Restaurant Promotion: Examples and Tips To Get the Word Out

Marketing 20 minute read 15th June 2023

Are you a passionate restaurant owner eager to make an impact in the culinary scene? Or are you tired of waiting for customers to walk through your doors? Whatever the case, restaurant promotion holds the key to unlocking success!

You must craft effective promotions for your venue to thrive and truly attract a continuous stream of customers. It all starts with knowing what your audience likes and crafting a message that entices them.

If all this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. Because in this article, you will discover the best examples of restaurant promotion to spark your creativity. You will also discover the tools you need to get it right.

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Why Is There a Need for Restaurant Promotion?

Promoting a restaurant is crucial for various reasons. We will get to them shortly, but let’s start by understanding restaurant promotion. It is the art of raising awareness, attracting customers, and enticing them to try out your restaurant. This involves smart marketing campaigns, irresistible offers, and appropriate communication channels.

But why is it important? Firstly, it helps increase visibility and raise awareness among potential customers. Think social media, local advertising, or some good old word of mouth. These are great for reaching a wider audience and claim your seat in the digital world. Restaurant advertising is fundamental to attracting new customers who might not know about your restaurant.

The promotion aims to communicate your restaurant’s unique identity and brand. This way, you set yourself apart from competitors and establish a distinctive brand in customers’ minds.

Additionally, promoting your restaurant contributes to increased sales and revenue. And who doesn’t want some loyalty from their customers? Email newsletters, personalized offers, and social media updates can achieve this. They create a sense of connection to keep customers returning for more delightful dining experiences.

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How To Create a Restaurant Promotion Poster: The Dos and Don’ts

Earlier, we mentioned social media and local advertising for restaurant promotion. You must create digital and print posters for the promotion to stand out. So, here is how to create a restaurant promotion poster correctly.

Let’s start with the dos. When crafting your poster, focus on visual appeal. Use quality images that showcase your restaurant’s atmosphere and menu items. Also, Incorporate your brand colors, typography, and layout. They should all match your restaurant’s theme.

The poster’s point is to highlight your offer prominently, whether a discount or a limited offer. Ensure it stands out and captures attention, enticing your customer base to notice it.

Emphasize the benefits of choosing your restaurant. Showcase what makes your establishment exceptional. Convey your unique selling points.

Lastly, include essential details for easy access. Mention your restaurant’s name, location, contact details, and operational hours. Craft persuasive language in your copy with text that tempts readers and fosters a sense of urgency.

However, there are some things you need to avoid when creating a poster. Steer clear of cluttered designs that distract from the main message and confuse viewers.

Furthermore, avoid unclear messaging that is hard to understand. Choose legible fonts and keep overly decorative or complex ones at arm’s length.

Moreover, maintain consistency with your restaurant’s brand identity throughout the poster. A cohesive and recognizable design is essential to get the message across.

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What Are the Best Restaurant Gift Card Promotions? 5 Fantastic Examples

Let’s look at some of the best restaurant gift card promotions. Here are a couple of options that business owners can consider for restaurant promotion:

  1. Seasonal or holiday promotions: Generate excitement by creating special promotions during seasonal or holiday periods. Seasonal pricing is the key to success in this game.

  2. Dining incentives: Give customers additional perks or discounts when using gift cards for dining at your restaurant. For instance, a deal like “Redeem your gift card for a meal and enjoy a complimentary appetizer” would work.\

  3. Charity partnering: Donate a percentage of gift card sales to a worthy cause, spreading goodwill and positively impacting your community.

  4. Referral programs: Encourage customers to refer their friends and family by providing a gift card incentive for each new customer.

  5. Loyalty program integration: Reward loyal customers when they purchase or redeem gift cards for your restaurant loyalty program.

Let’s now move to social media. An essential channel for your restaurant promotions.

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How To Promote a Restaurant on Social Media and Create a Buzz Around It?

If you’re wondering how to promote your restaurant on social media, it starts by creating mouthwatering content. Showcase your unique dishes, upcoming events, and seasonal restaurant promotions.

Share captivating photos and videos of your delicious food, refreshing drinks, and the inviting ambiance of your restaurant. If you are not skilled, learn the tips to take great pictures for social media.

However, remember to use relevant restaurant hashtags to enhance your visibility when posting these fantastic things about your restaurant. Also, don’t forget to maintain pleasing and cohesive branding throughout your content.

The great idea is to organize exciting social media contests or giveaways to encourage user participation and boost engagement. An example? Organize a contest where your followers share their favorite dish with a specific hashtag to win a reward.

Additionally, share the love by posting positive reviews that can encourage other people to try out your restaurant.

3 Best Restaurant Promotions To Inspire Your Creativity

Let’s break from all the theories and dive into some real restaurant advertisement examples. From BuzzFeed Tasty to McDonald’s, these best restaurant promotions will get your creative juices flowing.

However, don’t replicate these campaigns for your restaurant. These brands have invested considerable time and effort in researching their audience, competitors, and industry. It’s this level of dedication that makes their promotions so effective.

So, if you want to replicate the success, start with the research. Copying without shaping them for your brand is not a good idea. With that said, here are the examples you have been waiting for.

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Restaurant Promotion Example #1: Starbucks Wins the Loyalty Game

Starbucks’ restaurant promotion game is just as good as its coffee. One of its most successful campaigns is Starbucks’ Rewards program. It rewards loyal customers with stars for purchases, unlocking personalized offers, and offering free food and drinks.

Today, this program has almost 29 million users. What is the core lesson here?

Start with simplicity in mind. You can begin with a physical punch card where customers receive a complimentary meal after the first punch. Alternatively, consider incorporating a rewards feature that activates each customer visit and spend.

You can entice them with discounts, freebies, or other incentives as they accumulate a certain number of points.

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Restaurant Promotion Example #2: Applebees Customers Promote It

Next on this list of best restaurant promotions is Applebees. It is a popular restaurant chain in the US that gained recognition through its captivating campaign called “Fontographer.”

People are particularly fond of exploring appetizing food images on Instagram. They gravitate towards restaurants with a strong presence on the platform. In addition to reviews and ratings, people now consider the aesthetics of a place before selecting a restaurant.

Applebees knew this and encouraged its customers to share their experiences on Instagram by promising to feature the best ones.

This creative initiative gave Applebees significant exposure and boosted its Instagram following, adding 4500 new followers. Moreover, the campaign generated a 25% increase in overall engagement.

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Restaurant Promotion Example #3: McDonald’s and Its Celebrities

Ending this list of best restaurant promotion ideas, here’s a more current example from McDonald’s. Let’s call it “Celebrities to the Rescue.” Here’s why.

Since 2020, McDonald’s has let visitors try the favorite dishes of famous personalities. This initiative has featured the likes of Cardi B and Offset, BTS, and Mariah Carey, among others.

While the concept of celebrity endorsement is not new, McDonald’s adds a fresh twist to it. Devoted fans would go above and beyond to taste their favorite celebrity’s favorite meal. So, why not use that to your advantage?

Influencers come in various forms, and small food bloggers are famous too. They also have some devoted fans that you can attract. Think of them as restaurant partners without any share in the company.

So, search for local food bloggers or influencers who align with your brand. Tap into your available resources and extend an invitation to these bloggers. Offer them some incentive to share their favorite meal with you.

What Are the Tools You Need for Proper Restaurant Promotion?

After looking at inspiring examples, let’s look at the tools you need to bring your restaurant promotion strategy into action. Using these tools, you can boost your restaurant marketing strategy and drive immense growth.

  1. Website: A functional and navigational website is the cornerstone of online promotion. It is usually one of the first things people see when searching for a restaurant.

  2. Social media: Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., offer invaluable opportunities to reach a broader audience. Moreover, people don’t trust a restaurant with no social media profiles. So, create these profiles and share appealing content that encourages people to cross the threshold of your restaurant.

  3. Online review sites: Local review sites are the best way to build trust while promoting your restaurant.

  4. Email list: Email marketing for restaurants is a powerful means of establishing direct customer communication and growing loyalty. Learn how to use it.

  5. Reservation and online ordering systems: These systems streamline customer experience by enabling them to order food from their homes.

  6. Loyalty programs: These programs are a proven method to incentivize repeat business and foster customer loyalty. Furthermore, these provide valuable customer preferences and behavior data, facilitating targeted marketing efforts.

  7. WiFi marketing: Provide free WiFi to customers and capture their data to personalize marketing and increase customer engagement. Hint: you need WiFi marketing software.

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What Role Does WiFi Marketing Play in Restaurant Promotion?

Let’s talk about the vital role WiFi marketing can play in restaurant promotion when used correctly. Because who says no to free WiFi? It makes people happy and productive. What’s more? It can boost your restaurant sales in direct and indirect ways. Let’s explore some of them.

Firstly, WiFi marketing lets you gather valuable customer data by requiring them to authenticate themselves through your captive portal. Think of it as providing free WiFi for information and using it for personalized promotion. At this stage, you gather useful data like email and name.

Then you can segment your audience, gain insights into their preferences, and personalize your marketing efforts. Moreover, WiFi marketing empowers you to elevate customers’ dining experience. You can cater to the needs of the digitally connected population by offering reliable, free WiFi.

This way, you earn their loyalty and make them influential brand ambassadors. They can share their delightful dining experience on social media, spreading positive word of mouth and bringing in new faces.

Furthermore, WiFi marketing helps you promote your offerings and boost revenue. Remember we talked about captive portals earlier? Well, you can use those portals to display targeted offers and promotions.

But the wonders of WiFi marketing don’t end here. You can prompt users to leave a review and grow your rating automatically.

Promote Your Restaurant With a Dash of Strategy and a Pinch of Creativity

In conclusion, restaurant promotion is crucial to get the word out about your establishment. It helps you reach a broader audience and significantly increase revenue. Mix a dash of strategy with a pinch of creativity and let things happen

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