trend 2023: Social Media as Customer Service

Unsurprisingly, social media is going nowhere in 2023. However, there is a shift in expectations around social media use for businesses. Consumers now expect a customer service experience from social media - with quick reply times and friendly solutions.

This change is a natural step from advertising and reviewing online. Social media has become somewhere to air opinions and experiences, which businesses respond to by sharing or placating. As this has developed, a customer service expectation has arisen. Now, social media marketers have a dual role - advertising and solving customer issues and inquiries.

The best way to target this is by prioritizing your social media. Aim to reply to and engage with customers quickly and regularly on social media. Posting engaging social media posts is also important. And if you can’t do that, it is time to consider outsourcing.

6. Restaurant Marketing Trend 2023: Tiktok’s Continued Rise

Of all our restaurant marketing trends 2023 has brought, TikTok continuing to rise is not a shocker. The social media platform is ever-rising in its dominion over fame and power. In short, if you aren’t utilizing it yet, it’s time to start.

TikTok is fantastic for capturing a younger demographic and diversifying your consumer base. It also perfectly aligns with the trend for video content - effectively killing two birds with one stone. As with the social media trend, hop on TikTok or outsource to someone who can help you.

7. Restaurant Marketing Trend 2023: Social Commerce

This marketing trend is slightly less established so far. But 2023 will undoubtedly see a rise in social commerce. Social commerce is just stores on social media. But rather than social media pages directing users to website links, the pages will eventually let consumers buy directly.

Social commerce might still be in the works, but keep an eye out for it. Once social commerce takes hold, there will be no going back.

8. Restaurant Marketing Trend 2023: Rise in In-person Events

Unsurprisingly, in-person events are one of the restaurant marketing trends 2023 has up its sleeve. COVID-19 was a definite saboteur when it came to in-person events. But, thankfully, the COVID days are behind us, and we can look forward. And, apparently, we will be looking forward to a massive schedule of in-person events.

Get creative. You can set up wine-tasting nights - perhaps with one of your wine producers leading the experience. Remember, this could tick off the considered purchases and authority trends. Maybe you could host seasonal events as well.

Why Use a New Restaurant Marketing Strategy

restaurant marketing trends 2023

So, why use a new restaurant marketing strategy? Why should you incorporate restaurant marketing trends 2023 is introducing rather than sticking to your current strategy? In short, trends change, and how best to attract your consumer today might be the worst way tomorrow. To stay effective, you need to be flexible. Think of yourself as a marketing chameleon. You’ll be changing trends like chameleons changing colors, a survival technique for your business.

For example, picture the cat cafe phenomenon. The whole strategy and brand image center around the novelty of having animals in an unusual place. And why did the food businesses do that? Because of the rise in social media trends at the time, ‘Instagrammable’ places were all the rage. Novelty and Instagram go hand in hand. It wouldn’t have been as successful if the first cat cafe had opened as a non-novel, fairly standard cafe. It would likely blend into the other local cafes - with no significant distinguishing factor. And without the novelty trend for Instagram and other social media platforms, it wouldn’t have risen to international popularity.

Using a new restaurant marketing strategy means playing your cards at the right time. Rather than blindly embarking on restaurant marketing campaigns, you analyze consumer behavior and marketing trends. You don’t have to lose sight of your business identity or do anything as drastic as opening a cat cafe. Indeed, we advise you don’t, as the animal novelty isn’t in our trends list.

Instead, learn that great things can come from understanding marketing trends. Add a few new marketing strategies and reap the rewards. Using new restaurant marketing strategies is a wonderful way to boost food businesses - propelling them to further success levels.

restaurant marketing trends 2023

We know that you should use new marketing trends. But how do you use the new restaurant marketing trends 2023 has brought to your attention? Many of your food businesses will already have a solid brand image and customer base. So you won’t necessarily have the luxury of opening a restaurant designed around marketing trends. And that wouldn’t be a good idea anyway. You should incorporate marketing trends into aspects of your business rather than letting them take over.

There are many ways you can use marketing trends. You could adjust your decor, menus, serving style, or social media platforms. Using a marketing trend could be as simple as organizing a wine-tasting event with a producer from which you purchase.

Ready for some inspiration? Here are a few example ideas:

  • Add fun details about your producers to your menu. This will appeal to the marketing trend of considered purchases and craving transparency and authority.
  • Setting up a TikTok account and posting 2-3 times per week.
  • Dedicating 15 minutes daily to engaging with your customer base on social media platforms.
  • Holding a tasting event doesn’t have to be wine like we suggested above. It is just a chance for customers to understand the story behind your food.
  • Personalizing your website by adding details like an ‘About Us’ section and pictures of staff members.

restaurant marketing trends 2023

So much goes into predicting future restaurant trends. A good marketer has eyes in the back of their head; whatever is fresh to the scene, they see it. These predictions could use news stories, general consumer behavior observations, or customer feedback. An eager eye and open mind are essential when predicting future marketing trends - like the restaurant marketing trends 2023 brings.

The greatest assets for predicting future trends are observation and research skills. Of course, if you already value customer reviews and use behavioral segmentation, you are ten steps ahead. And, to really predict future trends effectively, follow these steps.

1. Monitor Your Consumer Behavior and Feedback

restaurant marketing trends 2023

Your customers know it all, or at least that’s the angle it’s helpful to take. When customers give you feedback or when you notice a pattern in consumer behavior, take note. This information about consumer trends could transform into broader marketing trends. You can prompt feedback with QR codes to surveys on menus or counters to take an extra step. You can also invest in software that records consumer behavior.

An amazing trend-predictor knows that monitoring consumer behavior and feedback keeps your eyes and ears on the ground.

2. Evaluate How News Events Impact Your Customer Base

restaurant marketing trends 2023

Make sure you get yourself signed up for news alerts. Events that make the news - local or international - may impact your customer base. This is especially important when considering the ‘considered purchase’ trend in our restaurant marketing trends 2023. They may seek outlets to support others even if they aren’t directly affected. For instance, people are struggling to know how to help after the Turkey and Syria earthquake in 2023.

When analyzing news events, ask yourself: are they interested? Are they impacted? Do they want to help? If the answer is yes to any, then chances are this is an event you should relate to as a business.

3. Complete Regular Competitor Analysis

restaurant marketing trends 2023

Competitors are your best friends. It might sound strange, but these other food businesses are metaphorically (and inadvertently) taking bullets for you. Competitors are trying out their own ideas. And if you are smart, you can watch closely to see if their consumers take the bait. Think of it like other businesses selflessly trying ideas for you at their own expense.

You won’t waste any ‘selfless’ research by completing regular competitor analysis. You’ll also stay in the loop and catch more trends that might have fallen through your net. Your competitors just might be your biggest asset.

restaurant marketing trends 2023

Budgeting to incorporate the restaurant marketing trends 2023 has brought to the scene doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, many of these marketing trends don’t require a huge budget, and some of them are free. This section will cover building a marketing budget for these 2023 marketing trends.

First things first, a marketing budget is nothing without goals and objectives. Out of all the trends this year, jot down the ones most resonating with your brand image and values. While choosing, keep the acronym SMART in mind.

S: Specific M: Measurable A: Attainable R: Relevant T: Time-bound

This stage will help you understand what will work for you and your business. After all, what decent marketing budget dedicates good money to bad ideas? Then, once you have your set of chosen marketing trends, you can select your strategies.

While choosing marketing strategies, it is a good idea to tailor ideas to your budgeting level. If you want to spend under $1,000, don’t start brainstorming outsourcing full-time to a social media manager. Instead, a few in-house events could be on the cards, along with website revamps and new menu designs. Remember that these strategies must be attainable and time-bound.

Once you select your marketing strategies, you can estimate a budget for each one. This is vital; you can total an overall budget and adjust anything to cut costs where necessary. And with a big picture complete, your budget is ready for action.

restaurant marketing trends 2023

As you can see, the restaurant marketing trends 2023 brings are super exciting. You can expect some game-changing shifts - so get ready to jump on board and beat the curve. We suggest implementing our 8 marketing trends as soon as possible. When it comes to marketing trends, time is of the essence. Jot down a few of our trends that resonate with you and your customer base. Then either outsource these tasks or complete them yourself. You’ll notice the benefits whether you tackle the in-person events, social commerce, or authority trends first.

We love how much progress you get from monitoring marketing trends. If you want to scale your business, it’s a must from a digital marketing perspective. Looking for some extra guidance? Here at Beambox, we are always happy to help. As experts in restaurant marketing, we can help take you on your journey to success. Outsource your marketing, and give us the reins to embark on a sparkly new campaign with your restaurant.

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