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Restaurant Press Release: Why It Still Matters and How To Do It Right

Marketing 15 minute read 27th September 2021

Do you need to keep your customers updated on your establishment’s health protocol compliance? Do you have an event for the opening of your restaurant or a new branch? Or are you introducing a new vegan menu soon? You can simply post announcements and updates on your social media pages, but don’t miss out on the benefits of having a restaurant press release. In this day and age when any business establishment can directly get in touch with their customers via various online channels, press releases may seem insignificant. But for a solid marketing strategy, make sure to use a press release at every opportunity.

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Why Should You Still Bother With a Press Release?

There are three general ways that you can promote your establishment: through self-promotion (via social media posts, ads, promos, etc.); with the help of user-generated content (your customers’ social media posts, for example) and guest feedback; and through good, old-fashioned PR. A restaurant press release falls under the third category, and may involve food reviewers, influencers, local newspapers, and media outlets.

What Is a Restaurant Press Release?

It’s worth repeating that a restaurant press release is different from an ad, email marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, or any other form of general marketing for your establishment. A press release is a form of communication or official statement that is sent to the media, traditionally filed in a journalistic style, to provide information about something “news-worthy.”

Your press release can be about the opening of your restaurant or a new branch, a new product, an upcoming event, or a notable achievement. You want the recipient to consider your press release for further dissemination to the public, by either printing it word-for-word, or covering the subject of your press release as a featured piece in the news or for an online content.

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Why a Restaurant Press Release Still Matters

The main purpose of a restaurant press release is to spread news about your business via a credible source. It’s a more official form of communicating to the public and leverages the influence of professionals in the media, the food industry, and influencer industry to help you build relationships, further your brand’s reach, build your restaurant email list, and bolster your business reputation.

How the public sees your brand is influenced by many factors; having a credible source build you up or, at the very least, consider your establishment worthy enough to be featured will definitely give your image a significant boost. A press release that’s carefully crafted and considered for a feature will increase your brand’s relevance and reputation in the eyes of not just your guests, but also your employees, suppliers, partners, the press, various professionals in the industry, and your community.

How To Write an Excellent Restaurant Press Release

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your restaurant press release.

  • Your press release should always be an “official statement” from the company — ideally from the company president or CEO.
  • Have a short and snappy headline. The words “First and only,” “original,” or “The best in xxx in town, according to (drop the name of a well-known personality here)” should give you a good idea of how to craft an eye-catching headline.
  • Introduce your story in a way that immediately pique’s the reader’s curiosity or makes your establishment stand out from the rest and makes the reader want to know more. You can mention one relevant detail in your intro, such as the date of your opening.
  • The main story of your restaurant press release should contain all the necessary information, or the who, what, when, and where of your story. Emphasize the benefits of the “what” for your customers.
  • Don’t oversell your brand with achievements, awards, or past successes that are not relevant to the story you’re pitching. Stick to the relevant details of your press release.
  • Include a quote from the restaurant’s owner or executive chef to add personality and more weight to your press release.

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Basic Restaurant Press Release Template

These are the main components of a basic restaurant press release template:

  1. Headline
  2. Location and date of the press release in this format: (Country, state, city), month, day, year. Separate the dateline from the first paragraph with a dash.
  3. Essential details of your press release: Who, what, when, where, why, and/or how.
  4. Boilerplate, which should be a short, positive, and factual description of your restaurant. This can include your company’s slogan, why it’s popular or a landmark in your community, and more.
  5. Closing contact information for press inquiries in this or a similar format: Contact: John Smith, Media Relations Tel.: (123) 456-7890
  6. End notation. The end of your press release should have three hash marks, “###.”

When writing your restaurant press release, keep the focus on what you’re trying to promote — whether it’s your opening, a milestone, an award, a new executive chef, or a notable addition to your menu. Always consider your intended audience, both the media and their audience. Stick to the relevant details and keep your release short and sweet — ideally between 300 and 500 words. Of course, make sure to use words and phrases that are popular in the food industry.

Restaurant Opening Press Release

A restaurant opening press release is the most common subject for a restaurant news feature. The main focus of your release should answer the question, “Why should anyone care about the opening of your restaurant?” When we say “anyone,” we’re referring to both the media and their audiences. In addition to the four Ws of your story, you should give the media good reasons to be present at your restaurant opening to cover the event — either before the event, if you want to encourage the public to show up, or during the event, if you want your opening to be featured later.

You may consider these questions as “arrows in your quiver to hit a bullseye,” according to Eric Gladstone, owner/team leader of The Feast of Friends:

  • Is your opening tied into the homecoming of a local native chef?
  • Is the restaurant owner well-known or notable in any way?
  • Are you opening right off the heels of a TV feature or an award?
  • Is your restaurant the first of its kind in your area?
  • Is your restaurant connected to the latest and hottest trend in the F&B industry, locally or otherwise?

Restaurant Opening Press Release Template

You can follow this basic restaurant opening press release template to sell your story to the media, industry influencers, food writers, etc.

  1. Headline
  2. Introduction
  3. Main story. You may include the following:
  4. A quote - Where the event will take place - Who is spearheading the event - The theme of your restaurant, if this is a big part of the dining experience you’ll be offering - What makes your Chef notable - The “stars” of your menu and their prices - What to expect at the event, e.g., release of balloons, ribbon cutting, entertainment, giveaways, etc. - How your restaurant adds to the charm of the neighborhood or puts your community on the map. - What specific need/s will your restaurant address, or unique item/s or experience it will offer guests.
  5. Wrap up with the essential details of your press release. Repeat the where and when; add booking and contact information; mention hours of operation.
  6. Contact information for press inquiries.
  7. End notation.

Restaurant Press Release Example

Here’s a restaurant press release example, an actual press release for the opening of The Chapel Grill:


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